Sol Yurick

Discuss the novel by Sol Yurick upon which the movie is based.
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The Fox
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Sol Yurick

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O.K a lot of us have ploughd through the book and Harley has given us her take on The Bag but, has anyone ever gone to the trouble to read any of his other books?

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Re: Sol Yurick

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Honestly, I dont think I would. Sol himself, tries to make himself sound and appear smarter. By reading his prelude in the Warriors, I just got a feeling that he himself is a snob.

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Re: Sol Yurick

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Plus most of his writing is hard to find since it's usually out of print.  I don' know if he's done anything new lately. 

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Re: Sol Yurick

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Its the little things that bug me about sol. In one interview, he says the only thing he really likes about the movie is when his name appears on screen. That just makes him sound like a jerk. Without this movie, his book wouldnt have had so many reprints and less people would know who sol is. He ought to be gratfull for the attention and money this film has made him.

I can understand him not wanting to have his story changed, but im glad it happened.

The book starts off well, but towards the end, the standard of story telling drops. Particually the part where he bangs on about what food is being bought and consumed at the subway station. It comes across as a school essay homework project.

How lame would the film be if it stuck exactly to the book and instead of luther getting his comeuponce, swans equivelent charector just goes home and sucks his thumb.

Kudos to walter for seeing the potential in an average book and turning it into an exallent film.
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Re: Sol Yurick

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Didn't Larry Gordon find the book/

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Re: Sol Yurick

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Yea, Larry Gordon found the book and brought it to Wallter Hill. I've tried to find one of Yurick's novels called Fertig, but I haven't had any luck. It sounds pretty interesting from the synopsis on the back of The Bag, but my hopes aren't to high after reading The Bag. I've only read the first 35 pages and already it's hard to care about the rest of the story
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Re: Sol Yurick

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my older brother read fertig and used to re tell it to me as a story when i was younger, i dont remember much about it, but i wish i could find a copy of it to read for myself.
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