Teenage gang debs 1966 movie

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Teenage gang debs 1966 movie

Post by kowolski »

Just watched a movie made in 1966 called ( Teenage gang Debs ) that has MANY Warriors referances. Its filmed in Brookln NY and is very dated and mod. If you like 60s B movies then you will dig this movie.
There is a gang that you never see but they are supposed to rumble with the movie gang (The Rebels ) They are called the Warriors :D At one point the Rebels contact another gang to help them rumble The Warriors. The leader of the other gang has no beef with the Warriors and says why would he want to JAP the Warriors?
Also there is a gang leader who drives a 54 caddy kinda like the Rogues hearse.
The main female in the movie acts and sounds just like Mercy. There is also a Lizzes feel to the end of the movie.
Im sure there was some inspiration for the 1979 Warriors taken from this 1966 movie also the same year the book was written.
Check it out if you get a chance. Heres a link. http://youtu.be/W_w6HCw3p5c

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Re: Teenage gang debs 1966 movie

Post by Cochese »

That's an amazing find! Well done!
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Re: Teenage gang debs 1966 movie

Post by Suburban Warlord »

Very cool find. Noted, and added to my list. As stated above,

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Re: Teenage gang debs 1966 movie

Post by The Swan »

WOW, I gotta add it to my YouTube channel.

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Re: Teenage gang debs 1966 movie

Post by nightarmyWARRIOR »

I would like to watch it but it's too old. I don't know... Story is interesting. How knows if you can find this movie on net.

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Re: Teenage gang debs 1966 movie

Post by Swan27 »

any links out there??? I want to see it :D
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