Tail of a new blood

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Tail of a new blood

Postby nazzac » Wed Sep 17, 2014 5:35 pm

Wow, it's been a long time since i was on this site. But i recently watched the movie and i have been looking at the old fan fics myself and others used to write on this site, and it's got me inspired to write another story. This will likely be my last one, and i hope you guys enjoy it.


Tail of a new blood

by nazzac

I don't know where to begin. I just found this notepad earlier today, and decided 'hey, lets record my life as a gang member'. I guess now the time has come to write, i don't know what to say..... I guess i can tell of how i became a member of a gang called The Warriors.

Growing up in Chicago was tough. My mum died whilst i was young, and my dad struggled to raise me and my 2 older brothers. Being an African American, it was tough, as i was a frequent target of racism and took plenty of beatings off white people. I was 10 years old when my dad eventually bit the dust. He struggled to look after us kids, and when he lost his job he reached his breaking point. He soon turned to drugs, and alcohol as an escape, but when he couldn't afford that, he got tied into all this shit with drug dealers and gangs. It eventually led to his suicide as he couldn't afford to repay the dealers he was buying from. I was put into foster care, and was given an education, a nice home and some nice parents in New York City. However, that wouldn't last too long either, as they ended up being murdered by a street gang. Unfortunately i didn't get the name of the gang that murdered them, but as i was 19 i was now on my own. My brothers went on to live a good life. One is an investment banker, whilst the other is a Elementary school teacher. I guess i didn't have the brains that my mum had like my brothers do. I turned my attention to fighting, where i trained for 3 years to become a pro boxer. But an altercation with some dickhead thief in the street earned me a jail sentence. I came out to absolutely nothing, and despite numerous cries for help, my brothers wouldn't help. I turned to street fighting to earn cash wherever i could, beating some ass and getting my ass beat. It was enough for me to get by i suppose i was able to get rooms in hotels and grab some food. I was spotted by Cleon when i fought this huge Latino dude, and knocked him unconscious. Apparently that guy was a gang member, with the Hurricanes or something, but that doesn't matter to me. He was just another victim. Cleon said he saw how well i could fight, and gave me a shot at joining his gang The Warriors. At first i wanted no part of it, as i hated the thought of becoming a part of what killed my foster parents. But what choice did i have? I could live a better life this way, rather than living on the streets fighting pussies for a living. I accepted Cleon's offer, and after going trough trials and tests to see if i am worthy of being a Warrior, i am now sat here in the hangout just a week into my new life as a Warrior.

I am hoping that someone will pick this up someday and give it a read. Because i intend to tell what this life is all about. The life of being a Warrior...


9 of our best guys have gone up to the Bronx for this big meeting, and still ain't back yet. Apparently the leader of the biggest gang in the city, called Cyrus or some shit, has called this meeting where all gangs will attend with 9 members and no weapons. Pfft, like anyone will keep up the truce, and there is little doubt that the cops will be all over it. I think this shit is just asking for trouble, but Cleon was insistent The Warriors should go. I can't help but feel that something bad is gonna come of this. It's a feeling i and some other guys share and can't shake off.
"Hey guys, come quick. We are on the radio" one of the guys just shouted. I guess i better go and check it out. I'll be back soon.....

So my fears have come true. Apparently one of our guys shot Cyrus, and now we have a bounty on our head. The hangout is going crazy. Everyone is shouting, you can barely pick out the individual voices. I just sit quietly in my corner writing in here because there is nowt else better to do. I don't believe that any of our guys would have shot Cyrus.... Maybe Ajax, but then again guns aren't his style. This stinks of bullshit to me, as i don't believe any of our guys have it in them to shoot the leader of the biggest gang in the city as it's just asking for trouble. I just sit here praying that all of them get back here alive, because not only will they have to contend with the cops, every gang in the city is now looking for them. The guys are now crowded around the radio awaiting updates, and i am gonna go join them. I can't get rid of the butterflies in my stomach, as i fear that we may not see them again... I seriously hope i am wrong.

The first update is in, and it looks like our guys might make it to union square station which is great news. They made it past the Turnbulls, and some pussy group called the Orphans. Maybe there is hope after all for us. Hopefully there are no casualties making it through the bronx.... Something must have happened, because the guys ran in to the Baseball furies. Damn, something must have happened to the train because they shouldn't have ran into those freaks. Luckily they dropped the ball, as the radio presenter put it. Shouldn't be too long before the guys are home now. Should be home free now!! I am off to sleep, goodnight....

I woke up to some good news. The guys are back.... well some of them. Unfortunately Cleon was killed the the Riffs amongst all the mayhem. Cleon looked out for me more than anyone here, and i am truly upset about this news. Cleon was the guy i looked up to, and it ain't gonna be the same without him. Fox was grabbed by a cop, as was Ajax. Damn, it seems like a lot of our identity is missing. Swann is now our warlord, and he's much different to Cleon. He is a lot quieter, and seems to think things through a lot more. He brought some chick back with him called Mercy, which i guess is good for him. He needs to lighten up a little haha. It turns out we wasn't responsible for the death of Cyrus, which i think is great news. No more bullseye on our backs. Turns out it was The Rogues that were responsible, and according the Swann the Riffs did a real number on them.

The guys went off to celebrate, but i couldn't. I can't get over the fact that Cleon is gone, and i can't party because of it. Luckily, i had someone in my corner. I was sat watching the guys have fun, when Snow came over and sat next me...
"What's up man, how come you ain't joining in with the rest of them?" He asked
I shook my head before replying "It just ain't right"
"I get it. Cleon was like a big brother to you. He looked after you when you first joined our group, and you looked up to him." Snow said
"Yeah, i don't feel like we should be celebrating when our leader has just been killed and 2 of our guys are in jail. It just ain't right." I said before putting my head in my hands.
"I understand man, but think about it. Would any of those guys want you to just sit there and drown your sorrows this way?" Snow said assertively before taking a sip of his beer. "No they wouldn't" he added. "They would want you to join in with the rest of the guys and have some fun. You can't just sit here feeling sorry for them."
I nodded, but i didn't really agree. Maybe it's just the way i am but i don't think the same way as many of the other guys. This isn't a time for a party in my opinion. But Snow continued...
"I remember one time me and Cleon were on Boppers turf, trying to get something back that they stole from us. 4 of us went, and only us 2 were left to get this thing back you know. One of our guys got killed, whilst the other got arrested, but we still got to get this thing back. We were waiting until their hangout cleared a little before making a move. Whilst we were waiting, he said something that still sticks with me. 'If something was to happen to me, i don't want no mourning. I don't want anyone upset, especially my girl. I want you guys to remember what i did during my life, especially as a Warrior. It is worth celebrating, not crying over. Life goes on, and as life goes on so will The Warriors, with or without me'. So you see, Cleon wouldn't want to see you like this. If he was watching you right now, he'd give you a kick up the ass and tell you to join in man. So come on. Celebrate what he and the others lived for"
My opinion on the situation suddenly changed. If That's what Cleon wants, then i suppose i better get off my ass and join in the fun, but one thing was still rattling my mind.
"Ok, but what about Lincoln?" I asked him. "Has anyone broke the news?"
"Swann has headed out there to do it now" Snow replied
"Man, i bet she'll be devastated"
Snow gave me a friendly slap on the back before getting up and rejoining the party. I sat to write this in my book, and am just gonna join now
"Hey Cruise, get your ass over here. I saved you a bear" Cochise shouted.
That's my cue to go.
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Re: Tail of a new blood

Postby nazzac » Thu Sep 18, 2014 1:18 pm

Wow, i got to say, WHAT A NIGHT!!!! I spent all of yesterday recovering from it, so i couldn't write in here. I hung with Snow mainly, as it kinda feels he's taking over Cleon's role of looking after the new guy. He introduced me to a few of the guys i hadn't really had a chance to speak to, and all of them seemed cool. I spoke to the graffiti guy, Rembrandt. He told me of how difficult it was for him when he first started, and that he still can't fully get used to it all. They were also filling me in about the night of the conclave, and all the shit they went through. Damn, it seemed tough, and it also looks like we still got some guys possibly hunting for us. I guess business ain't finished with the Baseball freaks, and the Punks. Yesterday was pretty much a nothing day, barring one significant change. Swan called for a meeting inside the hangout. We all gathered around the pool table in which he stood on, looking tall and commanding. I haven't spoke much to Swan, but i know enough about him to say that he will lead us well. Cleon made a good choice
"Settle down Warriors" He shouted with authority. He had the respect of everyone in the room, so we all stopped talking.
" A lot of shit went down recently, and unfortunately Ajax and Fox were taken by the cops. But an even bigger loss is Cleon's death. With that, i have become the new warlord of The Warriors on Cleon's request. But that isn't why i called you around here. We need a new warchief. A person to fill my old position, and be 2nd in command of this group. To step up if something happens to me. And after careful thought, i have chosen Snow to take that position."
Everyone claps for Snow, who is our new warchief. Personally i think it's a great decision as i think he's got the leadership qualities, and the discipline for this role. Plus he deserves it, as he has been here since the very start. The rest of the day, i spent most of it nursing a banging headache from the night before. I woke up today, and there is something going down on our turf. I have been left here to guard the hangout, but Swan, Cochise, Vermin and a few other guys have gone to see to this business. Now i just sit here with Snow next to me, talking about all sorts. But what i really want to know, is what's happening out there?

I picked my turn to ask him. After a brief talk about the conclave, i finally asked
”So what’s going on. What has gone down on our turf?”
”We busted some heads on our way back from the Bronx. No matter whether the bounty on our heads is there or not, there will still be gangs out there after us.” He replied before taking a sip of the drink he had with him. I got curious to know who exactly will be after us, because there are some heavy outfits in the city. I had a rough idea from what i been told by the guys, but i wanted to know for sure who it was.
”So who is it then? I am guessing some army has marched on our territory” I asked. Snow looked around to see if anybody was in listening distance. He then turned to me...
”Swan doesn’t want anyone to know, but one of our guys got taken out by The Punks last night. Scout found Damien with multiple stab wounds this morning. Above his dead body there was a Punk’s tag. They certainly wanted to let us know it was them.” Snow said softly. I had to take a few seconds to take all of it in. Scout is our new scout after Fox got taken by the cops. Fox took him under his wing and taught him everything he knew. Damien was a warrior, always keeping watch during the night. He was a big guy, and very handy with his fists, unfortunately it looks like he was outnumbered.
”What now?” I asked Snow
”Swan has gone to check it out with some of our guys. They will be checking to see if there are any remaining Punks on our turf.”
”I doubt it” I replied
”Yeah, they most likely gone back to their turf. Wouldn’t shock me if this shit is on the radio soon enough. Swan doesn’t want anybody to know until it’s fully confirmed. He doesn’t want a frenzy.”
I nodded in agreement. We both took a sip of our drinks before continuing our conversation about all the different gangs in the City. Being a Warrior since the beginning means he knows his shit, and i got a lot of useful information about the different gangs within the City. We were then interrupted when the door opened in our hangout, and an exasperated Vermin came charging in. He ran straight over to where me and Snow were sat.
”Snow, come quick.” He said whilst gasping for breath “Swan needs you”. Snow quickly got up and started to head for the door. He then stopped and turned back at me
”Well, aren’t you coming kid?” he asked. I allowed a little smile to creep on to my face as this was the first real action i was about to encounter as a Warrior. I quickly got up and followed Snow and Vermin out of the door....
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Re: Tail of a new blood

Postby nazzac » Fri Sep 19, 2014 11:00 am

We darted down every alleyway as quickly as we could, Vermin leading the way. I was just thinking of what possibly could have happened? Is Swan in trouble, has something gone down, or what? I had all sorts of different scenarios running through my head, each of them getting worse and worse every time. I could feel the sweat rushing down my body as i was gasping for air. This was the longest i had ran for a long time.
”This way!! shouted Vermin who then proceeded to scale a chain linked fence that lead to a back alley behind the Liquor store. Me and Snow followed, trailing through all the trash on the floor. We turned a corner, and there they were. 5 of our guys standing over 2 wasted bodies. Swan was in the middle, now on one knee surveying what had happened. I looked over and saw David and Bret lying there in a pool of their own blood. Both appeared to have been beaten and stabbed. Swan got up and turned to face me and Snow
”2 of them are still in the wind” He said softly before turning his attention to me.
”What’s with the kid?” he asked Snow with a puzzled look on his face.
”He’s good” Snow replied in his typical monotone voice. “He needs to get out sometime”
Swan then looked back at me, and nodded at me. I didn’t know what else to do so i nodded back at him. He then turned back to Snow.
”So what happened?” Snow asked whilst looking down on the 2 dead bodies.
”We split into 2 groups. Cochise, Vermin, David, Bret and Razor, the rest with me. We surveyed the area for those Punks, but we didn’t run into any. We were heading to our meeting point when Vermin came running towards us. 2 of our guys had been wasted, whilst Cochise and Razor were nowhere to be found” Swan explained
”It was fucking crazy.” Vermin said, still clearly rattled by what happened
”So what do we do now?” Snow asked, still acting his usual cool self.
”We got look for them” Swan answered sternly.
”There were over 10 of those guys” Vermin said. “They’ll still be here so we better stick together”
Swan nodded in agreement before saying “Come on this way”. We all followed Swan, stepping over the dead bodies of our soldiers. I stuck close to Snow and Swan as i know they can handle themselves really well if something was to go wrong. We searched everywhere, down every street, every alleyway for Cochise and Razor, but there was no sign. We then headed for the only place they could possibly be in Coney. Under the board-walk. We all walked over together, carefully looking around to spot any potential danger from either cops or other gangs. We edged ever closer to the place, but then i heard a soft voice
”Hey, guys” Said this voice. I double take, not being 100% sure that i have heard this voice. But i hear it again.
”Hey, over here” it said, even louder this time. I looked over to where the voice was coming from, and saw Cochise sat leaning against a barrel. As i walked over i could see he was holding his ribs, clearly in pain, and he had blood gushing out of a cut just above his eye. His nose also looked busted. He clearly had taken a bit of a beating.
”Are you ok man” I said, crouching down to his level surveying the wounds.
”I’m good” He said, before letting a little smile of relief creep on to his face
”Hey guys, over here!!” I shouted towards the group. They had already stopped, and were on their way over when i called. Swan pushed me aside and started checking on Cochise.
”Where you hurting?” He asked whilst pulling a rag out of his pocket to clean the blood off his face.
”My face, my ribs, everywhere man” Cochise replied, before letting out a small giggle
”Stay strong, we are gonna fix this” Swan told Cochise who nodded back at him
”What happened?” i asked Cochise
” Me and Razor managed to get out of the beating” He said, before letting off a groan because of the pain. “We ran, but Razor had a gash on his leg, and couldn’t make it. I kept running, so i don’t know what they did with him. But they went by here not 5 minutes a go, looking for the rest of us. I was hiding, so i wasn’t spotted”
”Fuck” I heard a voice say behind me
Myself, and Swan helped Cochise to his feet. He rested on our shoulders whilst we turned to head back to the hangout and get him some treatment. We only managed to turn around before we saw around 15 punks stood, staring at us. One of them stepped forward, holding a switch blade in his hand.
”Do you Warriors think we were gonna let you off for what you did to us in the Subway?”
I froze, looking straight ahead of me towards those Punks. From what i managed to gather there were 14 of them all stood in a line. You can see the bruises and cuts they sustained when our guys kicked their ass in the subway. I turned to Swan for some direction, but he just stood staring coldly towards their leader. He pulled a switch knife of his own from his back pocket. The Punk’s leader then laughed.
”I think that belongs to me” He said before giggling to himself.
”New Blood, get Cochise away” He said to me. I nodded, and helped Cochise get to a safe place. We brushed past some Warriors, and i felt a pat on my back as we made our way through. I carried Cochise to an alleyway behind a laundrettes.
”Stay here, i’ll be back. I promise” I said to him. He smiled at me
”I’ll hold you to that” He said to me before laughing to himself. I smiled back at him
I quickly rushed back to the where our guys were, knowing that it will kick off. Luckily by the time i got back, they were still staring each other out.
”Come and get it” Swan said aggressively. I don’t know what he had to come and get, but the fight was on...
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Re: Tail of a new blood

Postby nazzac » Fri Sep 19, 2014 3:20 pm

The 2 gangs charged at each other. I went for the first Punk that came to me, and it happened to be the biggest. He towered over me, and weighed about twice as much. I tried bringing him down to my level by going after his body, but i was soon brought into a grappling exchange. He picked me up and threw me straight to the ground, hurting my back. He tried getting on top of me, but i was able to kick him straight in the gut and get back to my feet. We then exchanged punches to the face, which got me cut right above my left eye. He swung with a right hook that i managed to duck out of the way of, and land a nice right hand to his stomach. I then hyper extended his knee with an oblique kick, which sent him crying to the floor in pain. I then got on top in a mount position and landed 2 blows to his face which knocked him senseless. I was then hit in the back of the head by something, which dazed me pretty bad. I was laid on my back looking up at a Punk who was about to strike me with this plank of wood, but Swan came to my rescue, knocking the wood out of his hand and knocking him out with a straight punch to the face.
”Get up kid” He said to me whilst extending his arm to me. I grabbed it and Swan helped me back to my feet. I was still slightly dazed by the blow i took, but i had enough sense to help one of my fellow Warriors who was getting beaten on by a Punk. I grabbed a hold of his neck and broke it, killing him instantly. I helped The Warrior back to his feet, before turning round to survey the field. It looked like we had the upperhand on them, and it was time to put them away. But i heard a voice scream “Cops!”
I turned around to see a squad car pull up right next to the brawl. My first instinct was to run, so i ran in the direction of where i left Cochise. Everybody in the fight tried to scatter, but unfortunately i saw one of our guys get busted when i looked back. I saw a few Punks get arrested too, but most of our guys and their guys managed to get out of their, but the police were still in pursuit. I was alone, as i was the only one to head straight in that direction towards Cochise. Everybody else took off the other way, towards the hangout. I quickly ran to the back alley where i left Cochise, constantly looking behind me to see if any cops were following, but luckily they were more occupied by the others. I reached the back alley, where i left Cochise, but i saw no sign of him.
”Cochise” I said rather quietly, hoping no cops will hear me. I got no answer
”Cochise!” i said even louder. This time there was a response.
”In here” I heard a voice say behind me. I turned around and could only see a dumpster parked next to the back door of the Chinese food place. I opened the dumpster to find Cochise inside.
”Help me out man” he said, so i grabbed his hand and pulled him out of the empty dumpster.
”What the fuck you doing in there?” I asked him, before looking side to side to see if anyone had heard us.
”I heard cops coming, so i had to do something” He replied before adding. “What happened back there?”
”There was a brawl, some of them guys got wasted, and one of our own got busted by the cops.”
”Where’s the others?” He asked
”They took off in the other direction, so it’s just me” I said whilst surveying the alley to find the best exit.
”Damn man, you’re bleeding pretty good” Cochise said as i continued to look around.
”Yeah” i answered without really paying any attention to the cut. “We need to get back to the hangout”
”Yeah right” He answered.
”Which is the best way. I don’t know these streets as well as you do” I said in a joking tone
”Follow me” he said before laughing a little to himself.
We headed down the opposite way in which we came, well aware that we will have to look out for cops and Punks. We reached the end of this alleyway, and had to turn a corner. I peeped round the corner and noticed a cop heading towards us.
”Shit, there’s a cop” I whispered to Cochise.
”What do we do now?” He asked back quietly. I nodded towards the back doorway of a shop, where we hid ourselves the best we could. It seemed like an age before the cop walked by. Luckily he seemed distracted by his own whistling so he didn’t turn to notice us hugging the backdoor of a shop. I quietly stepped out of the door way and sneaked up behind the cop. I quickly put him in a choke hold, coving his mouth with my hand so he couldn’t cry out for help. I could feel my heart pounding a million miles an hour, but eventually he went to sleep. I pulled him up by the dumpster next to the doorway and took off his uniform, so he isn’t recognised as a cop. I took his handcuffs, keys and nightstick, and gave them to Cochise.
”Hold these” I said whilst handing them over to him.
”What you thinking?” He asked curiously.
I started putting on the cops uniform i had taken off him before explaining what my plan was.
”The cops are out there looking for gang members. If i dress as a cop then i am disguised, and i can make my through un noticed. As for you, you are in my custody, and i am taking you to the station. Perfect disguise to get us back to the hangout” I explained to Cochise, who then laughed.
”Man you are a genius” He said before continuing to laugh. He then clutches his ribs in pain.
”I have my moments” i said sarcastically before putting Cochise in the handcuffs.
”Lets go” i said, before leading Cochise down the back alley. We follow the dark alleys until we got back on to the main streets. We weren’t too far from the hangout at this point, but there was a problem.
”What have you got here officer?” I heard a voice ask. I looked ahead to see another cop walking towards us.
”Keep calm” I whispered to Cochise, whilst trying to figure out what to say to get out of this...
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Re: Tail of a new blood

Postby nazzac » Wed Sep 09, 2015 9:13 pm

I looked left and right for an exit. Surveying the field was something that Cleon taught me when I first became a Warrior. I looked everywhere but there was nowhere to turn, no escape.
“Just some low ridden scum” I replied to the officer who was now within reaching distance of us.
The officer looked middle aged, at least in his 30’s, so I knew he had spent a fair amount of time in the force. He looked at Cochise with disgust from head to toe before turning to me. My heart was racing and I could feel the sweat dripping down my face. The officer had a puzzling look on his face, he could tell something was up.
“What’s wrong kid?” He asked.
I searched in my head for an answer but I had lost my brain in the moment
“Erm, erm, nothing” I replied in haste
“Are you sure about that?” The cop asked. “You look like you have seen a ghost.”
“It must be all the thugs running around.” I answered. “You know they are dangerous, you got to watch your back, especially down these streets.”
The cop’s facial expression made it seem like he was satisfied with the answer. I was hoping he would move us a long, but he just stood there staring at us. I could not waste no more time with this pig, I had to get us out of here.
“I need to get this thug to the car.” I said nervously. “There are more of them back there. We can’t let them get away.”
The cop nodded and stepped out of the way to let us pass. I was relieved and took a deep breath as my heart rate dropped. But we weren’t quite clear yet.
“Hey kid!” The pig shouted. I turned to face him and this time he had his flashlight pointing in my face. It was blinding so I put my hand over my eyes.
“Yeah.” I replied, trying to not give the game up.
“What’s your name?” He asked. “I have never seen you around here before.”
My head scrambled for a name to pull out of thin air. ‘Jackson, Smith, Johnson, Woods, Johnson!’
“Johnson.” I replied. There was a long pause which probably was a matter of seconds but felt much longer. I had a strong feeling he had cottoned on to what we were doing, but my fears were dashed when he lowered his light and turned in the other direction.
“Take that scum to the car and I will see you around kid.” He said whilst walking off in to the shadows. I took another deep breath before ushering Cochise down the back alley.
“Man that was too close.” Cochise said before letting out a little giggle. “You deserve an award for that. Why you apart of The Warriors when you could easily become a Hollywood star or something?” he jokingly asked before continuing to laugh to himself. I personally did not see the funny side.
“Keep it down man” I told him. “We aren’t out of the woods yet. There could be cops around any corner.” I was still tense and nervous but we were not far from the hangout. We turned back down another back alley which Cochise said was a shortcut. I could feel the sense of danger decreasing the further we got away from the board-walk. CRASH!! I felt a bottle smash the back of my head. I crumbled down in pain, but there was no rest for this attacker. He kicked me and kicked me until I heard Cochise shout “What the hell Vermin. It’s Cruise man!!” The beating soon stopped as Vermin stepped away from me. I was winded and trying to get my breath back. I coughed a few times before Vermin piped up.
“Sorry man, I didn’t know it was you. But what the fuck are you dressed like a cop?!?” He asked.
“Long story.” I replied faintly, still trying to recapture my breath.
“I am glad I have found you guys. Shit got crazy. We need to get back to the hangout.” Vermin added and I nodded in agreement.
“The cops are back there man so get the fucking uniform off!” He demanded, and who was I to say no. I removed the uniform and un-cuffed Cochise. We followed Vermin’s lead and headed towards the hangout. There was a sense of danger around every corner but we made it back safely. We quickly burst in the door and all eyes turned on us.
“Shit!” I heard a voice shout.
“What the fuck happened?” Another voice asked, but I was too fucked to answer. I went and sat at the nearest chair to get some rest. I was fucked, and I still couldn’t believe what had gone down. Vermin took Cochise to get checked out. I still had blood dripping down my head and clearly needed attention, but I wasn’t thinking about that. The room was still in silence, and I could feel their eyes beaming right at me. I could not be assed dealing with that shit so I looked up right at them.
“What the fuck you lot staring at?” I asked them. They all slowly turned away and got back on with what they were doing. I sat and went over in my mind what had happened. But it soon dawned on me… Where are the rest of the guys?
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