Writing my own book

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Writing my own book

Post by Warriorfan54321 »

im going to write a book that has a mystery theme to it, A detective is hired to find a murderer, but is unable to find him or her(not sure yet) and  more murders are being committed. A new detective is put on the case and later the main charcter will find out who the murderer is and all the motives to him or her, as the murderer had a horrible school day past when he/she is found a supprise awaits the detective.

Not sure if this theme has been done before but if it has I will find different ways of putting it in my own writing as these ideas must have been put in endless murder mystery book like agatha christie so I'll make sure its different.

the title is

Bullied Into Bloodspill.

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Re: Writing my own book

Post by adam88 »

Hey, I am happy for you.  Its always good to express ones self, and find new talent out there.  Good look with all that.  Remember the opposite of war, isn't peace, its creation.

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Re: Writing my own book

Post by Hector »

What a great idea! I was thinking of writing one myself. It's nice to see that people are being creative on the forum. :D

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Re: Writing my own book

Post by warrior9721 »

Yes, I've also had thoughts of writing one.

Best of luck to you.
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Re: Writing my own book

Post by katedoll »

have you seen this? you can upload your novel during national novel writing month and they print it for you.


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Re: Writing my own book

Post by Swan27 »

sounds great, have you finished it???
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Re: Writing my own book

Post by ILLER... »

he last posted 3 years ago, numb nuts. don't expect an answer.

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