mark ecko's getting up

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mark ecko's getting up

Post by CRASH »

I've seen that there are a lot of writers on the forum, and I was just wondering if any of them played Mark Ecko's getting up? personally I think it's a great game, and everyone should try it! What's your opinion?

ps. sorry if this has been discussed before, I tried the search button and my search came up with no results.
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Re: mark ecko's getting up

Post by MiddleMan07 »

a lot of writers on this forum? hah

yeah ive played it, its a pretty dece game

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Re: mark ecko's getting up

Post by nightarmyWARRIOR »

One of the best games I've played. Great characters, gameplay and especially story. Too bad that Atari didn't made a sequel. VS mode is also cool, playing with several characters from the game. In my opinion, there should be more games about graffiti.

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