that warrior chick chapter seven

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that warrior chick chapter seven

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ok guys heres the next chapter and this is going to be a slightly short one:

chapter seven
coney island, the warriors hangout

Cassie walked in through the double-doors of the warriors hangout and greeted swan explaining" hey warlord me and ajax we done the job, i did good-i think". swan nodded and replied" good work kid- right hes the good news and the bad news. the good news is now you get to pick a name but the bad news is that you still have to earn the vest"
"WHAT-what do you mean still earn the vest?"
"i mean that tomorrow you have to fight out there- he pointed outside to the fight pen- and then you will get the vest but ONLY then". Cassie shrugged and nodded she wasn't that happy about the whole thing but she forced a slight smile on her face all the same. Cassie then noticed Irish sitting alone in on the red sofa-so she went over to him and plopped herself down lightly beside him, he somehow didn't notice her at first but then turned around to face her and greeted her saying" hey sweet cheeks- how did it go?"
"oh it went cool me and ajax only had to beat up some shitty junkie head"
"haha how eventful. so im guessing swan is asked you if you wanted a name right?"
"yeah he as but i cant think of nothing" she said thoughtfully. Irish pulled her top down to look at her neck and asked"whats that on ya neck there?", Cassie blushed slightly and replied" oh that its-its a birthmark huh funny thing though that it looks like a hickie", Cassie turned round and looked into Irish's eyes-she was a bit alarmed at first because his eyes looked like a madmans eyes as he explained" hey Cassie thats it- your name can be HICKS"
"hicks are you crazy?"
"no of course not- its a cool way to say hey look a got a birthmark on my neck that looks like a hickie, don't you think?"
Cassie sat for a while and thought then she turned round to look at Irish and stated gleefully" yeah-yeah now that i think about it hicks sounds cool, hey thanks Irish". She hugged Irish tightly and thanked him again, he laughed and coughed" haha your crazy little lady", she nodded laughing in agreement. Both Cassie (hicks) and Irish sat up talking on that same red sofa until the early hours of morning came around. It was 3:00am by the time Cassie and Irish went home back to their shabby apartments, Cassie was glad though that she had Irish to walk her home. Cassie was fascinated by the way he walked, she saw how he strolled about as if he was a rock star or something, it was like he was carrying a big ego around with him-even though she knew he didn't have a big ego!

Irish kept looking back at cassie to make sure was ok, even though she was barely a inch away from him. As they both approached cassie's apartment door she stopped before she went into the door, turned around and explained" hey thanks for walking me home, even if you are a bit annoying sometimes and you talk a lot of crap"
"oh do i now hah well i didnt need you to tell me that cos me own mother used to tell me everyday, she'd say and you and that mouth of yours the amount of crap that comes out of it jimmy matherson". cassie laughed out loud at jimmys weird impression of his old irish mother, she noticed her nervously laughed and said" so hey i guess this is goodnight then hicks"
"yeah it is goodnight", jimmys eyes lit up as cassie reached over and give him a big kiss on his cheek, he blushed and cassie laughed as she could see this- as she shut her door on him she giggled" night lover-boy". Irish walked away feeling the left cheek on the exact spot where cassie had kissed him and he smiled thinking 'that girl sure is something'. That morning irish went to bed feeling more than happy about his dear friend cassie.

Cassie didn't wake up till around 1:00pm in the afternoon, she had a stomping headache and realized this was because of how late she had got to sleep earlier in that day. she turned her crappy TV on and saw that 'good morning america' was on as always and this nerdy,snooty looking man presented saying"good morning america, it is Friday, 2nd of February and exactly 3 minutes past 1". cassie immediately switched the TV off, got dressed and then made her way to the warriors hangout for her 2nd initiation: THE FIGHT PEN.

Ok guys this is quite short chapter i know but enjoy it anyway and the action of the fight pen will be in chapter eight! 8-)

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Re: that warrior chick chapter seven

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Wow this is amazing poor cassie though she had to fight the warriors
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