The Saracens: Edgeless

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The Saracens: Edgeless

Postby Dud » Thu Apr 08, 2010 9:39 pm

Yay for badly-made graphics.

Hey there. Right, so here's my prequel sequel midquel to my previous fan-fic, Edge's Story. It will be taking place during the part of Edge's Story when Edge went to jail, and (thanks to Rocko for this idea) will be following both Edge in prison, and Mouse leading the Saracens whilst Edge is in jail. It's going to be pretty long (which is why I took such a long break), and will probably be posting a new chapter every coupla' days, but eh, the only reason I'm starting to post this now is to try and get some activity in the forum. I'll do my best to keep up, but I might have to take a few breaks. Also, just a few notes/disclaimers, to try and make this look professional: :lol:

Firstly, you may wanna head over to Edge's Story (link supplied above), scan the first page, and then read the first chapter on the second page before you read this story (just so you're not sat there wondering what the heck's going on.)

Secondly, this story will contain some scenes of strong violence, some strong language (including some racist terms), and also a few sexual references. Please only read if none of these things bother you, thank you.

Anyway, that's all. This is just my archive post, and my first chapter will be up not too long after this so. Feel free to leave any comments or questions, and I will reply to them, as well as returning the comment if you have a fan-fic. Blah, blah, this is dragging on, so let's get started. Welcome to The Saracens: Edgeless. Enjoy. 8)


Mouse & The Saracens:
Edge in Jail:


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Re: The Saracens: Edgeless

Postby Dud » Thu Apr 08, 2010 9:42 pm

Okay, so here's my first chapter. I'm actually taking a different approach to this story. I'm not going to be doing it in first-person, but rather in third-person, with most chapters having a "main character." Anyway, let's go. I know this isn't the most exciting start to a story, but hey, it's gotta start somewhere. Enjoy anyway. :D

May 15, 1978
7:34 pm

Mouse was worried. Since he had gone out last night to collect some missed collection payments, Edge had not been seen. He approached the two guys who had been on Main Street the night before: Lance and Skipper, who were stood in a crowd around the punching bag and exercise mats, drinking from bottles of beer.

He nudged them both. “Can I talk to you?”

Both of them turned around, and Lance wiped his lips before talking. “Sure Mouse, what’s the word?”

“Last night, when you said Edge sent you back early, did you notice anything weird going on?”

“Uh... no.” Skipper answered, before looking at Lance, who agreed with a nod.

“Only, Edge hasn’t been seen since last night – you two were the last to see him.”

The two of them shared a worried look, before Lance cleared his throat. “Actually, I saw a couple of cops around, but that was it.”

Skipper instantly turned on his partner: “You did? How come you didn’t say anything?”

“Well, we hadn’t done anything wrong, had we?” Lance shrugged, looking sheepish.

“Look, it’s okay,” Mouse interrupted, before Skipper could say anything else. “I’ll sort it out.”

He headed over to two people he trusted with this kinda stuff: Clemo and Daz.

“Okay, you guys know Johnny the Snitch, right?” Both of them nodded, Johnny the Snitch was a well-known informant who could tell you anything about the pigs – for the right fee, of course. Mouse handed Daz a couple of 10-dollar bills. “I want you to find out if he knows anything about Edge, okay?” Clemo and Daz both nodded again, before turning and heading out of the hangout.

“Hey guys,” Mouse called them back. “You know what to do if that isn’t enough money, right?”

“Sure do.” Clemo laughed, before the duo headed out again.

The answer was, of course, to beat it out of him.
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Re: The Saracens: Edgeless

Postby the lady warrior » Thu Apr 08, 2010 9:49 pm

OMG dud this is amazing and that is so cool how you called the title edgeless as in there's no edge(the character) in the gang only mouse :lol: i love that and the first opening chapter is brill keep it up and if you didnt know all of the love story is complete and im now carrying on when i was a moonrunner with union jack and hope you like them and comment!! :D
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Re: The Saracens: Edgeless

Postby Dud » Sat Apr 10, 2010 7:00 pm

Thanks lady warrior, your comment is appreciated and I have returned it, your story is lookin' good too. :D

Anyway, here's the next chapter. Once again, it's more of a speech-filled chapter, but don't worry, there's a couple of nice long violent ones coming up. Enjoy anyway. 8)

May 22, 1978
5:37 pm

Mouse was sat with Petey when a knock came at the door. Mouse looked up from his seat and nodded at Lance, who was stood close to the door, to open it up. Lance did so, and on the other side Johnny the Snitch stood waiting. Mouse and Petey took this as their cue to go talk to him, and Lance stayed there just to be nosy.

“I got some news about your boy.” Johnny said.

“Okay,” Mouse nodded slowly. “Shoot.”

“Right, so he’s sat in the district jail right now, charged with a bunch of stuff that could put him away for nine months to a year. Word on the street is that if anyone except his lawyer goes to visit him, either while he’s in jail or the big house, then they’ll be assumed to be a gang member and took in for questioning too.”

“Goddamn it.” Petey muttered, shaking his head.

“What about if his parents want to go see him though?” Lance piped up.

“Edge’s an orphan,” Petey said solemnly. “His dad was killed in a drive-by shooting in a case of mistaken identity, and his mom topped herself not long later with grief – Edge has been an orphan since he was 16, and he doesn’t know any of his extended family.”

“Edge never told me about that.” Mouse said with a frown.

“Did you ever ask him about his family?” Petey replied quickly.

“Fair enough,” Mouse nodded, before turning back to Johnny. “Thanks Johnny, and make sure you come see us after his trial to tell us whether he’s going down or not.”

Johnny nodded and headed off, as Mouse also went back to his business. Lance and Petey, however, remained at the door for a few moments.

“Did they catch the guy who did Edge’s dad?” Lance asked, ‘they’, of course, being the police.

“Nope,” Petey shook his head. “But Edge did.”

“Goddamn, I can’t imagine what that guy went through.”

“Yeah, it did get kinda messy.” Petey said, before sighing as he realised he had said too much.

“Did you help?”

“I don’t wanna talk about.” Petey looked down at the floor, before walking off. Truth is, he did help, but the only guys who knew what went down that night were himself, Edge, Big Jer, a now-deceased friend called Shaun, and of course, the guy who did it.
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Re: The Saracens: Edgeless

Postby the lady warrior » Sat Apr 10, 2010 7:10 pm

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Re: The Saracens: Edgeless

Postby Dud » Wed Apr 14, 2010 9:33 pm

Thanks a lot lady warrior. As usual, your comment is appreciated, and your welcome for the mention. There will probably be a few more mentions of other fan-fic members, but they may be more obvious. :lol:

Anyway, next chapter. Gonna be honest here and say it's really long, but that's because it's like three mini-chapters that weren't big enough to be chapters in their own right. Also, this marks Edge re-appearance, and I figured he had to come back in style. 8)

May 29, 1978
12:08 pm

“...We find the defendant guilty.”

Edge had shook his head as the verdict was read out – he had spent weeks in the district jail for that? As the officers closed in with the handcuffs, the lawyer Edge had been given by the county had shook his hand.

“Well, Edge, I’m sorry,” Edge had made sure on day one that the guy always referred to him as Edge and not by his real name. “But if your story about corrupt police officers is to be believed, then I truly feel for you.”

The lawyer walked off as he was put into handcuffs. He had been screwed, majorly. Okay, so maybe he had done all the crimes he was on trial for, but the trial had not been fair at all. First of all, the Jones Street Boys had arranged for Harry’s arm to be put in a cast, and this was apparently the injury that Edge had caused when Harry had intervened on behalf of the owner of the liquor store on Jones Street when Edge was demanding protection payment from him. The owner of the liquor store had been happy to testify against him too.

When Edge had argued that he had not done the injury, and that Harry was also a gang member, the two pigs who arrested him declared that there was no such thing as the Jones Street Boys, and the only gang-related violence in the area was done by the Saracens. Edge’s claim of corrupt cops had been almost laughed off by the jury. 


That had been ten hours ago. Now Edge was sat on his bed as his cellmate – a guy called Chris who still maintained he was innocent, and hadn’t committed the fraud that had put him away for 6 months – stood at the bars yelling out.

“I’m innocent! Let me out!” He tried shaking the bars, but this was no high-budget action film, this was real life – the bars didn’t move an inch. A few yells of “Shut up!” and sick comments like “I’ll see you in the showers tomorrow, boy,” came back, and Edge figured it was time to control his cellmate.

Edge jumped down from his top bunk and touched Chris on the shoulder. “Hey, maybe it’s time you settled down.”

Chris ignored Edge and began jumping around a lot more. “I’ve done nothing wrong!”

Edge could take no more. He grabbed Chris around the neck from behind and pulled him over to the bottom bunk, before throwing him down and straddling him. Edge’s knees held Chris’ arms in place, and Edge placed one of his free hands over Chris’ mouth. Chris tried fighting back and even bit Edge, and a wave of anger flashed over Edge as he used his other free hand to give Chris a hard, back-hand slap.

“Now listen to me, you piece of crap,” Edge hissed. “I’m lookin’ out for you here; it’d be in your best interest to shut the hell up now. You’re gonna need all the help in the world to get through these six months, and unless you shut your mouth, I’m gonna make sure you do it alone. Got that?” The guy hesitated, and struggled again, before nodding – Edge was just too strong to overpower.

“Good,” Edge nodded. “Now get some rest. The first night is always the hardest – as soon as you know you can do one night in here, you know you can do six months.”

Edge climbed off Chris and the bed, before beginning to climb onto his top bunk. Just then a flashlight beamed over him and came to rest on Chris.

“You better shut up, boy,” The guard said sternly. “You’re aggravating the other inmates.”

“Don’t worry, I’ll keep him quiet.” Edge quickly replied.

The torch came to rest on Edge. “See that you do.” The guard said menacingly.

The guard moved on and Edge jumped up to his bunk. He laid his head down on the hard pillow and a few minutes later voice came from below him: “Hey, thanks.”

Edge didn’t reply – he was already asleep.


The sound of a baton on his bars woke Edge up, and he stared at the ceiling for a few minutes, before remembering where he was.

“Hey Chris, there’s one night down – the rest should be a breeze.” No reply came, and Edge leant down from his bunk, expecting Chris to still be asleep.

Chris wasn’t there.

Edge jumped down and headed to the bars. He couldn’t see any guards around, but he saw some hands poking out of the cell next to his.

“Hey.” Edge said, reaching his arm across the wall and touching the other cell’s bars.

“What?” A gruff voice replied.

“You know what happened to the other guy in my cell?”

“He was taken away last night,” The voice laughed. “Poor sweetheart wouldn’t shut up.”

Edge turned away from the bars and surveyed the room. Only now did he notice the drops of crimson on the floor and bottom bunk – blood.

“Goddamn,” Edge muttered. “How did I sleep through a beatin’ that bad?”

He didn’t expect a reply, but he got one, and it sent shivers down his spine:

“You’ll be surprised what you can sleep though in here, boy.” 
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Re: The Saracens: Edgeless

Postby the lady warrior » Wed Apr 14, 2010 9:42 pm

once agen you have wowed me edge brill chapter keep it up and i hope chris the bostrious cell-mate is ok!! :(
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Re: The Saracens: Edgeless

Postby nazzac » Fri Apr 16, 2010 7:28 pm

Brilliant mate.i'm hooked into this story now. Can't wait for the nest part :)
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Re: The Saracens: Edgeless

Postby Dud » Sat Apr 17, 2010 1:27 pm

Thanks a lot, both of you, comments like that are really appreciated. :D

Anyway, it's been a few days, so I figure it's time for the next chapter. Nothing too amazing, but I think this is one of those chapters that you're going to think back to later on in the story and go "Oh, so that's why Dud did that chapter." Enjoy anyway. 8)

June 3, 1978
12:35 pm

Edge was sat eating the mush the wardens called lunch. Seeing as he hadn’t found himself any allies, or jumped into any cliques, he was eating alone at the end of a table on the outskirts of the mess hall.

“You Edge?” An Irish voice said in his ear.

“Who wants to know?” Edge replied calmly, still looking forward and chewing his food. 

“No need to be so touchy,” The voice replied. “We’re merely here with an opportunity for you.”

“I’m not looking for any allies-” Edge began, but was cut off.

“Please,” The Irish guy scoffed as he walked around the edge of the table to sit across from Edge, a guy on either side of him. “We’re not here looking for an ally, we’re here on business. We’re the Gerards.”

“That much I assumed.” Edge finally swallowed the chewy food.

“Y’see, we run the import business in this wing. You need anything, we can get you it... for a fee, of course.”

“Somehow I doubt a poster of Jane Fonda will make the year go any quicker.” Edge replied dryly, getting another forkful of food.

“You’ll realise in a few weeks that you’re wrong, and when that time comes, I look forward to dealing with you.” The lead Gerard got up the leave, and although one of his cronies followed him, another waited behind and leant over the table to speak to Edge in a hushed manner.

“Hey, you see that guy over there?” The Gerard, who had an American, not Irish, accent, motioned over Edge’s shoulder. Edge didn’t move, however, until the Gerard made a second, more urgent gesture. “That’s Big Black Jack,” It was a big, black guy, followed by a whole entourage of mean-looking guys, who were also big and black. “You may wanna avoid him.”

“Thanks,” Edge nodded. “But I’m not scared of anyone.”

The Gerard hesitated for a moment, before turning and walking briskly to catch up with the other two. Edge chewed his food slowly and watched as Big Black Jack and his entourage of a dozen people walked past, before Jack quickly grabbed a scrawny white guy and held him up against the wall, demanding a ‘payment’ of some sort.

The result would be different if he did that to me, Edge thought, chewing on his food.
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Re: The Saracens: Edgeless

Postby the lady warrior » Sat Apr 17, 2010 4:00 pm

:lol: ooh edge isnt scared of nobody not even big black jack, yeah again you have wowed me with this chapter dud keep it up!! 8)
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Re: The Saracens: Edgeless

Postby Dud » Thu Apr 29, 2010 5:31 pm

Once again, thanks for that comment lady warrior, it is appreciated. :D

Anyway, sorry guys for making you wait almost 2 weeks for this chapter. Basically I've just been a little busy with my social and school life. Kinda busy this weekend, but I'll do my best to write some more chapters up. Got an idea of where I want the story to go from here, it's just a case of changing that idea into a good story.

Next chapter anyway, enjoy. 8)

June 10, 1978
2:20 pm

Edge was in the process of doing push-ups, completing the daily exercises he had set out for himself, which also included sit-ups, star jumps and squats, when a large shadow loomed above him. Edge quickly got to one knee and looked up to see Big Black Jack stood above him. Another big black guy stood behind him, leaning against the bars of his cell, whilst a third kept guard outside of the cell.

“Unzip me, white boy,” Big Black Jack demanded. Edge ignored him, and tried to get to his feet, but one of Jack’s hands came down and clamped down on his neck. “I said, unzip me, white boy.”

Edge slapped the large hand away angrily, before getting to his feet and squaring up to Jack. The top of Edge’s head just about reached Jack’s chin.

“You don’t wanna mess with me, honky.” Jack chuckled, but his chuckling soon stopped when Edge headbutted him in the chest.

A headbutt to the chest doesn’t do too much damage, but Edge risked damage to himself headbutting Jack’s chin, with all the teeth and hard bones in there. Still, the headbutt to the chest startled Jack, and allowed Edge the time to hit the big guy with a left hook, before following it up with a right hook, and a knee to the groin. Jack began falling forward, clutching his groin, but Edge grabbed his head and slammed it into the metal post of his bunk-beds. Jack fell back with a large gash in his head where it had hit the metal post; he was unconscious. The guy stood inside the cell looked warily at Edge, but he had just seen his leader toppled, he didn’t want any trouble.

“Get this piece of crap out of here.” He said to the guy, pointing to Jack, before sitting down on his bed and watching the guy carry out the task set before him. The third guy opened the cell doors, and as Jack’s two cronies carried him away they shot Edge some evil looks, which Edge ignored. He never fully understood why people thought that giving them evil looks would scare them...


Edge spent the next 20 minutes sat on his bed letting the adrenaline flow out of his body. He figured the quicker it passed through his system, the quicker he could get another rush of adrenaline if another punk came looking for trouble. A tap on the cell bars from a baton brought Edge out of this trance-like state, and he looked up to see a guard looking in with a frown on his face.

“What’s been going on in here?” The guard demanded.

“Nothin’, boss,” Edge shrugged. “Just a case of someone getting something they sorely needed.”

“Okay,” The guard nodded. “But if I get any more trouble from you, you’ll spend a week in solitary, got it?”

Solitary was when you were hurled into a bare room wearing a straight jacket, saw no natural light for a week and only got a bowl of gruel a day. Edge nodded, and he could have sworn that the guard had a smile on his face as he walked away.

“Hey,” Edge called, remembering something. “What happened to the other guy in the cell..?” He began, but trailed away as he realised the guard had moved on. Guess he was never gonna find out what became of Chris.
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Re: The Saracens: Edgeless

Postby Dud » Mon Jan 24, 2011 10:19 pm

Bump. Right, so it occurs to me that this is unlikely to ever get finished, which is a shame. However, I've got a number of chapters that I've typed out, so I figure I might as well post these chapters up and give everyone an idea of where the story was supposed to be headed.

Right, so we start with this one. This actually follows the last chapter, and probably would've been the next post. It just kicks off a small storyline in which I introduce a number of the Saracens that were introduced in the second part of Edge's Story. Enjoy.

June 20, 1978
5:28 pm

Mouse was sat on the middle sofa of the three set out in the centre of the hangout. On one side sat Petey and Big Jer, whilst Snakefingers was taking up the third sofa. Mouse had called the three most experienced Saracens after him over to have a little discussion of the gang’s affairs.

“Right,” He began. “So we know the deal with Edge. He went down the other day for a year.” Johnny the Snitch had come and let them know a few days ago.

“Man, that sucks.” Petey shook his head.-

“Tell me about it,” Mouse nodded. “But I think we should use this as an opportunity to expand and get ourselves on the map, big-time.”

“Sounds good,” Big Jer nodded. “What d’you have in mind?”

“Well, I figure we could do with getting in some new muscle, first of all,” Mouse spread his arms out wide. “If you look around, we’re gonna need a lot more guys if we hope to establish ourselves as a clique not to be messed with.”

“How ‘bout we hold some open trials for people to show us their stuff?” Snakefingers, who looked asleep, spoke for the first time.

“Exactly what I was thinking,” Mouse nodded. “We put up some posters around Bensonhurst telling people to come down to the fight pen if they want in. We then pit the guys against each other in one-on-one brawls and ask any good boppers if they want in.”

“Sounds good,” Big Jer said again. “I’ll get my kid bro to draw up a poster, and then we can get more copies printed off at that place a few blocks away.”

“Alright, cool,” Mouse said. “So it’s Monday, if we get these posters out by tomorrow, we can hold the try-outs over the weekend.”

“One question,” Petey raised his finger as to emphasise his point. “What about the Jones Street Boys? Don’t you think they’ll try and wreck this?”

“Don’t you worry, everything will be run as normal, except for guys like us, who’ll be overseeing the trials.” Mouse said reassuringly.

“Plus, if any JSBs come armying down here, I’m sure the guys who want in will be happy to help us fight them off.” Big Jer noted.

“Well, that’s all,” Mouse stood up as if to end the meeting. “Keep on your toes, and let’s really make an effort to get ourselves on the map before Edge gets out.” 
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Re: The Saracens: Edgeless

Postby Dud » Thu Jan 27, 2011 9:24 pm

Okay, so continuing with the posting of these chapters, here's the following chapter. It follows on from the previous chapter, and is the first night of the trails that were mentioned. It's pretty long, features quite a bit of action and introduces a few of the minor characters that came into Edge's Story towards the end. Enjoy. 8)

June 25, 1978
10:37 pm

It was the first night of the trials. The event had been set up to cover the whole weekend, starting on Friday evening, and going all the way through until Sunday afternoon.

Mouse and his panel of judges sat atop the construction box next to the fight pen where the fights would be happening. His fellow judges were Big Jer, Petey and Snakefingers; they would not be judging who won the fight, but instead, who was worthy of being a Saracen.

A relatively large crowd was outside the gate leading into the fight pen. Daz and Skipper were watching over this part of the operation, with Daz dealing with all the administrative stuff and Skipper providing the muscle, sorting out any punks didn’t control themselves whilst waiting.

“Now listen up,” Daz yelled across the crowd. Being in a black vest meant he quickly gained the attention – and respect – of the crowd. “You’ll be drawn out of the crowd at random – the match-ups will not be fairly chosen. The fights will go on until one of the participants is knocked down and cannot answer a ten count. There are no rules, feel free to use the environment to your advantage. You will be stopped on your way out if the panel of judges decide you are tough enough to run with us.”

Skipper then grabbed two guys out of the crowd, one of them a big black guy, and the other a hobo, before pushing them into the pen and slamming the gate closed after them.

“Okay, so who have we got in here?” Mouse asked from the building.

“I’m Jackson.” The black guy replied.

“...Terry.” The hobo said after a few moments, as he swayed on his feet.

“When you’re ready.” Mouse said, before stepping back and taking a seat next to the other three judges.

Jackson looked a bit unsure at first, not knowing if this hobo even knew where he was. He stepped forward, however, and tested the ice by hitting Terry in the temple with a right hook, before throwing a left shot into the hobo’s gut. Terry began falling back, and that probably would’ve been enough to put him down for the 10 count, but Jackson still grabbed Terry by the collar and hit him with a straight right. Jackson released Terry, and the hobo’s head hit the head with a loud thunk. No way could the hobo answer the 10 count, and as Skipper dragged Terry out of the pen as a quick discussion ended with the judges unanimously deciding that Jackson had enough to be a Saracen. Mouse relayed this to Little Jer, who was acting as a go-between for Mouse and Daz.

Daz stopped Jackson “Head on up to the hangout and find a guy called Arson – he’ll give you your vest,” Jackson beamed a smile and nodded. “Welcome to the Saracens.” Daz smiled and nodded back.


An hour later, and the whole process was getting pretty tiresome. Quite a few guys had been decided to be good enough to be a Saracen, maybe at a rate of one guy for every two fights held. A lot of the guys, however, were soft and – as said by Snakefingers – “would get the crap beaten out of them in a real gang brawl.” The judges had decided one more fight was to be taking place, and Skipper grabbed two more guys of out the crowd, both seemed to be average guys, but one of them was wearing a pair of glasses.

Skipper stopped him. “Glasses, really?”

“Oh yeah, forgot about those.” The guy laughed, before taking his glasses off and handing them to Skipper.

The guy walked in, and Daz turned to Skipper with a bewildered look on his face. “How does he intend to do that in a real fight?” Skipper could only shake his head in response. The two of them proceeded to rid the area of any remaining guys waiting to be pulled into the pen, telling the ones who complained that they could come back tomorrow. After clearing the area, they turned in time to see the guy – who had given his name as Lenses – knock his opponent out with a boxing-type duck-and-uppercut. Daz and Skipper had looks of shock as Lenses smirked in the centre of the pen.

Skipper was the first in the pen to drag the other guy out. “Holy crap man,” He gave Lenses a hard pat on the back. “Where did you learn to throw a punch like that?”

“Used to be an amateur boxer, but I had to give it up because of my eyesight.” Lenses reached out and took his glasses back from Skipper’s outstretched hand, before slipping them back on.

Mouse jumped down, followed by his judges, and also gave Lenses a pat on the back. “Well, no matter how bad your eyes are, you can run with us.” The rest of the judges jumped down, and the group headed in. “Now, let’s slap a black vest on you.”

“Don’t slap him too hard,” Big Jer quipped. “You’ve just seen how good this guy’s punches are.”
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Re: The Saracens: Edgeless

Postby the lady warrior » Fri Jan 28, 2011 10:49 pm

Yeah I really liked these chapters dud and for me personally your one of the many writers that can really set the scene as if it was a big gritty,cult movie which pulls you into the story quite a lot yur awesome and keep doom what your doin 8)
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Re: The Saracens: Edgeless

Postby Dud » Sun Jan 30, 2011 10:51 pm

Hey, thanks for that comment lady warrior. It's really appreiciated and I've returned the comment in your story. ;D

Right, so here's the next chapter. Part 2/3 of this whole trials thing, introducing some new soldiers. It gets kinda long, but just stick with it.

Also, there was supposed to be 3 of these trials, but I didn't really know what to do with the 3rd, so it was never written. I was thinking about having the JSBs come down and start fighting all these new recuits, but I could never really decide on an idea, so the next chapter will jump ahead quite a bit. But whatever, enjoy. 8)

June 26, 1978
11:29 pm

It was Saturday night, the second night of the trials. There had been just as big a turnout as last night, and the Saracens had managed to pick up a few more guys than the night before. It was nearing the end of the trials, however, and only four guys remained outside the pen. Daz and Skipper were sorting out the fights again, and the latter pulled two more guys from the crowd. One was short and stocky, whilst the other was tall and thin. One thing that made the tall guy stand out, however, was the fact he had a wooden 2x4 in his hands. Skipper let the other guy into the pen, but stopped the guy with the 2x4.

“No weapons.” Skipper told the guy.

“But you said there were no rules.” The guy complained.

“I said,” Skipper began, snatching the 2x4 off the guy. “No weapons. Now get in there.” Skipper gave the guy a push into the pen. Skipper dropped the 2x4 to the floor, before closing up the gate. The two guys stood opposite each other. The short, stocky one gave his name as Rocky, whilst the one who had been holding the 2x4 gave his name as Woody.

“Should’ve seen that name coming.” Daz rolled his eyes at Skipper, as Skipper nodded back.

Mouse called for the fight, and the two guys began circling each other. Rocky took a swing at Woody, but it was a slow swing, and Woody had time to duck out of the way, before bobbing back up and hitting Rocky with a straight jab to the face. A crack could be heard, and Rocky stumbled back, blood dripping from his nose. Woody was quite proud of himself, and cockily walked over to Rocky to finish him off. However, Woody’s cocky stride meant that Rocky managed to throw another punch. Again Woody showed great speed to move, as the punch just grazed his shoulder. Woody then tensed up, and bobbed on his feet for a moment, before spinning around, throwing his right foot up in the air, and flooring Rocky with a vicious roundhouse kick to the face. Another crack could be heard as the kick broke Rocky’s jaw and dislodged most of the teeth on his left side, and a thud soon followed this as Rocky’s unconscious head hit the ground.

“Holy crap,” Snakefingers called down. “Why didn’t you do that to him in the first place?”

Woody shrugged as he began blushing. “It’s never worked before – I usually end up on my ass when I try it.”

“Well it certainly worked that time,” Mouse called down. “Get yourself in there and grab a vest, Woody.”

Woody headed out of the pen with a smile on his face, as Skipper dragged the unconscious Rocky out of the pen, and Daz ushered the last two guys into the pen.

“Names?” Mouse asked from above.

“Murphy.” The first, an average-looking white guy replied.

“Wilson.” Replied the other, a tall black guy.

“Okay,” Mouse nodded. “When you’re ready.”

The two guys circled each other, and it was Murphy who made the first move, hitting Wilson with a right hook. Murphy tried to follow that up with a left hook, but Wilson ducked underneath Murphy’s swinging arm and took him down. Wilson began pounding on Murphy, but Murphy managed to wriggle out from underneath Wilson, and as Wilson tried to get to his feet, Murphy grabbed him by the head and kneed him in the head. Wilson fell to his feet and Murphy tried to finish Wilson off with a kick to the head, but Wilson showed great reflexes to duck out of the way. Murphy lost his balance after missing the kick, and Wilson used this to spear Murphy into the mesh fence of the pen, Wilson held Murphy by the throat and gave him a hard shot to the face, but when he went for a second punch Murphy managed to duck and Wilson slammed his fist into the fence. Wilson wheeled away holding his hand in pain, and Murphy jumped on him, before applying a headlock to Wilson. Wilson struggled for a few moments but it soon became apparent Murphy had the headlock tight. Wilson tried to swing for Murphy, but his punches fell limp. It looked like Wilson was close to passing out, and Mouse opened his mouth to call the fight to an end, but then Wilson grabbed the back of Murphy’s jeans and lifted him up, before planting him down of the ground. Murphy landed awkwardly on his neck and he lay still, and Wilson struggled to breathe and get up. All four guys from the top of the box jumped down, and Daz, Skipper and Little Jer joined them in the pen. Murphy let out a moan, so Big Jer and Petey helped him to his feet, whilst Skipper pulled Wilson up. Both of them needed supporting by Saracens as Mouse addressed them.

“Your fighting skills could do with work, but you guys certainly enjoy bopping, so I’m happy to give you guys vests... You both okay?” Wilson nodded, before heading for the hangout, and Murphy followed him, clutching his neck.

“Now those are guys who would die for us.” Big Jer said to Mouse as the rest of the guys headed in, and Mouse nodded his agreement.  
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