Wrestling Game RPG

The RPG is coming. Leave your ideas here as to what you would like to see in a forum-based RPG!
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Wrestling Game RPG

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Ok im using Smackdown vs raw 08 for this, ive played this game on the game forum and its a very big hit (both versions) basically im the GM of Raw you pick wrestlers off the roster given and i will play a GM mode on there (simulations of all matches) your job is RP as the wrestler e.g. request matches, do interviews , run promos Etc

heres the roster

Ashley John Cena Randy Orton  Batista Johnny Nitro Rey Mysterio  Bobby Lashley JTG Ric Flair Booker T Kane Sandman Candice Michelle Kelly Kelly SHAD Carlito Ken Kennedy Shawn Michaels Chavo Guerrero Kenny Dykstra Snitsky Chris Masters Marcus Cor Von The Great Khali  CM Punk  Mark Henry Tommy Dreamer Edge Matt Hardy  Torrie Wilson Elijah Burke Melina Triple H Finlay Michelle McCool Umaga Gregory Helms Mickie James Undertaker Jeff Hardy MVP William Regal

Bret Hart Roddy Piper Terry Funk 
Mick Foley Sabu The Rock
Rick Rude Steve Austin 

For now im going to the legend killer randy orton and im going to be the GM will need at least 8 people before we can start the belts on raw are

WWE Championship
IC Championship
Womens Championship
Tag Belts

Matches will be put once every week (fridays or saturdays)

ive got 30 Caws as well so if you dont like anyone on the roster or the person you have want has been taken just PM and ill send you a list of caws i got to name a few (santino,boogeyman,test,Armado Estrada, paul london, chris cage etc)

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Re: Wrestling Game RPG

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i locked this beacuse randy orton is a tool

no but really its in the wrong section this is for warriors RPG

if your trying to make a RPG and want it featured here please msg me a full plan and be serious i hate when people do somthing for a week and quit



orton is a tool  8)