that warrior chick chapter eight

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that warrior chick chapter eight

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ok im back in business lets go:

chapter eight
the warriors hangout- the fighting pen

Cassie's stomach was in a unreal amount of knots. she was so scared about the whole ordeal of fighting in a pen with a bunch of very strong, vicious warriors that could really handle themselves-but of course she wouldn't let her initial fears show, that was not how she rolled. Cassie watched as swan moved to the center of the fighting pen, standing in a big blood stain left from last nights initiation fight. Cassie turned up her nose in disgust as she smelt the odour of the ten bums watching through the chain-link fence heckling her on how she wasn't going to last two minutes. she noticed all of the bums odour resembled that of a stray dog..with a lasting whiff of trash cans and dumpster's. Cassie's mind went into a complete blur all the time swan was going through the meaningless rules and regulations of the 'initiation stage'. she really didn't care because all the time she was focused on listening for who was going to get put up against in the fighting pen. She scanned her eyes across the horde of warriors watching on to get a glimpse or even a smell of BLOOD. Cassie beamed and her face lit up when she saw Irish in the crowd-least she knew he would support her and cheer her on. Irish saw that cassie was smiling at him so he returned the gesture with a toothy grin, his chocolate brown eyes lighting up in advance, Irish nodded his head to the side gesturing towards swan. Cassie watched has swan made his way over to ten warrior new-bloods standing in a horizontal line spanning across the fight pen. Swan walked up to afro boy and pointed at him, then he meandered slowly across to the middle of the line and picked out a boy cassie had never seen before. The unknown boy had a copper-coloured fuzz on his head that was in no particular style and made him look like a turnbull AC, she laughed at him because on the whole he was quite stringy and wimpy looking. Cassie thought to herself 'JESUS he literally has NO muscle in his body at all, he's a skeleton'!

The initiation fight started with swan banging a spoon off his liquor case, probables full of some rebel yell (swan's second favourite beverage). The ginger AC (as cassie had nicknamed him in her mind) squared up to her toe-to-toe, he licked his dry, cracked lips nervously before circling cassie and trying to deliberately distract her by teasing her with his hand movements. left and right, back and fourth. Cassie's head started to spin and all she could think about was the first real fight she ever had in her neighborhood. she felt the same way very nervous not knowing whether to strike or to hold back in case she got seriously hit with a power-punch. The whole time she was just studying this man's physique slender, with a tiny amount of muscle in his arms. Cassie lunged forward confidently making sure not to misstep or fall over flat on her face, studying him as he glided backwards tripping slightly over a slab of concrete (it had been there a while). She too glided backwards as 2 seconds later he refrained himself and tried to trip her over with his lanky legs. Cassie laughed at his failure at doing so and she sprang forward to lay down a quick jab at the man's eye. surprisingly he moved at the last moment and cassie caught him in the nose-busting it, the blood running like a tap out of his immense nostrils. Cassie stopped in the middle of the fight pen in shock that she actually hit the guy with such force to bust his nose. she placed her hands to her face and said"look im really sorry man, i didnt mean to do it that hard!", he wiped the blood from his nose, rubbing it onto his pale and veiny arm. The man angrily remarked" YOU BITCH, YOUR DEAD".. with that he charged forward and hit her square in the stomach. Cassie's eyes went blurry and filled with tears as she felt the winding pain in her stomach viciously travel through her abdominal and groin area. Cassie screamed"YOU BASTARD" and she lurched forward and decided to kick him so hard in the genitals-they would soon drop off. Both cassie and skeleton man keeled over at the same time in utter pain and misery.. Cassie totally blacked out!

ok guys its been a long time i hope you enjoyed this action chapter. thanks boppers, adios x 8-)

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Re: that warrior chick chapter eight

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this is really good Lady W keep it up. :D
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