Has anyone seen this???

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Has anyone seen this???

Post by TheWanderer »

I guess if someone has this, it's gotta be here!

I downloaded these on SoulSeek but there were just covers. The sharer didn't know where he got them, he said he just downloaded hundreds of covers off many users and this had to be there. Obviously it's unofficial but it's interested me a lot! Has anyone seen this?



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Re: Has anyone seen this???

Post by Danzel »

Hey, Yeh I've seen that bottom one there, its off the cover for the Warriors game obviously, but I do remember seeing it somewhere else a long time ago.. as In before I played the game... nice fine but :D
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Re: Has anyone seen this???

Post by Lion »

I hadn't seen the top one.  Is that for the LP?

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Re: Has anyone seen this???

Post by The Swan »

To be honest, I haven't seen neither top nor bottom pic. I mean, I saw them, but without "The Expanded Motion Picture Soundtrack" in red (1st pic), and the War Birds (or you added them? - 2nd pic). Good find The Wanderer, yeah very interesting... and good way of beginning!!! 8)
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Re: Has anyone seen this???

Post by MrVess »

My goodness... to see this again...! :D

I just glance at the forum every once in a while, but when I saw this, I had to post... :)

Those are actually mine. Quite a while ago there was a thread about the complete soundtrack, with the missing music reinserted, and I decided to assemble such a soundtrack. That cover was a preliminary version, and it had to be downloaded by someone on Soulseek then and left in their shares... I wouldn't even have it now, as I made the covers anew, and here they are in their current versions (resized and badly compressed here):

This is indeed an expanded soundtrack, which, I believe, contains all the Warriors music, including the trailer theme and the elusive alternate track. Unfortunately, I just took the missing snippets of Barry de Vorzon's score from the DVD's audio channel, so they are just the film's audio, reedited and enhanced a little. (I was surprised by how little additional music there actually was - most of the score is on the official soundtrack.) Still, it's nicer to have a full Warriors soundtrack. Plus, I put the tracks in the order in which they appear in the film, as their placement on the official soundtrack is rather nonsensical.

The full track listing (and therefore the complete listing of the music in the film) is as follows:

01 - Barry de Vorzon - The Opening and Main Title Theme [Additional / DVD]
02 - Barry de Vorzon - Theme From The Warriors [Official]
03 - Mandrill - Echoes In My Mind [Official]
04 - Barry de Vorzon - Masai and the Riffs [Additional / DVD]
05 - Arnold McCuller - Nowhere To Run [Official]
06 - Barry de Vorzon - The Turnbull ACs [Additional / DVD]
07 - Barry de Vorzon - Riffs Report [Additional / DVD]
08 - Kenny Vance & Ismael Miranda - In Havana [Official]
09 - Desmond Child - Last of an Ancient Breed [Official]
10 - Barry de Vorzon - Baseball Furies Chase [Official]
11 - Barry de Vorzon - The Furies Appear - The Chase - The Park Fight [Additional / DVD]
12 - Johnny Vastano - You're Moving Too Slow [Official]
13 - Genya Ravan - Love is a Fire [Official]
14 - Barry de Vorzon - The Punk Scout [Additional / DVD]
15 - Barry de Vorzon - The Fight [Official]
16 - Barry de Vorzon - The Bathroom Confrontation [Additional / DVD]
17 - Barry de Vorzon - The Witness [Additional / DVD]
18 - Barry de Vorzon - Coney Island [Additional / DVD]
19 - Barry de Vorzon - The Rogues Stalking [Additional / DVD]
20 - Joe Walsh - In The City [Official]
21 - Link Wray - Rumble (Deleted Opening Music) [Additional]
22 - The Mersh Brothers - Night Run (The Fugitive - Replacement Music for Nowhere To Run) [Additional / VHS]
23 - Tangerine Dream - Betrayal - Sorcerer Theme (The Warriors Trailer Theme) [Additional]
24 - The Warriors Trailer [Additional / DVD]

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Re: Has anyone seen this???

Post by MrVess »

And this is that original old thread that I meant:

I might as well post this little update in it, too, in case someone is looking for some newer information on the missing music...

Oh, I forgot to mention - the titles of those additional tracks from the DVD are, of course, mine, though I like to think that I named at least some of them similarly to what Barry de Vorzon had / would have named them... :)
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Re: Has anyone seen this???

Post by badjab »

wasnt someone looking for the song that replaces nowhere to run.
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