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Postby LIER ONE » Sat Jan 08, 2011 6:22 pm

While I welcome (and I am sure we all do) NEW MEMBERS (NEW BLOODS), it seems that almost ALL of them have not even bothered to read the rules of this forum. If you are a member with under 25 posts, you should go back and read the rules. One of the most broken rules, is that you MUST make your first 10 posts in the PROVING GROUNDS. Also, there are AVID collectors of WARRIORS merch here and we are ALWAYS looking for new, rare or out of the ordinary products related to our beloved movie. If you have something or want to talk about what you have and it is something not seen anywhere, take a pic of it. It seems MONTHLY someone new joins here and has an uber rare product, but poof, they disappear without ever posting it. In this day and age, it is SIMPLE to take a flick and post it. So if you have something, post a pic, or keep it to yourself. A couple of us have posted our whole collection, but most of us have particular pics of certain items. I'm still waiting for tht kid who had blankets and other looney crap.

Also, it seems like we have 15-20 posts in a certain topic, that have nothing to do with the topic. While I understand there is going to be side conversations, it is frustrating checking in here to lets say "MOONRUNNERS JACKET" and it is 25 posts about spelling mistakes, making fun of each other, dumb replys or things said in other topics. Lets try to keep it to the topics like it was back in the glory days of the forum. We all hated the 5 post rule, but we didn't have the nonsense when you had only enough posts to talk about the topic.

I don't mean to rant, but checking in here lately is a waste of time. 3/4 of the time there is nothing WARRIORS to read or discuss about.
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Re: ALL NEW BLOODS READ HERE (and some SENIOR memebers)

Postby The Swan » Thu Mar 03, 2011 12:52 pm

Bro, you hit the spot!!!
A lot of people with thousand of posts... but "no quality".
100% with you man!!!
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Re: ALL NEW BLOODS READ HERE (and some SENIOR memebers)

Postby CREEP » Thu Apr 21, 2011 10:09 pm

I read the rules and i explain myself most ! Of the time lol. I know im new here but yeah...I obey the rules and the other "New Bloods" should aswell..

Nice post ;)
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