Change of heart pt 5

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Change of heart pt 5

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Another chapter up I hope you all enjoy and a big thank you to all that reviewed on my last chapter :D
Change of heart pt 5
The sun filtered through Fox’s old bedroom curtains rolling over he came face to face with Vixen she had been discharged from the hospital three weeks ago, her green eyes were closed and her breathing steady signalling that she was asleep.

Fox smiled as he brushed his hand over her brown hair before gently resting his hand on her lower arm, it was moments like this when her beauty was untouched he realized how lucky he really was and a chance fight on a rainy night was how they met.
Vixen frowned in her sleep and moved closer causing her brown curls to fall onto her face before she snuggled into Fox’s chest.
Fox was about to close his eyes and go back to sleep when Vixen had stopped moving but ever so faintly he began to feel small circles being traced on his shoulder.

Fox looked down to Vixen was now awake and looking back up at him.
“Good morning” she whispered still tracing circles onto his shoulder.
“Good morning” he replied gently taking hold of her small hand and holding it to her chest.
Vixen smiled and closed her eyes before rolling over and swinging her legs over the side of the bed before letting her feat touch the cold floor.

Vixen was now deemed strong enough to go outside as long as she wasn’t on her own.
Looking at the clock she sighed before turning to look at Fox who had now snuck up behind her.
“You better be goin your gangs gonna be lookin for ya shortly” she murmured sleepily.
“Nah not just yet I still have five minutes” he said hugging her and lifting her back onto the bed.
Fox left a whole hour later to meet Cleon who didn’t look happy at all.
“Where you been Fox” he asked annoyed.
“Sorry warcheif had some things goin on at home” he replied sheepishly not wanting to tell him the whole truth of what really happened.
Cleon nodded and beckoned Fox over to the map on the other side of the room.
“Word on the street is that the destroyers are going to hit us again” he said with authority in his voice.
“And you need me to pull scout again” he stated with a bored expression.
Cleon nodded before walking away, Fox sighed this was the third time this week he had been told to pull scout “but I guess that’s my job” he said to himself.
A few minutes later Vermin and Cochies came crashing through the door with smug looks on their faces seeing as it was past midday and they had only just arrived.
Fox shoock his head and walked over the phone that was in the hangout and dialled his house number.
After a couple of rings the phone was picked up and a famine voice sounded from the phone.
“Hello” came Vixen’s voice.
“Hi babe don’t wait up for me I’m needed for patrol” he said into the phone.
It took a long while for Vixen to reply but he was relieved when she did.
“Okay so I’ll see you when you get in” she said sadly.
“yeah you’ll see me in the mornin” she said softly.
“Okay bye...I...I love you” Vixen said stammering into the phone.
“Bye I love you too Vixen” he said before putting the phone down and leaning ageist the wall.
“Looks like somebody’s whipped” came Ajax’s rough voice
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Re: Change of heart pt 5

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another cool chapter Vixen Scout cant wait to read the next
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