Flash Dealer or Healers Hut?

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Flash Dealer or Healers Hut?

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Are they both the same?
Or is one cheaper or does one heal you more?
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Re: Flash Dealer or Healers Hut?

Post by Kartoon »

yes there the same

i have changed it in most places

some places it wont let me untill i can decompile it

healers hut = flash dealers

violet = mercy

seth able,the bard = swan

the bartender = cochise

dark cloak tavern = riffs club house

red dragon inn = warriors club house

im also working on changing some of the events in the city(forest) like the fairys bathing etc...part of it is they are hard to change part of it is what to change it to

again this is all a BETA version that i kinda just let everyone in on beacuse i couldent hold it in any longer

it shall get better my friends, i thank you all for being part of it

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