Warrior Red

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Warrior Red

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The Warrior Red:
First Chapter: Introduction
Most people believe a kid joins a gang because he believes the idea to be cool or due to peer pressure to become cool, what some people don’t realise is some kids come from the worst back grounds, it takes maturity for a person to realise what they have got and respect those who have less, for me i came from the best back ground imaginably, i went to school and spent two years in college and now i have a job as a reporter for the New York, i was asked to go report upon gang culture, so i went out and bought myself a place in Coney Island, one of the rough parts of New York.

There i met a young man named Rembrandt, one day i decided to go for a walk down the back alleys, there few people walked and the city life bloomed, i passed pieces of graffiti smeared across the walls, urban art in its truest form, i wished to learn how to master this art.

Then i saw him, he looked to be a young teenager probably sixteen years old, he had a big afro, blue jeans that were matted by cuts and dust, i walked up to him and engaged conversation with him.

“Hey man, nice piece you got there.” I said, in my college days i shared a room with a man who came from a rough background and so his grammar was substantial so i became fluent in its tongue.
“Thanks brother,” Rembrandt replied and stopped spraying and turned to me, his eyes narrowed in confusion and he was taken aback. “You got a name fella?”
“Yeah man my names Red.”

“Cool, my names Rembrandt, what you doing down Coney , looking for a fix or something?”
Then i was taken aback, i hadn’t prepared anything for such a outright question, i tried not to reveal my fear and so i smiled relaxingly and took out a cigarette pack and a lighter, this gave me time to think over my answer.
“I came down from the Bronx, i lost my job up there and got kicked outta my flat by my girl, so i moved down here for a bit.” I explained, i held out a smoke to him and took it with a grateful smile.
“Thanks man, wow sounds like you have had a hell of a bad run in.” Rembrandt replied.

We then started talking, he told me about the gang he was a part of, i found it intriguing, the Warriors, Coney Islands soldiers, i remember a few kids in college talking about them.
“Say man i should introduce you to them they are a solid pack.” Rembrandt declaimed, he gave a optimistic smile and i returned it with a shake of my head.
“Maybe, god knows i need something to do round here.” I mutter and gaze back down the road, for a moment i could hear laughter, not cheery but more maniacal.
“What the fuck was that?” Rembrandt pondered.

I turned to him curious, “you heard that too?” I asked, he nodded, his eyes flashed a look fear. “Reckon we should get out of here?”
“Sounds good to me.”
Then they appeared, i couldn’t count how many there were, they wore black jeans and red and white tops, on their chests were imprinted the letter J.
“What the fuck?” I mutter.
“Jesters.” Rembrandt whispers to me, i look at him confused but then my curiousity left me entirely, Rembrandt presented a look of complete fear and shock.
I notice his fists ball, he tightens the muscles across his knuckles, i turn back to the Jesters, they all had big smiles upon their faces , they bared their teeth in a grimace, i felt vulnerable however i knew what was about to happen.
“Well well lookie what we got here, little namby pamby Warrior.” One of the Jesters giggled.
“And look what we got here.” I call out, shocked by my cry they fell back a bit, i could feel my new friend eyes on me as if he was questioning my action. “A bunch of misfit, Dennis the fucking menace clones, what is this the circus?”
One of Jesters began to foam from the mouth and i stepped forward, they began to close in on us and i could feel each of their hate filled eyes glare at me, i felt like prey to a pack of vultures.

“Looks like we got a bite Ring master.” One of them muttered.
Then out of the crowd a single entity stepped forward, like the other he wore their customary uniform however he had clown face paint on and wore a bowler hat, unlike the others his smile was much more a grimace, as if a pack leader showing no remorse or weakness, he was bulkier than the other who were thin and more height and width, i felt a cold chill crawl down my spine as he stepped forward.

He didn’t say a word he just clicked his fingers twice, and in single movement the Jesters ran at us, taking my chances i grabbed Rembrandt and we sprinted down the nearest alleyway, the gang of clowns hard on our heels.
Then we reached a dead end in a park, it was filled with machinery, broken cars, bits of metal were scattered across the floor, i found a small water pipe on the floor, grabbing it i believed it could deal out some heavy damage.
Then they caught up to us, Rembrandt and me stood our ground as they imploded upon us, Rembrandt sent kicks and fists everywhere but soon he was over powered.
I was more worried about myself, i was nineteen at the time, i had only been in two fights, one with my college flat mate which i lost and one with my father whom broke my leg.

However under the circumstances it was a do or die situation, pipe in hand i swerved it like a sword against my enemy, it impacted against ones stomach and he crumpled to the floor. Another rushed at me and i kicked his stomach and swerved the cold metal of the pipe against the side of his head, i swung the pipe back and fore, they fell back and took cheap shots at me, some i blocked but i was unable to stop one of them from crashing down a bottle over my head.
I fell to the floor and could feel blood flow down my skin, it was a eerie feeling, my mind was scattered for a moment, then the world began to crush back down upon me.

I was picked up by the arms and dragged to their leader, in his hands was a bottle that had been cracked, it had blood on it, he smiled eagerly at me, as if he was relishing the moment of a swift victory.
“Hey punk.” A voice called out, it sounded calm yet intimidating.
The Jesters looked around in surprise, i was dropped to the floor and i landed on my jaw, a searing pain strung up my face but i neglected it and tried to get to my knees.

Then i saw him, a tall man standing on a car, he wore black jeans and a red waistcoat, he had long brown hair that flowed in the wind, his arms were crossed and he gazed down upon the Jesters as if bored, he seemed to be insulted by their presence and yet he spoke so defiantly he portrayed no emotion of fear.
“You guys must have come off the wrong train, this is Coney Island, Warriors turf, not for the freak show but more the tough, i would have let you losers out of here without a scrap.” He muttered, after his last few words he stepped down from the car, behind him appeared a entourage of other dressed exactly like him, i looked around, the Jesters were surrounded and outnumbered by a circle of red waistcoats. “We Warriors are family, the guy you just beat up was a member of that family, here’s it quick boys.”

He paused and glanced across the Jesters and then to me, he quivered a smile then returned his eyes to the Jesters leader.

“You mess with the warriors you get fucked.”

Then quickly and almost heroically the gang who were apparently called the Warriors attacked the Jesters, some of them gave up without a fight, most who did fight were overrun by their enemy.

I remember the leader of the Jesters ducking a punch from the Warriors leader then jumping over a fence and running from the scene, the Warriors leader watched him run away, what a coward i remember thinking, it was a smart move to run however he ran from a fight, at the time i believed that to be ridiculous after what he did to me.

“You alright.” The leader asked me.

I turned to him, he opened his hand out to me and i took it, he pulled me to my feet, a bit shaky i managed to balance myself. “Yeah im okay thanks, bit rough round the edges like, thanks for what you did.” I reply respectfully, and we shake hands modestly.

“Whats your name kid?” He asks.


“Cool my name is Swan, im Warlord to the Warriors.”

That was my first time meeting Swan, he was a good leader and soldier and shortly after that i became a Youngblood and that was how my journey began.

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Re: Warrior Red

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skullboy what can i say, THIS IS AWESOME 8-) and yeah it really is, i think this is probably the best, unique introduction to a fanfic for a mainly new writer on this site ive ever saw. i liked how you made this whole background for Red and how you potrayed him in first person, i really enjoyed the fight scene- it was as if i was watching the camera roll maan it was magnificent, this is really excellent and i cant wait for some more posts on this bad boy :D . also just to tell ya im startin a new fanfic pretty soon( gonna post it up in a about 2-3 weeks) its abt a rough, tough lady warrior, nd im literally nearly every night planning things for who im gonna set it out, the background to my character, and the big important intro, you have sorta inspired me on the introduction dude(its tht good) nd lk i sed i cant wait until more gets posted- great start warrior! :D

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Re: Warrior Red

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Thank you very much for your kind review, i honestly feared adding a new character to the Warriors would become cliche haha and dont you worry i have more planned, unfortunately i will be in france for two weeks tomorrow so it will be a while till i add more but i will write one more chapter tonight =D and yeah please write more i really like your work and you have been a great inspiration and voice of reason in the fanfic area =]

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Re: Warrior Red

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I'd like to add this story will contain racial slurs, i would like to confirm that i do not exact these emotions of the characters and their racial ideology, i do apaologise if i may upset some readers, however i have tried to keep these problems to a minimal level, please enjoy your reading.

Chapter 2: Training

It’s been two weeks since that fatal night with the Jesters, my bruises and cuts had healed up and i had become a Youngblood to the Warriors, the gang of Coney Island, best of the best, so they say.

In that time i had become good friends with Rembrandt and Swan, who i held with great respect and nobility as he had shown the same to me, Swan however i shortly discovered was held with almost royalty affection from the gang, none spoke out of turn when he appeared and more importantly none questioned his word, save his Warchief and Lieutenants, they were Snow, a tall African American, Cowboy, Vermin and Cochise.

In each respect the Warriors were a family and these five men were the parents guiding their children, however Swan treated his underlings as friends he still gave them orders a father would a son.

During my two weeks in the gang i was thrown into the Youngblood pack, all the Youngblood were a part of the pack as they call it, each one strived to do better than the rest to prove their position as fully fledged Warrior, but they had to prove themselves first.

Each member had their skills, for my first contest i was paired with a seventeen year old british kid, his name was Spike and he was a mouthy, cocky kid who challenged everyone around him and never cared who got in his way, he had spiky green dyed hair, armbands with spikes around them, he wore blue shorts, whenever i met him outside of the Hangout he would wear a black sleeveless jacket but when he was in the training grounds he went shirtless, he had a tattoo on his back in between the shoulders, it was two pistols and a guitar on fire, behind the guitar a naked lady posed.
“You ready for this Red?” He asks me, his cockney accent was abrasive however humorous and intimidating at the same time, he showed me more of his provocative nature of friendship than the others, maybe it was because we were partners and showed each other respect.
“Yeah man, what we up against today?” I reply with a modest smile, at the time i didn’t care who i faced however i didn’t have the thirst for battle which a Soldier needed, i was more aware of the circumstances of a fight and so tried to prepare myself before hand, it proved t be very good thinking on my part.
“Paddy the irish bastard, and the big guy Brute.” He muttered back.

Knowing Spike as i did, he always tried to think before a fight, the problem most people have they are all mouth no fight, unfortunately to Spike that ideology did not comply in fact he was a very tactful fighter, he talked a lot of game to provoke a enemy when his mind was focused entirely on finding his enemies weakness and exploit it.
“Big and small eh?” I smile optimistically.

“Yeah man, listen we win this fight we in the big leagues, might even get a mission from the big guy Snow or even Swan, man i cant wait to be a Soldier.”
“Same brother.” I confirm, if only he knew why i truly wanted to be a Soldier in the gang, to write that report on gang culture whilst being inside the very fabric, i felt spoilt by how much information i was receiving to make my report.

“Yo Youngbloods!” A Warrior calls out to us, we turn to see Cochise and Vermin signalling to us. “Come and get into the pit, your fight is about to begin.”

We run up to them and enter the pit, the Pit was a gladiatorial style battle arena, we were surrounded by caravans and we were standing on stone gravel, in front of us were Paddy and the Brute, both with a mean look on their face, their fists balled and their eyes narrowed on each of us.

“You want to take the big one?” I ask Spike, he glances at me with a malevolent smile.
“You know i fancy my chances with the little one.”

Worst decision i ever made during my time as a Youngblood, the Paddy as we called him was really called Connor MacGregor, he preferred to be called Paddy however, and he was a mean fighter, no taller or older than me but he fought like a mad dog.

His anger was his greatest asset, there was no restraining him.

We squared off, Spike had already ran straight at Brute and the to tackled and rolled in the rust, Spike sent punches and kicks and head butts whilst Brute could do nothing but lumber about and throw Spike across the arena.

I then watched as Paddy took two steps towards me and then pounce, i rolled back and he landed upon my knees, in fluid motion i rolled backwards and he was thrown behind me.

I rushed up behind him and jabbed him with a right hook in the back, i wrapped my wrist round his neck and with my free hand placed it over the back of his neck and applied pressure, slowly feeling the last bits of oxygen exit his body Paddy began to swing left and right.

He sent a right elbow hard into my stomach and i lost grip and fell back, he swung round and sent a kick against my chin.
I fell down and landed on my back, feeling blood slowly dribble down my cheek, Paddy taking no chances jumped on me and began to swing at my face, i raised my wrists to my face to block his attacks.

That day Paddy forgot one simple rule of the contest, it wasn’t one on one it was two on two and he had neglected his team mate, and my partner delivered a great dropkick.

Spike ran at Paddy and jumped and delivered a dropkick across the face of Paddy, he helped me up as Brute came running at us, i pushed Spike out of the way and jumped, my knee collided with Brute’s face and he fell back on to the floor and i then threw two punches across his face.

“Alright soldiers its over!” Vermin cried, at his word the fight stopped, Paddy was on his knees and looked up to the Lieutenant his expression of a tired old dog.

“Spike, Red, good fighting, you have proved yourselves come on up me and Snow have a mission for you.”

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Re: Warrior Red

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Great chapter loved it and wht else can I say but great action sequences, lk I sed before it made me feel as I'd the camera was rolling in my mind. Awesome stuff I'm so impressed and needless to say u r a big inspiration to me and in my mind u sit next to the greats of this site x :D and thank you soo much for complamenting my work and can I just say I can't not believe u think th highly of me as being ur true fanfic writer inspiration x aww tht makes me feels soo warm and fuzzy inside and it just shows how much of a gentlemen u r and my dear warrior I am but merely a tiny lil speck of writing talent on this site there is soo many others who r my idols: you ( and in not just saying it) , dud, spacetoaster, kiss the rain and many Many more greats Nd agen thank you for your support homie and agen brilliant chapters xx 8-)

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Re: Warrior Red

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Really good work man. I like it.
Keep going, I'm interested to see where this goes :)
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Re: Warrior Red

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This is a quality piece with great detail, keep it going mate.

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Re: Warrior Red

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hey man this is real good fanfic
bow before the king

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Re: Warrior Red

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Hey thanks guys for your comments im back from my euro trip after like a two day drive am home so glad =D right il have the next chapter up and running, iv written out the plot be warned guys, this chapter isnt for the easy hearted, be prepared for sex, violence murder and red spray paint, the most vicious of combinations that can only be the warriors =D

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Re: Warrior Red

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Warrior Red: Chapter 3

No love lost

It had been three weeks since the Pit initiation, me and Spike had been sent on a Diplomatic mission from Swan to Union Square, Lizzie’s turf, an all girl gang possible the only one in the city, they have a mean Rep from what Cochise and Vermin tell me, apparently they almost got wasted like a month ago by them. I found that plausible however i kept my guard ever still.

When we first arrived Swan had messaged Starr, the Lizzie leader and he negotiated the truce pact, i couldn’t help but feel nervous when we first got off that Subway. I felt as if the eyes of the world was staring down on us, and was preparing to throw us back to the tracks, Spike could feel it too, shortly we had met up with three Lizzie’s, Starr herself, Faith, and Iris, all three of them were thin, long hair that fell behind their backs, Iris unlike the other two who had brown hair had yellow highlights amongst her light brown curls.

“Wassup fellas?” Starr asked, her eyes examining us, at that time we didn’t have our jackets however Starr could tell who we were immediately. “You the Warriors Swan sent?”

I tried to speak but my mouth felt dry and unobtainable, before i could utter a single obscure sentence Spike who had always been very boisterous and smart mouthed spoke up.

“Yeah we are the Warriors, heaviest set in Coney, what clique are you?”
The girl Starr raised her eyebrows and giggled slightly, the two girls behind her held back their laughter, the girl who we later discovered to be Faith eyed Spike enthusiastically whilst Iris kept glancing to me, i couldn’t help but look however embarrassing or uncomfortable the situation was, she was a true vision.

“We are the Lizzie’s, young blood, come round our turf, you got a problem with our clique?”

At this moment i jumped in before Spike could retort. “Sorry about that girls, my buddy’s mouth is two seconds faster than his brain, my name is Red this is Spike.”
Starr turned her malevolent gaze back to her curious inspection expression, i tried to keep myself cool and not show i was the least bit nervous, Spike on the other hand was acting his cocky self.

“Smooth brothers real smooth, nice to meet you, the names Starr these two behind me are Iris and Faith, i’ve instructed them to look after ya for the next few days, right let’s split before the heat comes down.”

After that first meet things got all nice and relaxed, we got invited up to the Lizzie’s hangout and we finally were able to do the job Swan asked us to do, negotiate the truce, Warriors style, at least how we saw it.

It didn’t take long before we started spending a lot of time with the girls, namely two of them Iris and Faith, Faith spent most of the nights over our flat whilst i spent time over Iris’s flat.

However it didn’t take long for me to realise what they were or what they were doing, no matter how attached we got, i can only speak for myself here, however i could feel a new sense of position with Spike, he felt more and more safe and comfortable whenever he saw Faith.

They were call girls, they were there to make sure nothing went wrong with the deals that went down, however sooner or later before either of us were ready for it, we were shown the full front of that fateful fact.

I was leaving Iris’s flat one night, it was late, as i closed the door behind me i could hear Iris lock it quickly, as i strolled down the street towards the flat me and Spike were sharing i passed Faith’s place, it was a small stretch from Iris’s the Lizzie girls stay strong in their confined space, what i saw their that night changed not just my life, but Spike’s life forever.

Faith was curled over a Park bench trying to balance herself steadily, i rushed over to her and helped her to her feet, she looked terrible almost as if she had gone through a whole gang, there were cuts across her dress, her face was covered in blood and bruises.

“Shit Faith what happened did Spike do this?” I asked, i was worried, she was barely breathing i had to get her in her flat now.

“No no ...” She gasped, as if every breath was a good effort and strain on herself. “It ... it was da ... da Satan Mu ... mothers...”

Satan Mothers? What where they doing down Union Square, their turf was over in Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn, what were they doing down the Bronx?

As i carried Faith up to her flat she kept murmuring to me, to promise not to tell Spike, she begged me to swear to her as i laid her down on her bed, to hell with it i thought, i rang up Starr told everything, a gang looks after their own, besides me and Spike would be heading off back to Coney tomorrow morning.

That night i didn’t sleep, too many thoughts were going through my head, would i ever see Iris again shamefully was one of the most recurring thoughts, i didn’t admit but i took a deep swing for that girl, however it wasn’t the time or place to make these emotions known.

No the thought of Faith in her bed, surrounded by Starr and the Lizzie’s, and Iris, bleeding, being tended to, what she went through with the Satan Mothers, she was a call girl but i was sure the Lizzie’s would never let one of their own be made like that.

When we got back to Coney the Warriors greeted us with their usual welcome, a non stop array of questions concerning our activities with the residents.

“Hey hey New bloods, how’d it go down with the local wool ha ha?” Vermin was the first to incur.

I laughed it off however Spike immediately joined the banter and told his own elaborate exploits with the Lizzies. I neglected this macho chauvinism and made my way directly towards Swan and Snow, i felt a strong need to tell him everything that went down.

After ten minutes of explaining to them both, in complete privacy at the corner by the pin ball machine i explained the entire situation.

“Does Spike know?” Snow asked in his matter of fact way.

“No you two are the second people i’ve told, the first were the Lizzie’s.”

To this Swan spoke out, “good, Starr knows how to take care of their own, they got allies with the Saracens and the Riffs im sure they can pull of something, we cant let Spike know, a loose cannon like that would be devastating for us in order to handle the situation.”

I nodded, apart of me already knew this but it was afraid to speak out, in my belief of human decency i felt inclined to tell Spike, he had become a good friend and a close ally in battle, i owed him big for the Pit incident with Paddy the Irish.

However in a few days that loose cannon became more and more clairvoyant, Spike was becoming more and more agitated due to Faith not returning his calls, he began to spend his free time down at the boxing bag below, i use to watch for minutes on end thinking how he would react if i tried explaining to him. But in truth what got to him at the most at the moment was he had fallen in love with a call girl, no matter how much i tried to explain to him.

Then on Thursday 19th August, at exactly seven past four pm, the Warriors Hangout telephone began to ring, it rang twice till Vermin answered it.

“Yello?” He murmured as he downed his bottle of beer, he had a bit to drink and was stumbling back and fore. “Sure thing lady, yo Spike telephone!”

To those words Spike jumped out of the couch seat and ran towards to telephone, a tipsy Vermin handed him the phone and tapped his cheek twice and gave a knowing smile and strolled away leaving Spike to it.

I don’t know what was said on that phone call, all Spike said was hello, then after a few moments his instinctive happiness was drained, like water through a drain leaving a dry empty street to wallow in darkness.

No words were said as he placed the phone back on the hook, i watched him from the TV, i watched each slow stride he took to the door, his hand turn the handle, his wrist push the door open, his eyes no longer held the charm and tenacity he had before, but more a hollow shell, a shadow of his former self.
And in that moment he was gone, stabbing out my cigarette i chased after him, i lost him as soon as the door closed, he was a good runner, a remarkable skilled athlete, he was never known for his extensive smoking, drinking or drug abuse till much later in his life.

I ran back to the Hangout, i realised i couldn’t go after him alone, i needed my leaders consent and some muscle to back me up.

“He just up and left?” Swan inquired as soon as i told him.

“Yeah Warlord, right after the phone call, Vermin answered the phone maybe he knows who it was.”

After hearing those words Swan called Vermin over, Cochise and Cowboy had to help the guy over, he was still partially drunk much to my annoyance.
“Vermin who was it on the phone for Spike do you know?” Swan asked in his commanding tone of voice.

“Shit Warlord it was umm,” He splurged, he lost his balance for a moment before Cowboy grabbed him. “It was some chick, said her name was, Fate or something, you know one of those names the Lizzie’s got.”

After Vermin’s last few grumbled words Swan knew exactly what to do, he grabbed a War Party, a collection of soldiers under a leaders command, usually a chosen Warchief or the actual Warlord and head out, Swan chose me, Cowboy and Cochise to accompany him to Union Square, he then proclaimed Snow as Warchief till he returned.

It was half past seven when we arrived at Union Square, a cold chill had crawled up my back, i wondered why Spike had stormed off, and whether he did come here, my first plan of action was where would he go, first we would check the station, then we’d head on down through to Faith’s place, see whether she had seen him.

And lo and behold there he was, outside Faith’s flat on his knees, it wasn’t that sight which we were curious over it was the object he held in his hands, he was too far away for us to see what he was holding but as we gained more ground upon him it became more and more clear, and more and more horrifying.

“Why god, why!!!” I heard Spike cry, i had never known him to be Christian, but the death of Faith the girl he loved, dead in his arms, blood poured from a knife wound in her stomach, her blood was swayed over his clothes, over his wrists, his hands, his finger tips, his tears fell from his cheeks upon her blood soaked hair, he didn’t care who saw him, it became evident to me why he was calling out god, he was too confused over why this had happened that the only being he could ask was a ethereal one.

Swan gently placed a hand on Spike’s shoulder, “come on shoulder time to move, the fuzz are on their way.” He murmured, as if in a trance Spike let Faith go, he gently placed her on the ground and stood up and walked back.

“Cowboy, Cochise, make sure he gets back to the Hangout safely, and now, me and the Youngblood here and going to have a chat with the Lizzie’s.” Swan ordered and nodded at me.

Quickly and quietly the group separated, me and Swan, Spike with the two Lieutenants, Swan’s pace had quickened, we both knew who possible had done this, however it was a case of how the Lizzie’s handled this news.

“Excuse me?!” Starr gasped once she heard the news.

“Faith is dead Starr.” Swan muttered again, his expression was ignorant to her bemused shock, i noticed it too, she seemed rather aware of this fact and her act seemed to have been rehearsed. “She’s one of your girls, what are you going to do about it?”

Starr fell back a bit and held her chest, what is this woman doing i thought, a person has died for no apparent reason other than some sexual thrill, avengement was in order.

“Nothing Swan.” Starr muttered curtly, i was taken aback, Swan however was unfazed by her callousness.
“What’s that supposed to mean?” He asked calmly but imposingly.

“One dead girl is nothing to anyone, Warrior,” Starr muttered, her tone more aggressive now. “Do you really think the Saracens or even the Riffs would lose soldiers over one girl? Do me a favour, the number of girls we lost to gangs made purely of ... men ... would do anything for some slut, as you so quickly call us, Faith was a good girl, a solid worker, but nothing important.”

After hearing these words i was shocked, how this woman could be so unyielding to one of her own being lost forever, i felt like screaming at the girl, tearing up their Hangout, ripping off the wallpaper till she got the message.

“Very well Starr, all i need to know is one thing though, who was it?” Swan asked, i looked at him, he glanced for a moment at me then returned his eyes to Starr.

Shakily taking a bottle from the table Starr dragged her eyes back to us, slowly she moved her lips and said, “Faith worked mostly with the Mothers, in fact she worked several at a time, not by choice, Tiny? Satan Mothers head honcho, he was with her last night, with two of his boys, fucking pigs the lot of them.”

I balled my fists in anger, i decided it was time to pay those fuckers a lesson, i was angered by this outrage of taking a human life, how could any human being be capable of such an act.

“Starr i want you do something for me, i’ll tell you what i will need.” Swan muttered and turned to me. “Red wait outside.”

I obeyed his order, lighting up a cigarette i leant against the wall of the Hangout, i was on the curb and the night had fallen, i didn’t know what to do or what to expect.

Shortly Swan came out, however he was dressed slightly differently, his red waistcoat was covered by a biker jacket, in his hands were two black masks.

“Put this on soldier.” He instructed and handed me one of the two masks. “Put it on and follow me.”

I did as i was instructed and followed Swan through the back alleys, we passed the desolated scum that occupied these areas, bums, drunks, one or two deranged men who tried to stick at us, Swan however calmly shook them off.

After a ten minute walk we stopped outside a flat, in front of us was a bike, Swan then slowly took out from his jacket pocket a bottle and a box of matches and a knife.

Slowly he stabbed at the bikes engine, letting the gasoline drip slightly onto the floor.

“I know what your thinking soldier, don’t worry, follow the plan.” He muttered and he stood up and pushed me back towards the shadows. “Keep that mask on you ya hear.”

Soon the door to the flat opened and a large man strode out, he had a childish yet menacing grin about him.

As soon as he sat on his bike Swan light the match and enlighted the Molotov.

“Yo Tiny!” He shouted, The biker turned to the shadows were we were. “Catch!”

And with that Swan threw the Molotov, perfect precision it hit its target beautifully and in moments the greasy, large muscle ripped body of Tiny was ensnarled by a gulf of flames, it didn’t take long for the flames to find the leak in the engine where the petrol leaked, which Swan has so efficiently devised.

The bike exploded, luckily Swan had pushed me back down the alleyway and we ran for it, i could still hear Tiny’s screams fill the caverns of the back alleys, it was horrifyingly eerie yet somehow inside me i felt appeased, it was sickening how i could believe such a act would fill me with pleasure.

“So you’re moving.” I ask over the phone.

“Yes Red, im sorry but i cant stay here, not with all these murders going down, it’s too much for me, and i felt i had to tell you.” Iris explains over the phone, my heart sank when she called me and told me she was leaving.

“Look you cant go, alright you gotta stay.” I declaim. “Where will you go?”

“I got friends down LA, i rang them this morning they are already expecting me, oh shit my trains here.”

“Iris? Iris! Dont go please.” I shout. “Iris i...”
The line went dead, i kicked at the telephone booth and break apart the windows and the phone itself, i shout i scream i swear to the world, walking back to the Hangout i nurse a bleeding hand.

“Unhand you hoodlum!” I hear a old man cry, i turn to see a church beside me, at the door Spike, in one of his enraged mood swings is grabbing at the local Priest, he keeps shouting.

“I want a answer! Give it to me! Why cant he hear me?”

I quickly run over and grab him, i push him out of the church yard and try to restrain him and calm him down, i give him a smoke, then another, together we go through a pack of twenty in a few hours, all we do is talk.

“I don’t understand man,” he says. “I don’t know what happened, swan even said the Lizzie’s don’t know what happened, i swear if i ever find out who killed her, i’ll burn them alive myself.”

At these words i felt that cold chill crawl slowly up the back of my neck once more. “Listen buddy, you got to pull through, we are Warriors now our mission, the initiation is over, we proved we could bop, we could tangle with those chicks and the whole politic bull man, i need you with me man if we are going to get out of this one.”

Slowly he comes round, however shaken i feel comfortable that at least he’s dealing with it, it becomes apparent Spike truly did love that girl, i should never have questioned him, then it hits me like a stone cold brick, im betraying this man, the paper im writing, this si what the life is, im making a mockery of their life, to believe i even enjoyed the danger of it all before.

We both finish our smokes and trudge on through the rain back to the Hangout, above lightning rips through the sky and the distant roar of thunder shakes the earth, i feel the thunder deafen my ears, as if god himself is angered.

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Re: Warrior Red

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What can I say bro this chapter is a mix of every emotion and feeling you can have in one chapter, yeah it's awesome dude please keep it up coz I really love this fic it's fantastic :D

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Re: Warrior Red

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thanks again lady warrior i didnt think anyone would like this after re reading it, its just my last chapter was mostly about fighting i wanted to show more character emotions in this one, im more of a character writer believe it or not and i wrote the plot and it looked great on paper, sorry warrior fans if you dont like that, but my next chapter will have red go over to the saracens to learn the ways of the street, and to make that sound less corny he's gonna go fight some mean bruthas looking for a scrap, peace warriors, im gonna go split for some munch, keep posting, and il keep talking like this, we cool fellas really cool ;) haha

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Re: Warrior Red

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:D haha im loving your slang brutha you should post like that more often, ya feelin me lol? anyways yeah thanx for appreciating my post reply to your latest chapter its a great fanfic and i love the style you write in, its very cool... yeah same im more of a character person- like i make sure i wrap the story around the character and not the other way round, if you get that bro, and i really like to get inside my characters head and cool stuff like that! x erm yeah i cant wait for your next installment to this story- it sounds really interesting brother, i hope you will enjoy my next chapter too when i post it up, lol i will have a lot more action in it and there will be a lot more light-hearted comedy in chapter four x but yeah keep it up brutha amazing story and I LOVE RED HE IS AMAZING( i love him as a character but also i love that name red its cool- as a nickname and real name) xx

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Re: Warrior Red

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respect cat, now give me some sking before i split, right i'll lay it down in street tongue for ya players, heres the new chapter, there are two parts cos it's gonna be a big player in the major leagues, any brother who has a problem with the vibe theyneither start walking or flying ya feel me brothers

Blood in the street’s part 1

“Okay Boppers recent news on the street, after the Satan Mothers head honcho disappeared last week down Union Square Spider and the rest of those Mothers have been out on the look out boppers, Mothers are out for blood. In later news those cool players the Saracens have had one of their own snuffed out last night, word is Edge is pulling out all the stops, that’s all for now, adios.”

After the DJ, as everyone called her, finished talking the song Nobody but me by the Human Beinz came on, i frowned for a moment at the radio and pondered over the events she had discussed, if the Mothers venture to Union Street the Lizzie’s would gave away the information over the Warriors killing Tiny.

Just then the phone rang out, i turned swiftly to see Vermin walk over to answer it, he was suffering from a hangover mostly due to the alcohol one man party he treated himself to yesterday.

“Yo?” Vermin said scratching at his cranium, his eyes then suddenly popped open and he looked about the Hangout as if searching for someone. “Uhh yeah sure i’ll grab him now, yo Swan!”

I slightly jump out of my seat as Swan approached Vermin, Vermin looked rather shocked, i could feel cold sweat pick at the back of my spine, could the Mothers have already discovered that it was us who did it? No it wasn’t possible, the Lizzie’s couldn’t have broken word, could they?

Swan slowly took the phone and uttered, “Yo Edge long time no see what’s up?”

I watched as Swan nodded and kept replying “Yeah.” And “Right?” and then finally after ten minutes Swan ended the conversation “no sweat man i’ll send over some soldiers now.” He hung up the phone and strode over to me.

“You doing anything tonight Red?” He asked, he light up a cigarette and took a seat opposite me, he then gently flicked ash into the ash all the while only keeping eye contact for a moment then darting his blue eyes away.

“Nothing planned Warlord, why shit going down?” I ask curiously, i try to keep eye contact, Swan was a very hard person to face read, usually i am good at it however Swan commanded complete control.

“Yeah, you ever heard of the Saracens?”
“That mean bunch from Bensonhurst? Yeah the DJ was talking about them earlier, apparently they got one of their players whacked?”

“That’s just the half of it, Edge says he needs our help, why i don’t know he’ll explain im guessing it’s those JSB fucks, listen take a few soldiers down if you want? Vermin is recovering from another hangover, Cowboy and Cochise are up Chinatown on a mission, i would have asked them to go but i figured you were good on the last job with me, instinct wise your best suited.”

“No sweat Warlord, me and Spike will head down now ...”

“Spike? I thought he was still coping with the other night Red? He’s a loose cannon, still your choice, look just grab whoever, Edge wants this job done quickly.”

I didn’t need telling twice, i stabbed out my cigarette on the ash tray and made my way down to the boxing bag, my first real mission as Warchief, i was half glad half frightened by that prospect and i was very curiously keen to get down Bensonhurst as soon as possible, and i needed muscle and Spike was just that.

I met him down at the gym as we called it, it was where the Warriors trained, it wasn’t much just a boxing bag, two mats and a pull ups bar, i saw Spike hard at work delivering sharp and powerful blows to the bag, i watched the heavy dusty bag slowly be flung backwards and Spike continued his malevolent fist on rubber streak.

“Yo Spike time to soldier!” I shout at him.

Spike glances up and smiles at me slightly, it’s the first promising sign i’ve seen from him since Faith, he grabs his T shirt and flings it other his head and shoulder, then grabs his prize Warriors jacket, last night we were both presented with Warriors jackets for our work in Union Square, for me it was the assisting Swan, for Spike however Swan gave Spike’s jacket out of respect for the trouble he went through.

“Time to earn these jackets properly eh brother?” He says, i smile at him and nod. “This time with fists, not blood.”
“You got that right, come on we are going down Bensonhurst.”
“Swan got word from the Saracens, he wants us to go up and see what they need doing and then we get it done.”
“Why we gotta soldier for them?” Spike inquired as we both pushed through the Hangout’s back door.
“No idea, must be something big though man Swan thinks it might have something to do with the JSB’s and that wasted Saracen the DJ was on about.”

A little more than a hour later me and Spike turned up at Bensonhurst Subway station, there we discovered three Saracens waiting for us, two of them wore black vests with a white trim whilst the last one, a taller more better built white male, with short black hair and a black short beard walked up to us.

“S’up you the Warriors Swan sent down?”

It was me who spoke up, Spike being the muscle had discovered in the hierarchy Swan had set for us, as Warchief, party leader i was to speak for the company.

“Yeah man name’s Red, this guy behind me is Spike, heard your boss Edge wants some job done?”

“Cool, I’m Hound Warchief to the Saracens, these guy behind me is Mouse our writer,” he said pointing to a shorter Saracen about the same height as me however a little older, he had tattoos over his arms, white, yellow hair with red highlights, he gave me and Spike a nod and a charming boyish smile. “And this one here is Cliff, one of our heaviest soldiers.” He said pointing to a tall African American, he was taller than Hound at least six foot six, wider bulk, unlike Hound who seemed to be made of toned muscle Cliff contained more of thick muscle.

“Looks like you brought out the best for us eh?” I declaimed, Hound gave me a dry look, Mouse however shook his head slightly and stepped up.

“We have had to bulk up security recently Warrior, Edge will tell you back at Headquarters.” He explained and shook his head back down the street.

With that we headed back down the street, Hound at the lead Mouse and Cliff at the back whilst me and Spike strode up in the middle, i suddenly realised how efficient and organised the Saracens were, they were known to be one of the heaviest fighters in NY city and here i was in their turf.

“Notice up top, we got our Scouts patrolling from the roofs now.” Hound muttered pointing to the roofs across the street.

I looked up to see several hidden Saracens who revealed themselves after Hound raised his finger, i scanned the area as well, then a thought came to my mind the Saracens one of the biggest players need help from two Warriors in the minor leagues, it much be some heavy shit I thought, however it was a job that needed doing the Warriors will see it done.

Saracen Headquarters.

“Yo Edge!” Hound called out as we entered a deserted Hall, it looked like something out of a horror movie, two twisting staircases between the first floor and the second twisted round and lead down to the floor.

I looked up and around, we had entered a old house i thought, it looked more like a city hall possible hundred of years ago, i noticed on the walls there was a painting of a dead rabbit with a spear going through it.

Then there came a creak from the staircase, i turned to see a tall Caucasian male step forward, he wore a black vest with a white trim, straight and long brown hair, he had a few cuts beneath his chin and his right hand was bruised with a bandage wrapped round it.

“Warriors huh?” He muttered and glared at Spike then he dragged his eyes to me. “Where’s Cowboy and Cochise? I thought they would come down?”

“They are busy.” I explain curtly. “I’m guessing you are Edge?”

“What’s it to you Young blood?” Edge muttered and gave me a curious look, i knew this sign it was a stand off, i couldn’t contest with a Warlord in his own hang out i hung my head back and nodded.

“Swan sent us, my name’s Red this is Spike.” I explain signalling to Spike who had balled his fists expecting a fight. “Swan sent us.”

Edge nodded and raised his fist straight up, behind the Warriors Mouse and Cliff took their leave and so did other Saracens whom the Warriors hadn’t noticed, only Edge and Hound were left.

“Right to business boys im sure you’re wondering.” Edge muttered and he turned his back on the two and stepped forward towards the bar that lay in between the two staircases. “Last night i gave one of my Soldiers instructions to go out and grab our local Rackets you know Store money protection?”

Me and Spike nodded in agreement.

“Well my soldier’s name is Floyd, now Floyd isn’t turf he was our scout, he spends one night bored in the Hangout he asks me to do something so i tell him to go get the racket, understand? Anyway next morning local fuzz spot our boy dead in a alleyway, i sent some Scouts to have a look and see what they could find.”

Edge grabbed a beer bottle and raised it high and guzzled down the liquor, he gasped out in exasperation, appeasing his thirst he turned back to the boys and his grip on the bottle began to tighten.

“Floyd got himself jacked in his own turf, and no one knows who did it.” Edge sniffed and threw the bottle against the wall, it splattered and crashed and bits of glass fell to the floor, Edge turned back to the two boys. “This could be a gang or one single person i don’t care i want them dead, i cant go into battle at the moment with this.” He said pointing to his bandaged wrist. “What we do know is though, the protection money wasn’t on him, we checked with the cops they didn’t have it, Hound and me reckon JSB’s maybe but we cant be sure, they don’t need any spare cash however cash is cash and JSB’s don’t need any reason.”

A plan was beginning to form at the back of my mind, i understood completely what Edge was saying, but it occurred to me how would a JSB get past Saracen defences, before the attack the defence could have been less strong but the Saracens always had tight defence.

“Reason why you’re here if any JSB see’s Saracens down here it would mean another war, one which with myself in this state would be a risky one and due to the truce Cyrus made us sign me and the JSB Warlord have shown respect to the man and kept true to our word. So simple and straight do some detective work round Bensonhurst, don’t worry about witnesses ask the locals, if you can interrogate a few of those JSB’s.” Edge continued, he crossed his arms and strode forward slowly. “My boys cant handle with all that, i need to prepare for anything, this killing could mean a all out war or Cops looking for a bit of action, the JSB’s is a problem easily dealt with however my soldiers can’t cover all fronts.”

“I get what your saying Edge.” I reply sternly, he gazes at me and nods respectfully. “Which street was Floyd wasted?”
“7th and third.”
“Cool, me and Spike will go there first, see any JSB’s coming our way send the word and we’ll stay clear for your boys to take them.”
“Got it, but turf is turf here my boys can’t touch their ground, Cyrus might be gone but his words are like a ghost in the Bronx, no fucker breaks the truce, no one wants another war kid.”
“Right, no worries Edge, we’ll split.”
“Take it easy kid.”

It’s been three hours since we left the Hangout and it is starting to rain now, seventh and third has been quiet for the last hour, too quiet, no one has touched the gravelled pavement since we arrived, we have been for half a hour now standing and waiting planning our next move, we were waiting for someone to turn up so we can interrogate them, Warrior style.

“Hey Red.” Spike whispers nudging to me.

“What?” I ask as i turn to see him pointing across the street to an old bum slowly walking with a big bag on his back, i shrugged to him. “No chance that guy could know who did this, looks like he just came off the train.”

“Worth a shot though man, sides we give a bit of cash he might know something.” Spike contests eyeing the man.

With that we stroll over to the man, he sees us and turns away frightened, this urged us on and i called him over, he turned finally as we got near him, Spike went round to his back whilst i faced him at the front.

“You just come off the train?” I ask as he glances behind him to Spike. “Hey! I asked you a question.”

“Yes.” He utters shakily.

“Heard of a Saracen that got jacked here a few days back?”

“I had heard whispers.”

Spike smiles contemplative at me and i shrug, i really hate it when he’s right.

“Good,” I mutter and turn back to the man in front of me, he has a long brown beard, his lip has a distinct twitch and his long un kept hair is covered by a small black beanie. “Few nights ago one of the Saracens got jacked, you hear anything about that?”

The guy’s eyes widened distinctly, i furrowed my eyebrows whilst his eyes which i then realised how distinctly blue they were twitched and looked around the area as if fearing if any unkind ears were listening.

“Yes.” He whispered.

Spike gazed at me and nodded cheerfully, i didn’t share the same feeling of joy but more curiousity, i grabbed him by the shoulder and brought the bum closer to me.

“What’s your name.”


“Listen to me Mac, who did it? Can you tell me who gutted the Saracen?”

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Re: Warrior Red

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What can I say cool cat this chapter is ON FIRE brethren :D yeah it's amazing again i just wanna say bro ur a true professional writing and ur easily one of the newly greats of this fanfic section, yeah I love how much detail u use in each chapter and I just love red he is a very much REAL character! :D erm yeah just wanted to remind everybody and u Brutha tht my new chapter will be up sometime during this week and I think it will run more smoothly dude 8-)

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