The Thing movie (Fox) - July 17 - Sky Cinema Select

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The Thing movie (Fox) - July 17 - Sky Cinema Select

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The Thing (1982)

Wednesday late night July 17 (early morning Thursday July 18)


Sky Cinema Select channel

In a polar base, an alien starts killing the humans and husky dogs etc, but can then imitate them exactly afterwards (even their memories), making who is and isn't The Thing almost indeterminable to the remaining others.

Thomas G. Waites (Fox in The Warriors) is Windows.

(The old kids game `Poison' played out as a movie. However it seems that British kids played the game in the 1960's etc but American kids didn't. So the US writer/characters in this movie failed to realise some countering tactics that were obvious to British adults who played `Poison' as kids and then watched this. Either that or the US writer knew but just made the characters dumb as often is the case in horror movies)

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