Ever been to a live concert?

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Ever been to a live concert?

Post by Warlord Bandit »

So had anybody here ever been to a live concert? I've never been to one, always wanted to see kiss live or Ac/dc.
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Re: Ever been to a live concert?

Post by back2coney »

Hell yeah, plenty - My first was the Prodigy in 1996, the first track was 'smack my......up' and the mosh pit was incredible, imagine being in one of the harshest mosh pits for your first gig!!

Other people I've seen include:

Orbital x3
Squarepusher x3
Aphex Twin
Plaid x2
Chemical Brothers x2
Gong x2
Lamb x3
White Stripes
Scissor Sisters (this was not my choice)
Cyprus Hill
David Bowie
G love and special sauce x2
Hot Chip
Gwen Stefani
Eat static x3
Mr Scruff x2

I've also been on stage with Electric soft parade, Eighties Matchbox B line Disaster and Primal Scream.
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Re: Ever been to a live concert?

Post by prozium »

Warlord Bandit, you NEED to go to a concert ffs! ;)

Bands I've seen
Linkin Park
Limp Bizkit
Totalt Jävla Mörker
The Haunted
Flogging Molly
Gogol Bordello
Nine Inch Nails
Las Palmas



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Re: Ever been to a live concert?

Post by Oxygen »

I saw Motorhead in their 2004 Inferno tour.They were amazing,but not as good as I thought they would be.And I've seen a bunch of Canadian bands in my hometown,Barenaked ladies,Neil Young and a bunch of other people.Again,they weren't that great.In fact they kinda sucked.And I once went to see Janet Jackson (don't laugh,my girlfriend made me go) but she didn't even show up for the concert and it was all refunded.
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Re: Ever been to a live concert?

Post by Good guy »

i havnt been to many but ive seen
green day
electric six
hard fi
mushroom head
and i went to the reading festival 06 so i did see some there eg placebo, muse,slayer,panic! at the disco (lol poor guy got bottled :lol:)

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Re: Ever been to a live concert?

Post by turnbull_badger »

i've only been to a few

Green Day
Red Hot Chili Peppers

All of them were amazing! you have to see a live band Warlord bandit!

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Re: Ever been to a live concert?

Post by Cowboy79 »

I've only been to one concert and that was a Green Day concert.

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Re: Ever been to a live concert?

Post by swan_jax »

ive only been to one, it was a scorpions concert, man that was the best day of my life, klause miene thier singer still sounds the same he sounded in the old days.

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Re: Ever been to a live concert?

Post by Journey »

not that many myself... although i do enjoy them... i just dont have the time/didnt have the money... but i do now...

Velvet Revolver/The Datsuns (The Datsuns are the best support band ever)
Motorhead/Inflames (Inflames being the worst support band ever)
The View
Bloc Party
T in the Park (Placebo, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Wolfmother, The Zutons, The Kooks, Franz Ferdinand and Maximo Park (Maximo were frickin' awesome))

i've got tickets for Tenacious D on the 11th of December
got my tickets for next years T in the Park
and i got tickets for Journey ( :D :D :D :D :D) for 25th of March

The Fox
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Re: Ever been to a live concert?

Post by The Fox »

I've been to a few but the best i ever went to was The Rolling Stones about 10 years ago.

If you are going to see one band that is still together it has to be the Stones........

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Re: Ever been to a live concert?

Post by Lion »

I'll reply even though we have discussed this before:

1992 U2- Zoo TV
1996 Smashing Pumkins
1994 Madonna

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Re: Ever been to a live concert?

Post by Rem »

SOTU 2005 - notable among them Lamb of God, A Life Once Lost, Unearth, GWAR
Maylene and the Sons of Disaster with Lorene Drive, Jonzetta
Maylene and the Sons of Disaster with Zao, Evergreen Terrace, Throwdown
SOTU 2006 - notable were As I Lay Dying, Black Dahlia Murder (scene kid got his teeth knocked out = crazy pit) In Flames, the Chariot, GWAR
August Burns Red w/ horrible bands
August Burns Red with the Chariot and poopy bands
Thriller (verry good) w/ local horrible bands

would have seen GWAR last week if i didn't have that darn test in math class....going to Napalm Death w/ A Life Once Lost on the 8th, seeing Unearth w/ Slayer early next year

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Re: Ever been to a live concert?

Post by andy_man »

Lynyrd skynyrd (revived version obviously)
Alice Cooper
Rolling Stones
Randy Bachman
Doug & The Slugs
Sum 41, Billy Talent (back in the when i liked gay music)
Head Stones

I know I've seen more, ill add them if i remember.
I really want to see Wolfmother, AC/DC (Our town is trying to get them to come XD, The Who, and others (cant think now)

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Re: Ever been to a live concert?

Post by Ajax_lvr_1 »

ive only been to a few

Motley Crue- most recent one ive been to and my fav one
David Lee Roth
Van Halen
Huey Lewis and the News... i know kinda different form the others i seen but i still like their music
Bret Micheals
Quiet Riot- the first concert i ever seen... i have auographs along with pics from it
Red Hot Chilli Peppers... dont really like them but my dad wanted someone to go with him ... no point in wasting an extra ticket....
i think thats it....im pretty sure it is ....

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Re: Ever been to a live concert?

Post by Honey Lips Soldier »

Only been to one, Bowling for Soup.
Want to see U2 and Oasis.
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