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Chapter 1: The Briefing

New York Police Department, March 1979

"Officer Kelly, please take a seat..." The chief motioned with his hand to the empty seat opposite him.

My name, is David Patrick Kelly and I'm an undercover cop for the New York Police Department, lately a lot of rumours have been spread around the city of New York. Whispers, of a revolution that could tear this city to pieces. The office I was in was that of Chief Norman Bates, he'd been taking the most shit from the media because of these rumours, as the chief usually did. How were the police going to fix it? Who were they getting on the case? How long did we have this information? Truth is we'd been trying to follow this information for a while, it's been in motion for a long time, though things have never gone up a gear, like they have now.

"David, I'm going to level with you..." The chief sighed "We're in the s**t! Word is spreading that the gangs of New York are planning something and we haven't got a damn clue what it is! The media got wind of this s**t and now they want answers! Answers I don't have!"

"What do you want from me chief?" I asked him, trying not to anger him.

"Dave...we've known each other for a long time right?" He asked as he poured himself a scotch

"Right...since the day you first started ruling this place..." I replied chuckling slightly to try and lift the tone in the room.

"Right...I'm not going to beat around the bush here Dave, we need an undercover guy...we need you."

"Me?" I asked genuinely surprised, I mean...I thought I was good. Hell, I KNEW I was good...but I was never dealt with the really exciting undercover stuff, racing circuits, drug rings, and the most important issue the police had decided to undertake...the gang crisis.

"Yes, you..." He told me downing his scotch and quickly pouring another one. "Think it's about time you got up into the big leagues Dave, but you can't f**ck this up! You understand that? Compromise this in any way Dave and it's both our asses on the line"

"Understood chief." I told him hastily, not wanting him to get any angrier

"Good...good, we're going to send you into a group, looking for members, shouldn't be too hard to join. The Rogues, working their way up the chain after this whole thing started working it's way through the grapevine. Weird bunch of guys. Tend to have a tendency to shoot first and ask questions later."

"What's my cover?" I asked him as he handed me a picture that had been taken on the group, all of them in their black jackets standing around by a graffiti'd hearse.

"Your name is going to be Luther, you were born and raised in the city and you can't stand the cops...and you're a loose of the character is yours to improvise." He reached into his draw and pulled out a revolver, handing it over to me.

"That's in case you need it...these guys are some really strange cats Dave, think you can fit in?" He asked with a raised eyebrow.

"If I can't you'll be the first to know." I replied taking the revolver and pocketing it.

" start today." He told me sitting down and returning to his paperwork, I was shocked and stood still, frozen for a moment.

"Today?" I asked him confused

"Today..." He repeated "Look, call me, you can relay info to me, I can relay info to you. That way we know you're safe and your cover isn't blown."

"How do I get to a phone if I'm with the gang?" I asked genuinely curious.

"Stay in character if you call us, that way we'll know you're with them...if they start asking questions, tell them it's an informant or something. Somebody powerful..."

"Somebody powerful..." I repeated, getting it into my head "Got you.."

"I expect to hear from you once you've gained your position in the group...head over to Hell's Kitchen. You'll find them there somewhere...take the train."
"Yes sir..." I left his office and got into my civillian clothes, making my way to the train station. I spent the time waiting for the train just thinking, thinking about how I was going to have to act, the things I might have to do...the people I might have to hurt. I had to get away from all that doubt. I had to get out of the mind of an officer and into the mind of a soldier in a gang.

I had to be a dark ruthless killer...I had to be Luther.

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Re: Luther

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Lol, interesting idea. Keep it going.

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