This always bugged me!

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Re: This always bugged me!

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This is a good question. That scene was no doubt inspired by the book, where Hinton flees the police by running into a tunnel. I guess Walter Hill used it so Swan and Mercy could be completely alone and could get to know each other better.

I think if they had ran across the platform instead, they'd be going in the opposite direction of where they had to go to and could possibly end up running out onto the street and into another gang, then they'd be in real trouble. Swan would have to give them Mercy as a sacrificial peace offering, but with everyone after the Warriors that probably wouldn't help even if she looked like Cameron Diaz. :)

I agree with you though, if I was in that situation it wouldn't be my first instinct to run into the tunnel, not so much because of the rats, but because of what happened to Ramo in Beat Street. :lol:

It's quite tense that bit, more so when you first see it, probably because we saw Fox die on the tracks earlier. I do think that Swan was very street wise though and knew how to run into the tunnel without getting hurt.

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Re: This always bugged me!

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I pictured Swan more OF A Rambo type of man.  A man who will stare the devil in the face and laugh.  I believe that sometimes the world can be like the devils playground.  In order to survive it, one has to make their own rules.  You have to go against the odds and try to withstand any form of punishment in order to win.  In order to be in a gang, and rebel against the system, you have to go through any life threatening situation in order to come through.  Even if you get shout and have to take the bullet out yourself(I know I am exaggerating), it shows that you have know fear and you have pride.  In a world that is cold a miserable, we have to be prepared for the unexpected.  ounce you can do that, you become better, and learn to stand up to anything.  Than the world around you will become your own play ground, that you can control.  You than become practically untouchable. 

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Re: This always bugged me!


Oxygen wrote: there were more cops that apeared behind the first one.and how would swan be able to run all around the platform dragging mercy everywhere and she definitly would have gotten caught if they didnt go in the tunnel.but the thing that botherd me is how did swan know it was a double track?he would have gotten hit by the train if it wasn't.did he geuss or know the place well
yeah must of saw it before he climbed down to it...or else he was just pure lucky :mrgreen:

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