Best Warrior Fighter

This is the definitive list of Warriors Polls.

Which Warrior do you think was the best fighter?

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The Fox
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papa arnold
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Re: Best Warrior Fighter

Post by papa arnold »

heres how mine go

ajax:the domate fighter the brawler he coud easily beat anyone

snow:a disiplined fighter he has very few words but lots of fists

swan:a calm soldiers always knows what to do

cochise/cleon    cleon becuase from the very few blows you sore he was a good fighter and cochise because hes skilled and looks likle he took saome sort of martial art

vermin:a moany type but never afraid of a brawl

cowboy:the middle guy and all round soldier he can take care of him self

rembrandt:only one blow to a punk but it looked like a hard blow but stil very hard to judge

fox:well against the strugle with a cop i guees hes the weakest i no the cops were trained in that sort of thing but lets face it

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Re: Best Warrior Fighter

Post by Ajax1 »

ajax or snow since they are clearly the warriors heavy muscle

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ajax the warrior
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Re: Best Warrior Fighter

Post by ajax the warrior »

I voted for ajax.
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Re: Best Warrior Fighter

Post by Hector »

I saw the best fight scenes from Ajax, so I voted him

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Re: Best Warrior Fighter

Post by rob14 »

i would say swan because he is skilled and quick and quite strong ajax is just very strong

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The Swan
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Re: Best Warrior Fighter

Post by The Swan »

rob14 wrote: i would say swan because he is skilled and quick and quite strong ajax is just very strong
Ye skilled, quick, strong and I add CLEVER, in every situation he always knows what's the best to do! 8)
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Baby Bear
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Re: Best Warrior Fighter

Post by Baby Bear »

Snow gets my vote. People think Ajax was the best but sorry to say that he isn't. Snow did most of the fighting throughout the whole movie. He was a beast in the bathroom brawl with the Punks.

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Re: Best Warrior Fighter

Post by THE_FURIES »

i voted for the best warrior AJAX.. :D
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Re: Best Warrior Fighter

Post by KissTheRain »

I picked Vermin because not only could he really throw some good moves during the fight with the Lizzies (I don't care if they are girls...some girls can really kick the living hell out of a guy..I know I can  ;)) and the punks but also because he got thrown into a mirror. Yes I know he didn't get up but lets be honest people...if you'd been thrown into a mirror the way Vermin did, would YOU get up straight away? I think not!) but he still managed to not get a scratch on him and stay standing for the final Rogue confrontation.  :)

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Re: Best Warrior Fighter

Post by taino78 »

i say cleon cause all his punches were 1 hitter quitters on the rogues

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Re: Best Warrior Fighter

Post by War-Lord »

I sort of like Cochise more just to stay out of what everyone else thinks.
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Re: Best Warrior Fighter

Post by WarriorDan »

Ajax! He totally owned the Furies, he didn't need a bat to waste them and yeah if the cop didn't have a bat he would back home trying it on with Mercy.  :badgrin:

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Re: Best Warrior Fighter

Post by BaseballFuriesFan »

I'd say Ajax, he's always ready to fight and kicks ass. 8)

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Re: Best Warrior Fighter

Post by nazzac »

Ajax kicked ass in the Furies fight and Snow kicked ass in the Punks fight. so it's them two.
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Re: Best Warrior Fighter

Post by RedLipsMarie »

Contrary to the popular vote ( Ajax wins again :roll: )...

I voted for Cochise. I mean, I think Snow, Swan, Cleon, and Ajax are the best fighters of the group, but game-wise, I loved Cochise's stylish and hard-hitting moves.

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