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Edge's Story ~fin~

Postby Dud » Fri Aug 21, 2009 4:39 pm


Hey everyone. Been kinda inactive for the last few weeks, so I've decided I'm gonna come back with this piece I've been working on for a long time. Basically, it's the story of the Saracens through the eyes of Edge, their leader. It's pretty darn long so I'll probably be posting a chapter a day.

Anyway, enjoy, and feel free to leave any type of comment - if you have a fanfic of your own, I'll be happy to return any comments.  :)

February 21, 1978
9:46 pm

“Goddamnit, get off my tail, pig!” I yelled, running away from one of the cops. He continued after me, but I managed to give him the slip when I sidestepped into a nearby alley. I turned to walk away but was then tackled to the ground by another cop; probably the other guy’s partner.
“Oh, shi-” I started, but didn’t finished as I was flipped onto my front and the cop began cuffing me. He began reading me my Mirandas but didn’t finish as I felt him fly off my back. A few seconds later I was uncuffed and I stood up. In front of me stood a big guy with wearing a white vest, a smirk on his face.
“C’mon.” He said urgently, nodding behind him. He turned and ran off and I followed, easily catching up to the big man. He led me down one of the alleys and into a dark spot.
“Bet you’re wondering why I helped you out, huh?” He said to me, and I replied with a nod. “I hate those Goddamn pigs. What did you do anyway?”
“Busted some guy up for calling my mom.” I said.
“I see.” Mouse replied with raised eyebrows
“Doesn’t take much for me to flip.” I explained, shrugging my shoulders.
“Right.” He replied, nodding his head. I nodded back and turned to head off.
“Hey!” He called, causing me to turn my head back towards him. “Maybe you and I should stick together. Two heads are better than one, right?”
Wait, this guy wanted to hang with me just like that? Seemed a little fishy to me.
“What’s in it for you?” I asked.
“Nothin’,” He shrugged. “I just know I have someone watching my back.”
“Okay then,” I said slowly, nodding my head. “You’ve got yourself a deal. What did you say your name was?”
“I didn’t,” He replied with a smirk. “It’s Mouse.”
He looked like more of a bear than a mouse, but okay.

Edge meets Mouse
Edge & Mouse meet Snakefingers
The gang get a hangout
Clemo & Daz join up with the gang
The gang get their first brawl, and also a name
Knox & Harry join the Saracens
The Saracens give Cyrus a hand
The two Jers meet up with the Saracens, and the Saracens head up to SoHo | 2
Knox & Harry leave the Saracens to form the Jones Street Boys
Arson & Snakefingers try the King of the Hill 'Junkyard Challenge'
Edge gets busted
Edge returns, and the Saracens head up to Tremont | 2
The Jones Street Boys attack
The Saracens get a little help from the Warriors
The Conclave | 2 | 3
Little Jer is reported as missing | 2
The Jones Street Boys attack again, with some help from the Gladiators
The Saracens head up to SoHo again
The Saracens help out the Warriors
The Saracens get some news on Little Jer
Little Jer's funeral
The Saracens attack the Turnbull ACs | 2 | 3 
Mouse bows out
The Saracens get some revenge on the Gladiators | 2 | 3
The Howitzers get some revenge on the Saracens | 2
The Satan's Mothers come down to Bensonhurst | 2
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Re: The Saracens' Story

Postby Dud » Sat Aug 22, 2009 1:40 pm

Here's my second chapter. Enjoy.  8)

February 24, 1978
8:16 pm

“Nice haul, huh?” Mouse said with a smirk as we stood bent over in a dark spot behind the drug store.
“Yep.” I replied, pulling the money from the cash register from my pockets and flicking through it. “Uh... I got 100 bucks; how ‘bout you?”
“I got five cameras. I can get rid of them for 50 bucks each... 250 altogether?”
“350 dollars, man. What a good haul,” I said, Mouse nodding his agreement. “I don’t think I can hear any cops; let’s move.”
We looked both ways before taking a step out of the dark spot and heading down the alley. I heard something, and motioned for Mouse to stop and take cover. I took a few steps forward and looked around. Nothing in front of me; Mouse had me covered from the rear; the left... was clear; I turned to the right- and was speared to the ground! I took a punch to the nose, before the assailant’s hand went into my pockets and took a lot of the money I had just taken. He quickly got to his feet and headed off down the alley- right into Mouse. The big man grabbed him and slammed him to the floor, and as he tried to restrain him, I stood up and went to stand behind Mouse.
“What do you want?”
“Screw you.” The coffee-coloured male said to me, before launching a punch at Mouse. It wasn’t a particularly hard punch, but Mouse was just taken back by it and the guy rolled out from under him. He turned to run but I grabbed hold of him from behind, before shoving him up against the nearest wall and spinning him around, getting right in his face.
“Tell me what you want, you slimy prick, or I’ll waste you where you stand.”
“Okay, okay,” The guy said with a sigh. “I needed some dough to get my fix.”
Mouse and I exchanged a smile over this, and I let go of the guy; although Mouse did take a step forward so we had him against the wall.
“Y’know, this guy can throw a punch.”
“Yeah, he can.” Mouse replied with a frown.
“What’s your name?” I asked, taking a step back.
Once again Mouse and I exchanged a smile, as he handed me the money he had taken from me back.
“Guess we know why you’re called that,” I said. “What do you reckon, Mouse, think this guy would be useful?”
“I dunno,” Mouse said with a shrug. “Maybe, but three’s a crowd, right?”
“Yeah, but three heads are better than two,” I replied quickly, before turning back to Snakefingers. “Me and Mouse here have begun doing stuff together; that way we can do stuff knowing someone’s got our back. What do you say?”
“You mean, like a gang?”
“Yeah, I suppose.”
“A’ight, I’m in.”
“Hold on,” Mouse interjected. “How do we know we can trust this guy?”
“Y’know Mouse,” I said, rubbing my chin and nodding my head. “That’s a very good point. I’ll tell you what; Snakefingers, you go grab us some dough from any store you want and bring us it back. Say 70 bucks, seeing as that was how much you almost stole from me.”
Snakefingers nodded and turned around, but before he could head off I called him back.
“But don’t hit up the electric store, we’ve just been there.”
“Well what do we do now?” Mouse asked as Snakefingers turned out of alley.
“We gonna think up a name, Mouse.”
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Re: The Saracens' Story

Postby Dud » Sun Aug 23, 2009 5:28 pm

And chapter three. Not exactly an exciting chapter, I'll admit, but the idea of this story is to start it exactly from when these guys met up and explain everything I can.

Still, enjoy.  :D

March 2, 1978
6:58 pm

“Y’know,” Mouse said, breaking the silence that had fallen between the three of us. “We could really do with a hangout.”
“Yeah,” I said, as Snakefingers nodded his agreement. “We know anywhere that we make a good place to stretch our legs?”
“How ‘bout that ol’ fish market?” Snakefingers suggested after a brief silence.
“Man, won’t that stink?” Mouse said with a look of contempt.
“Unlikely,” I said with a laugh. “That place had been abandoned since I left high school.”
“Let’s go then.” Snakefingers said, climbing to his feet.
“Look at you taking charge,” I said, standing to my feet with a smirk. “C’mon, let’s go check it.”
We moved away from the park bench and headed past the trees onto a road, before turning in the direction of the fish market.
“Y’know Snake, we really need to get you a vest, man.” I said.
“Aw man, but I like these threads.” Snake replied, looking down at his black T-shirt.
“Yeah, well when we get a few more guys you’re getting a vest.”
“What’s the matter?” Mouse smiled. “You afraid you’ll get shown up with those poxy muscles?”
“Hey look,” Snake said, changing the subject. “That’s the fish market up ahead.”
We got to the boarded up door, and it seemed like it may prove a problem to get in.
“Want me to break it down?” Mouse asked, but I shook my head; he had no chance.
“Snake, try and find a window somewhere; you’re the most agile out of all of us.”
“Sure thing.” He said with a nod, before turning and jogging around the side of the building.
A few seconds past before we heard him shout to us. We followed his voice around the market and came to Snake stood below a window.
“Mouse, give him a boost.” I said, and Mouse positioned himself against the wall with his hands outstretched. Snake placed a foot on Mouse’s hands and leant on the ledge outside the window.
“Should I smash it?” He asked, and I took a look either side of me before replying with a quick nod.
He elbowed the window as Mouse and I both turned away from him. He cleared away the remaining glass, and lifted himself through, much to the relief of Mouse; who let off a large sigh.
“Good job Snake, now go find a door for us.”
“I think I may be able to jimmy open the main door.” He shouted back through.
“Good, we’ll be waiting.” I replied, before turning and heading off back towards the main door, Mouse trotting behind me. We stood on the door for a few moments whilst we heard banging and grunting from the other side of the door, before the doors opened and Snakefingers stood there with a crowbar in hand and a smile on his face.  We headed in together and surveyed the large warehouse - which was empty.
“Not bad.” Mouse was the first to comment.
“Yeah,” Snakefingers nodded. “Maybe needs a few couches and stuff, but it’s a’ight.”
“Well we can get them.” I said. “But yeah, it’s good.”
“Y’know,” Snakefingers piped up. “We still ain’t got a name for us yet.”
“Yeah,” I nodded. “Let’s hope the next few guys we recruit have some good ideas.”
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Re: The Saracens' Story

Postby nazzac » Sun Aug 23, 2009 5:37 pm

liking the story so far
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Re: The Saracens' Story

Postby Dud » Mon Aug 24, 2009 12:39 pm

Thanks a lot for your comment nazzac, it is much appreciated.  :D

Anyway, here's my fourth chapter. We're just starting to get the crew together in this one.  8)

Now, I'm just gonna point out that although I have tried to keep the story as accurate as possibly using the movie and game (mostly the latter), the two characters introduced here are just made up. That's because if I stuck to the game I'd only be able to write about six Saracens. So yeah, you won't be able to find these in the game or anything.

March 15, 1978
8:01 pm

Mouse, Snakefingers and I were each spread across a couch when a knock came at the hangout door. 
“Go check it out.” I motioned to Snake, and he nodded before walking over to the door and opening it. I couldn’t see past Snake very well, but it looked as though there were two people stood there; one black, one white and both around six feet tall.
“Uh, yo,” The black one stepped forward. “You those guys who keep thievin’ those stores, right? That gang?”
“Yeah, that’s us,” I said, standing up and walking over to the door. “What’s it to you?”
“Well, we just wanted to know...” The white one started, but then trailed off.
“We was wonderin’ if we could join up wit’ you.” The black one finished.
“I dunno,” I said. “What’s your names?”
“Clemo.” The black one answered.
“And I’m Daz.” Said the white one.
“Well, I suppose we should be looking to be expanding.” I said, rubbing my chin.
“But how do we know we can trust them?” Mouse said, walking over. “Hell, how do we know if they’re good enough to roll with us?”
“Good point, Mouse,” I turned back to Clemo and Daz. “How do we know you’re good enough to be with us?”
“How ‘bout they do an initiation?” Snakefingers said. “Y’know, steal a bunch of crap like I did?”
“That’s not a bad idea,” I said, nodding my head. “But first you’ve gotta prove you can bop. Let’s see... Clemo, you look like the bigger one; you’ll be squaring off against Mouse here.”
“Aw, man.” Clemo replied.
“You’ll never make it as one of us with an attitude like that.” Mouse said, Clemo replying with a nod.
“Suppose that means I’m up against this guy?” Daz said, motioning to Snakefingers.
“Yeah,” I nodded. “Who wants to go first?”
“S’pose I will.” Clemo said reluctantly.
“Snake, go grab us some boxes and make a square over there.” I said, motioning to a large area in which sat nothing. Snake nodded and went off to grab some.
“Right, the rules are simple,” I explained to Mouse and Clemo. “You keep brawling until I think you’ve done enough to earn a place with us. Mouse isn’t gonna be taking it easy on you, young blood; be ready.”
Snake had placed down his four boxes in a large square and came over to join us. It wasn’t a perfect fighting environment, but it would do.
“When you’re ready.” I said to Mouse and Clemo.
Snakefingers, Daz and I stood watching as the two guys faced off against each other. It was a fast-paced brawl; Mouse took a lazy swing at Clemo and the guy ducked, before slamming his palm into Mouse’s gut. An elbow to the side of the head knocked Mouse off-stride, and Clemo began laying into Mouse with kicks to the gut. Mouse managed to grab one of these kicks and shoved Clemo away, but before my second-in-command could take a swing at the new blood, I yelled out.
“Okay, that’s enough!”
The fight had only gone on for around 30 seconds, but both guys came back panting, Mouse rubbing his temple after that elbow from Clemo.
“Damn, man, you can flex.” I said with a smile, patting the guy on the back.
“You got that right.” Mouse nodded.
“Anyway, Snakefingers, Daz; you’re up.”
The two guys made their way to the square and faced off. It was Daz who took the first swing; a right hook that caught Snake good on the cheek. Daz followed it up with a left hand shot to the gut, but before he could get another shot in Snake weaved to the side and hit Daz with a straight jab to the temple. The new blood went down, but before Snake could take advantage Daz swept Snake’s legs out from under him. The two began to brawl, but I called an end to the contest. The two walked back over, with Snake giving Daz a pat on the back.
“You two are definitely good enough to bop with us,” I addressed the two new bloods. “But you need to prove how good you are at bringing back the goods. You’ve got an hour to go out and bring us back 100 bucks; it should be easy. Steal crap, mug people, do whatever you need to do.”
The two guys nodded intensely and headed out of the hangout together.
“We got some good muscle there.” I said, Mouse and Snakefingers nodding their agreement.
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Re: The Saracens' Story

Postby the lady warrior » Mon Aug 24, 2009 8:26 pm

dud can i just say that was the most thrilling saracens fanfic i've ever heard.yeah you shud continue and there is no room for improvement so i have nothing to critazise you about.great story plz continue!! :D 8)
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Re: The Saracens' Story

Postby Dud » Tue Aug 25, 2009 1:03 pm

Once again, thank you lady warrior. I've returned the comment in your story.  :D

Anyway, here's Chapter Five.
The real action starts here, so hopefully you guys get a kick out of this chapter.  8)

March 29, 1978
11:32 pm

“Alright now, for all you boppers out there who like to keep up with the action on the streets, we got some reports coming in from Harlem. It seems some Boppers made a mistake when they tried to take the Stripes and Solids from the Hurricanes, as they soon scattered when Diego made an appearance. Over in Coney, the Destroyers were on the ball and sent a few Savage Huns back to their own turf-”

“Hey,” Clemo called across the hangout from the wide window looking out onto Bensonhurst’s main street. “Ain’t that some dudes dropping their colours on our turf?”
Myself and the rest of the guys headed over to the window, chattering excitedly between us.
“Van Cortlandt Rangers,” Daz said out of nowhere. “As the name suggests, Van Cortlandt outfit, real low class; about as dangerous as a spoon.”
“Wow man,” Snakefingers said. “Where did that come from?”
Daz shrugged and went to reply, but I interrupted him.
“Low class or not, they’ve still come marching down here. Everyone, let’s go.”
Now, there were still only five of us, but there was only about a half-dozen Van Cortlandt Rangers anyway. We exited the hangout and watched the Rangers walk around as though they owned the place.
“Hey!” They all turned around to face us - seemed to be seven of them; none of them packed; none of them particularly threatening. “What are you doing down here?”
“Screw you man!” Came the response from the leading Ranger.
I suppose we didn’t really look like a crew at this point; we still didn’t have matching clothes or even a name, but still, we began walking towards them. Toe-to-toe we waited for each other to make the first move - but no-one did. Mouse took it upon himself to get the brawl going when he struck one of Rangers in the jaw with a hard right. Both sides then piled forward and I found myself fighting against two VCs. One of them threw a punch in my direction but I dodged to the side, before pulling the guy into a right hand shot. He went down, and I turned my attentions to the other Ranger, hitting him with a left hand to the gut and taking him down with a teeth-rattling uppercut. The other VC was beginning to rise so I climbed onto him and began delivering shot-after-shot to the guy’s forehead. Eventually the VC went limp and I knew I had knocked him out. I stood up to check on the rest of the guys and it looked good. Clemo finished the last Ranger off with a hard elbow to the temple and I turned to the lead Ranger; the one I had put down with the uppercut.
“Sorry son, but you shouldn’t have come to Bensonhurst. Don’t mess with the... Saracens again and this never happens again.”
I turned away from him and the rest of the guys came up to me as we walked back into the hangout.
“Wow, where did that come from?” Snake asked.
“Yeah! We’re the Goddamn Saracens!” Came the cry from Daz.
“Where did you get Saracens from?” Mouse pulled me aside and asked.
“Well, when I said ‘Sorry son,’ I thought it would sound cool to have a name that sounded like that. Sorry son... Saracen; get it?”
“Yeah, I get it,” Mouse said with a smile. “And I like it.”
“Good,” I returned the smile. “Now all we gotta do is get these Goddamn black vests sorted for these guys.”
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Re: The Saracens' Story

Postby Dud » Wed Aug 26, 2009 12:21 pm

Here's Chapter Six. Enjoy.  :D

Oh, and a cookie for anyone who recognises the two guys introduced in this chapter.  8)

April 17, 1978
12:11 am

“Alright you two, this is the last part of your initiation. Survive the pen and you’ve earned your place with the Saracens.” I called down to the two new guys looking to run with us.
One of them was Knox and other was called Harry, both around average build and they had proved they could thieve and mug their way around the city, but they had yet to prove they could bop. Myself and the rest of the Saracens sat atop a construction building next to the fight pen we had discovered only a few blocks away from the hangout. Nothing had happened over the last few weeks, except for the addition of two new guys: Petey - an old school friend of mine who had brains and could bop - and Arson, whose fondness for fire scared me a little.
“Right,” I said, turning to face the rest of the Saracens. “Clemo and Daz, you’re in first; test the water with them a bit. If they get a few good shots in, Arson, Petey; I want you two down there as well. Mouse, Snake; chances are they won’t need you, but you two will be in last. Okay, give them a test, but let’s not kill these guys. And remember, if I say stand down, what do you do?”
“Stand down.” Came the unison response from the six other guys.
“Alright, get in there.” I said, giving Clemo and Daz a little nudge each.
Down the two Saracens went, before squaring off against Knox and Harry. Like I said, Clemo and Daz went on the offensive, Daz taking down Knox and Clemo pounding on Harry. Daz got a good shot in, but Knox didn’t seem very fazed by it and unleashed a powerful right-handed shot that sent Daz reeling.
“Damn, he can throw a shot.” Snakefingers noted, and I nodded, before turning to Arson and Petey.
“Get down there and give Daz a hand. Clemo’s doing fine, but try and get this Knox guy down.”
So now it was four-on-two. Arson grabbed Knox from behind and Petey swung for him, but Know ducked and Petey dropped Arson on the floor! Wow, this was not going well.
“Want us to join in?” Mouse asked, but I replied with a quick shake of the head.
“Not yet. Clemo’s got Harry isolated, so it’s three-on-one, these guys must be able to take down just this Knox.”
“Just say the word, boss.” Snakefingers said, and I nodded.
Clemo was still beating on Harry, but lazily kicked out at Harry. The guy grabbed Clemo’s foot and swept his other leg from under him, putting him on the floor. Harry then jumped on Clemo and began pounding on him.
“Christ,” I muttered, before turning to my most trusted lieutenants. “Mouse, get in there and take down that Knox kid. Snake, go give Clemo a hand. You’ve got 30 seconds; go.”
The two of them joined in and I actually smiled when I saw Mouse take down Knox. Mouse began pounding on Knox as Arson, Petey and Daz surrounded them. Snake also helped Clemo out and the two of them began pounding on the Harry kid.
“Alright Saracens; stand down!” I had seen enough. I jumped down into the pen and as Mouse climbed off Knox, I saw the kid lash out at my Warchief. Mouse went to retaliate, but Petey and Daz grabbed an arm each as Arson turned to confront Knox.
“Whoah Knox, you’ll never make it as one of us with an attitude like that,” I said as Clemo, Snakefingers and Harry joined us. “Now apologise to Mouse.”
“Sorry.” Knox said, but I could tell it was a fake apology.
“Now,” I said with a deep sigh. “Moving on from that unpleasantness; you two can certainly brawl, now get inside and get into one of these vests.”
The guys turned to head back in, Harry and Knox trailing behind.
“Hey Knox,” I said, making him turn back around and head towards me. “You pull a stunt like that again and you’re out. Mouse is a dear friend of mine and you’re lucky I’m not wrecking your punk ass right now. Got that?”
“Yes, Warlord.” He responded, before turning around and catching up with Harry.
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Re: The Saracens' Story

Postby Dud » Thu Aug 27, 2009 2:44 pm

And Chapter Seven. Nothing major, but it just explains why the Saracens "got a fair bit of pull with the Gramercy Riffs." 8)

April 26, 1978
10:56 pm

“Man, when are we gonna get to this gambling club?” A new blood complained from the back of the pack.
“When we get there.” I replied bluntly.
“Wait, we’re going to a gambling club?” Another new blood asked.
“You asked to come, man.” Snakefingers called back from the side of me.
“I just wanted to get out of the hangout.”
Snakefingers, Clemo and I had decided to take a few new bloods down to the Riffs’ gambling club up in Pelham. We were walking along the street when a thought occurred to me: would the Turnbull ACs take lightly to us walking through their turf to get to the club? Hopefully they’d be cool with it. 
“Hey man, check out the threads on that.” A voice from around the corner sounded, a laugh ending the sentence.
“I know, man,” A second voice piped up. “What are you, some kung-fu expert?”
I looked around the corner and in front of me stood about a half-dozen guys surrounding what appeared to be a Riff - a high-ranking one from the looks of things. I didn’t see any sort of pattern with what the guys were wearing, so I assumed it was just a bunch of smashed people looking for a fight.
“Some trouble ahead, you ready?” I said, turning around to face my Saracens.
“As always.” Clemo replied with a smile.
“Then let’s do it,” I said, before turning the corner. “Hey guys, why don’t you leave him alone?”
“Hey guy, why don’t you screw off?” One of the drunks replied.
“Here’s a question, why don’t me and my friends here waste you?”
“Try it.” And so we did. The seven of us charged into the six drunks and laid waste to them, the Riff helping us along the way. As the drunks lay on the floor the Riff turned to us.
“Thank you, brother. Who are you?”
“The Saracens.” I replied with a nod.
“I see. Well, if you ever need any help, the Gramercy Riffs have your back. Just ask for Cyrus.”
“Okay then, thanks Cyrus.” I said, as he offered me his hand. I shook it, and he nodded before turning and walking off.
“Well, I don’t think we can get in the club looking like this,” I said, motioning to the beads of the drunks’ blood on some of our vests and arms. “Let’s head back to Bensonhurst.”
“Damn, the Gramercy Riffs,” Snake said. “They a big item ain’t they?”
“Yeah.” Clemo nodded.
“Y’know,” I turned around to the group. “You young bloods may be really annoying, but you’re pretty good at brawling.”
“Damn right,” A tall black one replied with a smirk. “That’s why we’re Saracens.”
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Re: The Saracens' Story

Postby Dud » Fri Aug 28, 2009 12:40 pm

Chapter Eight. Nothing major, just building up to the next one.  8)

Anyway, I see the view count on this thread going up, so I hope those of you who are reading are enjoying this story. :D

May 4, 1978
6:28 pm

Myself, Snakefingers and Mouse were sat discussing how everything was going with us whilst the other guys held competitions on the punching bag and chin-up bar.
“You know, some of these new bloods that have come in recently are pretty heavy.” Mouse said, and Snake and I nodded in agreement.
“That Skipper guy,” Snake motioned to the tall black guy who had been when we helped Cyrus not so long ago. “He can bop.”
“Well, we really need to have these guys out on the streets,” I said. “We’re mostly basing this off their initiation brawl.”
Our conversation was interrupted when three knocks came at the door.
“Clemo, check it out.” I called over, and received a nod in reply.
Clemo headed over to the door as I watched from my couch. He opened the door and a smile came upon my face as I saw who stood there.
“Hey, I’m here to see Edge.” The big man stood at the door said.
“Jerry, Big Jer; I haven’t seen you in months, man.” I said, walking over to my old friend. We clasped hands and I was about to beckon inside when I saw who I guessed to be his younger brother. “And Little Jer; I haven’t seen you in even longer.”
“Well, we heard you had started your own clique and I wanted to see what it was like.”
“We’re small, but we’re recruiting and I think we’re beginning to make a few waves.” I replied.
“Well good.” Big Jer nodded, and an awkward silence fell between us.
“Say,” I said with a smirk on my face. “You wouldn’t be hinting that you want to join up with us, would you?”
“You know me too well, Edge.”
“And your brother too?”
“I’m a writer, man,” Little Jer piped up. “I’ll get you up.”
“Well,” I said, stroking my chin. “I’ve actually just had a great idea. Some new clique, called the Electric Eliminators were holding a dance-off the other day when another outfit called the Hi-Hats interrupted it. The Eliminators want revenge and plan to lay their mark on the huge burner outside the Hi-Hats’ hangout. Two problems: the first is that it’s a huge burner and would take an age to cross out, and the second is that the Eliminators don’t have much muscle. We’re gonna solve both of these problems for them. Myself, Big Jer, Little Jer and a few other guys are going down to SoHo and we’re gonna help the Eliminators cover this burner. Who wants to come?”
“I’ll come.” Arson stepped forward.
“And me,” Petey nodded. “I ain’t been out in a while.”
“Good,” I said. “Get ready you two; we’re heading off in a few minutes.”
“Hey!” Knox called across the hangout. “Can I come along too?”
“You’d just be baggage, man.” Arson said, knowing full well I didn’t want Knox to come.
“Yeah,” Petey said, catching on to it. “We don’t wanna attract too much attention to ourselves with a large Warparty.”
“Whatever,” Knox said with a shrug. “Have fun.”
“You guys ready to ship out right now?” I turned to the two Jers.
“Yeah man, we’re ready.” Big Jer said, his younger brother nodding.
“Good,” I nodded. “Let’s go check out these SoHo outfits.”
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Re: The Saracens' Story

Postby Dud » Sat Aug 29, 2009 6:33 pm

And here the Saracens get to know the SoHo gangs. Enjoy.  8)

May 4, 1978
7:04 pm

The train pulled to a stop and we all stood up, before filing off along with the other civilians. We all stretched for a moment until the train pulled away again.
“Right, so listen up,” I said to the rest of the guys. “The Hi-Hats’ main hangout is just at the top of this station, like, as soon as we get to the top of the stairs. All of you stay quiet and stay behind me. The Hi-Hats usually have two scouts outside the hangout, so we’re going to take them out before we meet up with Tracer.”
“Who’s Tracer?” Little Jer asked.
“The Eliminators’ Warlord,” I replied. “Are you guys ready?”
After everyone had said yes or nodded, I turned and began walking up the steps. Tracer was right; there were two scouts on watch, so I motioned for everyone to go left. We hid in some shadows as I picked up a glass bottle and threw it down on the ground next to my feet. The bottle smashed and made a loud sound. Everyone was on the same wavelength as me and no-one questioned what I was doing. Both scouts came over to investigate the sound and both were knocked out with bricks to the head - one courtesy of Big Jer and the other from Little Jer. We made sure the bodies were out of sight, before heading up onto the board balanced a few feet above the ground where the scouts where just stood. On the wall next to us was a huge Hi-Hats burner.
“Yo, Edge.” Came a whisper from across the street.
“It’s cool Tracer; we’ve taken care of those mimes.” I replied back, a little louder.
Out of the shadows appeared four Eliminators. They climbed onto the board along with us and we exchanged pleasantries.
“Thanks for coming, dog.” Tracer said with a nod.
“No worries, man. The Saracens are willing to offer a hand where it’s needed,” I nodded back, before motioning to Little Jer. “Hey, this kid is gonna put up a Saracens burner, that cool?”
“Yeah, man, that’s fine,” Tracer said, smiling at Little Jer. “It would’ve taken ages to completely cross this Goddamn burner out anyway.”
“So what are we doing? You guys hit that burner up and we watch your back?”
“Yeah, that’s it,” Tracer replied with a shrug. “As long as you’re cool with that.”
“Yeah, man, I’m down with that,” I nodded, before turning to the rest of the guys. “Alright Saracens, we’re on scout duty. Keep an eye out for anything and stay down. Now spread out.”
Arson, Petey and Big Jer all found suitable hiding places, and I had to look pretty carefully to find them. Tracer and his guys had started tagging, but Little Jer looked a little out of his depth.
“C’mon little man, hit that burner up.”
“But I don’t know what your mark is.” He said in a quiet voice.
“Yeah, neither do I,” I replied with a smirk. “Just do something that’ll look good.”
“Oh, okay.” He nodded, before turning to work on his piece.
A long time passed and I had taken to sitting down leaning against the wall after my legs began aching.
“Almost done,” Tracer said to me.”And it looks as though your boy is doing pretty good too.”
I turned and looked at the piece what Little Jer had done. It was a snake with a sword in its mouth and it looked pretty damn impressive.
“Hey guys,” I whispered across the street. “Stay sharp, we’ll be moving out soon.”
Suddenly a bottle came out of nowhere and flew past my head, missing it by a few inches. Another bottle soon followed and got one of the Eliminators on the side of the head. Tracer caught him as he went down and that’s when we saw 20 Hi-Hats come out of the hangout, many more still coming out. At the front of the crowd was Chatterbox; the Hi-Hats’ overweight, stuttering leader.
“W-w-what the h-he-hell are you do-d-doing t-ta-tagging on our t-turf?” He stuttered, as I pulled Little Jer back behind me. “Now yo-you have to p-pa-pay the pr-price.”
A lieutenant appeared at Chatterbox’s side; a smirk on his face and a Molotov in his hand. He threw the flaming cocktail towards us and I pushed Little Jer off the board, before sprinting across to the other side of the road to regroup with the rest of the Saracens. Tracer and his Eliminators arrived only seconds later, one of them with a big gash on his temple.
“What are we doing?” Tracer asked.
“No chance,” I said, watching the Hi-Hats advance. “More than 30 of them and eight of us.”
“Alright then, let’s grab the subway.” Tracer said, the seven of us nodding.
“Okay... go!” I hissed, pushing the guys past me. Big Jer was the last to begin running and I turned to run, but was grabbed by one of the mimes. He began pulling me back into the crowd of Hi-Hats, but thankfully Big Jer saw I was in trouble and ran back, before hitting the lone Hi-Hat with a hard right. The mime flew backwards and the two of us began running; the Hi-Hats on our tail. We got to the subway and jumped down the stairs two at a time, before slipping into one of the closing doors. The Hi-Hats made it and stared at us from the opposite side of the glass as Tracer raised his middle finger at them.
“Suck on this, pricks.” He smirked, before the train set off.
I fell back onto one of the seats and sighed, before turning to Big Jer.
“Thanks for saving my ass, man.”
“No worries,” He replied with a nod. “Hopefully that guarantees a place for me in the Saracens.”
“You’re damn right it does,” I said with a smile. “And your brother; he can lay a mean mark.”
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Re: The Saracens' Story

Postby The Swan » Sun Aug 30, 2009 12:52 pm

Above all, I liked the dialogues. Good Job, don't stop Dud.
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Re: The Saracens' Story

Postby Dud » Sun Aug 30, 2009 1:50 pm

Thanks a lot for your comment, Swan, it is much appreciated, and I'm glad you're enjoying it.  :D

Anyway, here's the next chapter.  Enjoy.  8)

May 4, 1978
8:38 pm

“I can’t wait to get into my new colours.” Little Jer said as we approached the hangout.
“Man, I can’t believe someone threw a Molotov at me,” Arson complained. “It’s usually the other way around.”
We got to the hangout and went through the door, but before anyone from our Warparty had the chance to do anything, Mouse came over.
“Edge, we got a problem.” He said seriously.
“What’s up?”
“Knox has left - said he was sick of not being able to do anything. Harry went too.”
“That’s no problem,” I replied with a shrug. “They said anything about making their own outfit?”
“Yeah, Knox said he was gonna show us what a real gang was like.”
“I’m not scared of them,” I replied flippantly. “Who’s on the stores tonight?”
“Uh, Lance and Skipper are on Jones Street and...” Mouse paused, looking around. “Clemo and Daz are on Main Street.”
Of course, it wasn’t really called Main Street; that was just our name for it; the real name was Bay Parkway or something. Jones Street was another busy street located only a few blocks south of Main.
“Good, our stores are protected then,” I said, moving to allow the rest of the Warparty past me. “We just need to keep an eye on them. Anyway, those two guys are definitely Saracen material. Big Jer can bop and his bro can-”
“Yo Edge, how did SoHo go?” Skipper asked, walking past me and into the hangout, Lance right behind him.
“You’re supposed to be watching Jones Street,” Mouse said to them.”What are you doing here?”
“Oh, it’s cool boss,” Lance stepped forward. “Some guys came to cover us... Knox and someone.”
“Goddamnit.” Mouse muttered.
“Have we done something wrong?” Skipper asked, his eyes wide open.
“Yeah, but it can be sorted out,” I said through gritted teeth. “We need to get down there right now.”
“Let’s go then.” Lance said, before Mouse led Lance and Skipper out onto the streets.
“Snake!” I yelled across the hangout. “You’re in charge until we get back.”
“Why? What’s up?” He called back, but I turned and ran to catch up with the other three.
I did so, and we turned onto Jones Street, before running up to the first store, the Drug Store; it was trashed.
“What are you doing here?” The shopkeeper yelled to us. “Some of your boys came down here and wrecked the place, so I found some new protection. Now beat it!”
“Look, it wasn’t us, man. We-” I tried to explain, but he cut me off.
“I said beat it!”
“Never mind this one, Edge,” Mouse pulled me back. “Let’s go check the liquor store.”
I nodded, and we left the store. We got within about 10 metres of the liquor store when Knox and Harry came out, Knox brandishing a Molotov and Harry packed with a crowbar. Both had shed their Saracen vests; Knox was wearing a yellow and black striped top and Harry wearing a white and black top.
“Looks like you guys have lost Jones Street,” Knox smirked. “But don’t worry, the Jones Street Boys have it locked up tight.”
“You son-of-a-bitch!” I yelled at him. “You want a war, then you’re gonna get a war! The Saracens are gonna rule Bensonhurst, not you slimy pricks!”
At this point I usually would’ve ran at the person I was yelling at, but these guys were packed - and I had seen enough Molotov cocktails today.
“C’mon, let’s go.” I muttered, turning and heading back to the hangout.
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Re: The Saracens' Story

Postby the lady warrior » Sun Aug 30, 2009 2:04 pm

your story is coming along great i can see now why knox and harry formed the jones street boys,yeah defo carry it on its very entertianing to read,also im gonna carry on with mine,thanx for your support!! :D
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Re: The Saracens' Story

Postby Dud » Mon Aug 31, 2009 7:55 pm

Thanks a lot lady warrior, your comment is much appreciated. I have returned the comment in your story.  :D

Anyway guys, a pretty small chapter here, but it's just a way to explain a few things and keep the story moving. Enjoy.  8)

May 10, 1978
7:35 pm

After that incident with Knox and Harry - or the “Jones Street Boys” - I decided that it was more than a possibility that they would try and pass themselves off as Saracens again. Hence, I decided that from there on, as well as the black vest, every Saracen would also have to wear a necklace. Still, I wasn’t going to get caught up in this stuff and I made sure business went on as usual.
“Alright, listen up,” I said loudly to get everyone’s attention. “Back when we did that stuff in SoHo, Tracer was telling me how he was sending two of his guys down to Gunhill to take part in a King of the Hill junkyard challenge. The winners get a bit of dough and usually a mention on the radio. Now who wants to go down?”
“I’m down wit’ that.” Snakefingers said.
“Yeah, me too.” Arson said with a nod.
“Good,” I said, pulling them both aside. “Now you both know how it works, right?”
“Yeah.” Snake said, Arson nodding.
“Good. Now be careful up there. Don’t get wrecked.”
“We won’t.”
“Alright, now get going,” They turned and began heading out of the door, but I called them back. “And guys; try to win.”
“You got it.” Arson replied, before they headed out onto the street.
Several hours went by and myself, Mouse and a few of the other guys had fallen into a rare conversation about the Jones Street Boys when Snakefingers and Arson arrived back. They came and sat down with us and we all turned eagerly to them.
“How did it go?” I asked them.
“Nah, man,” Snake shook his head. “We lost.”
“No problem. Who did win it?”
“Oh, two non-affiliated dudes.” Snake said.
“But we did see them talking to an outfit afterwards.” Arson piped up.
“Some small outfit called the Warriors.” Snake added.
“The Warriors...” Daz said thoughtfully, before shaking his head. “Never heard of them.”
“Yeah, I don’t know of them,” I said. “So who was there?”
“Uh... well, us... the Eliminators... the Warriors, those two guys...”
“Some Moonrunners were there too,” Arson added. “I think that was it.”
“Well, never mind that you didn’t win, at least people know we exist now.” I said with a nod.
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