Glad to be back

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Glad to be back

Post by theSleepiLizzie_of_2006 »

Hey all...

to those I know...

and those who are new or haven't met...

A lot has been happening so haven't been able to come thru...but I'm glad to be back at the turf...

and hope I'm here to stay for awhile without having to run off again...

By the way I like the new Warriors layout!

:D  8) :lol: :mrgreen:
~this chic is packed...

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The Swan
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Re: Glad to be back

Post by The Swan »

Hey Sister!!!
Welcome Back... again...
... I just think ALL the Turf missed you!!! 8)
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Re: Glad to be back

Post by Ninth Delegate »

Its been a while.
Always good to have you return, Jen.
Quite a few of us old timers have been missing for too long.
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Re: Glad to be back

Post by stevo2k6 »

good to have you back :) i dont come on as much as i used to do because of work and things, but ill keep active :D

but its nice to have old members come back :D

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