the warriors-a love story chapter two

Warriors fan fiction created by members of the forum.
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the warriors-a love story chapter two

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                                        chapter two
                                        police station

Swan had went to the police station to visit ajax, he walked in the area and saw lots of tables,chairs where people sat to see who ever was behind bars.swan saw ajax he had grown a goatee and his hair was more like swan's but darker and he had gotten alot stronger,he sat down and told ajax all what had happened a couple of days back,ajax replied"holy shit im sorry man...god i knew you came here to share some news but i never thought it wud be that bad",swan explianed"i know the thug who shot her it was scar my rival,the biggest badass around newyork, he shot mercy he probally done it becos he was jealous of what the warriors have become.but i want you to help me kill his ass,i want you to escape jail"!
"swan thers no need i get out tommorow afternoon,so i'll just meet you back at the hangout"
"ok ajax,i just wanted to say.. things never worked out between you and me partly becos you were always bein cocky with me but your a warrior and warriors always stick together rite" they then brotherly hugged each other and swan left,planning the end to scar but the begining to somethin else!

the next day the warriors and swan just waited silently for ajax to get back to coney,then the door burst open with a loud BANG it was ajax everybody ran over to him they lifted him up in the air and greeted him,he sat down talkin to them about the tales of prison!swan gestured to him to come talk in private outside so he went over, swan explianed"the plan is im goin to take 30 warriors down harlem with us we're alliies with the boppers so we dont have to worry about and big moe will set him up,he thinks he will be doin a deal with moe then we barge in and kill him its a simple job". ajax looked impressed,they went inside and swan rounded up his 30 warriors and went to the subway station and got the trian to harlem.when they got off the trian swan said"listen up the club where goin to is the pussy-palace ok lets go" they strolled coolely down the block until they reached thier destenation,swan walked inside with ajax at his side the others were outside staying alert incase somethin bad happened.ajax asked a nearby bopper sittin watching the strippers where the boss was(big moe) he pointed at the right-side of the club where he saw a office door,swan and ajax walked in....

"Hey big moe you doin"swan said bid moe smiled he had two boppers protecting him they were next to the door,big moe shook swan and ajax's hand and said"i i assume your here to kill scar(they nodded)well he'll be here in 10minutes i want you to hide in the toilets until my boys come to get you then youse walk in and kill him got it oh and the bouncers will tell your boys outside to hide in the alleyway when he comes ok" they replied"ok thanks,pleasure doin bussiness with ya"
"aww its nothin anything for a friend"!with that the two men left and hid in the toilets just as scar was comin thru the door,the toilets stunk of piss and shit put they just tried ignore it...well swan did,ajax whined"fuckin hell it stinks in here do we realy have to hide in these things" swan just gave him the what-the-hell-do-you-think look then he shut up then a jamal one of the boppers came in and explianed"its time dude,mess him up big time"
"we will dont worry about that jamal" they then crept up to the door and opened it then ajax shouted"time to die punk" then he dived at him then the boppers came in and helped the warriors kill him swan and ajax were conecting with right-hooks and left-hooks,headbutts,roundhouse kicks till finally he was dead...but there was another massive problem SCARS HENCHMEN.

they were tossing moltiv cocktails at the club,they flung exactly 10 cocktails but before they cud fling anymore the warriors outside kicked thier asses,the only problem was know was to get OUT AND FAST the stripers were screaming in the smoked-filled,firey club ajax was coughing and spluttering"swan,swan where are you,fuck,shit i hate this" swan was rescuing people from the flames while ajax was bumping into people but he got out safely.....meanwhile swan thought ajax hadnt got out so he was spending another extra 10 minutes searching for him inbetween getting people out,sadly a few disco girls and boys were dead! then swan thought god i gotta get out of here,sorry ajax then he got out of the building he saw big moe crying about losing his club,a few people were bruised and cut,some of his warrios were injured then he sqiunted hard and saw ajax he was over-whelmed
"ajax you made it i thought you were dead"
"no im got out and i thought you were dead" then they just stared sadly at the dead,battered club then swan heard a call for help and he said"shit did you fuckin hear that someone is in trouble its a disco girl shes trapped in a room upstairs" then ajax said quickly"are you sure it aint a striper"
"no it aint no striper its just a normal ped,im goin in"

he went thru the door know it was impossible to see and the building was secounds away from blowin ajax was shouting hurry up and other things swan cudnt hear the girl no more but he knew she was in the lounge area upstairs.swan staggered up stairs covering his mouth with his hand....then he saw the lounge sign though his sight was blurry like he had taken a 100 doses of cocaine,he went in and saw her lying there choking he comforted her saying"its alright i've got ya we gonna get you out" then he picked her up in his great,muscly arms and just as he was gonna go doen the stairs the stiars collapsed so he had to take a risk and jump out of the window so he did! but he amazly landed on his feet he lay her on the ground and then she spluttered and coughed she was alived swan had justSAVED A GIRLS LIFE!

  that was chapter two hope your enjoying oh and thanks wargod for your on goin support plz post comment thanx boppers adios!! :D 8)

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Re: the warriors-a love story chapter two

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cool keep up the good work ;-)
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Re: the warriors-a love story chapter two

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you keep doin good lady warrior
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