What songs do you have on your Ipod?

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What songs do you have on your Ipod?

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I was wondering what type of songs do you all have on your Ipods, Mp3 players and whatnot. I have a Ipod shuffle and Im planing to get more songs as soon as I fix my Itunes program.

Heres mine....

1."Girl's not Grey" by AFI
2."Miss Murder" by AFI
3."Helena" by My Chemical Romance
4."The Kill" by 30 seconds to mars
5."False Pretense" by Red Jumpsuit Apparatus
6."Love like winter" by AFI
7."House of cards" by Madina Lake
8."Your ever so inviting" by Underoath
9."Say this sooner" by The Almost
10."Sick, Sick, Sick" by Queens of the stone age

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