A new gang idea.

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A new gang idea.

Post by Baby Bear »

Ok. I have this gang I use for fan fiction. I wanted to know if you all think they should be in the remake or could've been in the original. Like the other crews they too have to bop against the warriors. So im gonna give you some background info and tell me what you think.

Name: The Grizzilies
Members: 157
Racial background: Mostly native american and India
Turf: Queens, NY
Weapons: Steel bow and arrows, Chains, Barb wire planks, Switchblades, Native american swords

Ok. The leader name is Baby Bear. Thats why I changed my username to that.

Baby Bear carries a derringer gun that was passed down to him from the(Darn it I forgot that war! The war with little horn and big horn or something. I forgot what that war was called. Indians fought the colonists? Im not sure)

Heres a small biography:
Biography: The Grizzilies are a ruthless gang that run Queens long island. They also have part of their members laying low in a abanodn tenemenet apartment in southside Bronx. This gang is ran by Baby bear which has made the Grizilies successful. On the day of January 30 they had a fight with the Runaways. It was a outnumbering ambush. The Runaways thought they could get some reputation by taking down the newcomers bu they were surprised. Baby bear lived in Chicago. He was kidnapped by a gang called the Gangster Desciples. They did this becuase he said he would not join them. After two agonizing days he finally escaped. He moved to New York and obviously this was how the Grizzilies were started.

I don't know if that is enough info but I definately would love to see The Grizzilies be in the Warriors movie.

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Re: A new gang idea.

Post by Gezza »

Its sounds great! nice gang you made there!
Btw- it would be great to see them in the Remake or original, but theres one little problem, we cant just call up the director and ask to put any gang in there! (sorry if that sounded rude or anything, it wasnt suppose to)

I wouldnt mind seeing them in there though....
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Re: A new gang idea.

Post by adam88 »

Yeah, you put some great thought into is, especially the whole native American, concept into it.  Great job, go for it.

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Re: A new gang idea.

Post by true-warrior »

thats cool i like that sounds a good gang

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