The Warriors VideoGame

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The Warriors VideoGame

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Searched, and File Not Found... so...
I was re-playing The Armies of the Night, and I wondered: What if they had made (and why didn't they make), during the 80s/90s, an Arcade Version or a PC Version of The Warriors? Do you rem the Fab "Penny Arcade"? Yeah, all of you "old" (like me :D) guys do!!!
Would The Rock* Game of been different, and also what all of us think about it?
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Re: The Warriors VideoGame

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Im in the coin operated video game biz and I wish they would have made a coin op arcade version of the Warriors 8) After Columbine there was a move against violent video games. Most all gun games and fighting games like Tekken and Mortal Kombat came under fire. Pressure groups and politicians atacked these games and used them as a scapegoat for all school shootings. It was easy for a pressure group to tell a business that they would boycott or create a fuss at there business if they didnt do what they wanted :evil:

The business would then tell the vendor to remove the voilent game(s)  The vendor would stop buying violent video games and the factory would cut back on making them.  I operated several Carnevil games when they came out and remember there always being a fuss about them  wherever they went.

The best chance at ever having a Warriors coin op game made would be to go to and request it. You never know? If enough people ask for it?   

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Re: The Warriors VideoGame

Post by Cowboy606 »

if armies of the night ever did become an arcade, how awesome would it be to buy it and have it in your room?
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Re: The Warriors VideoGame

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Yeah, they could make that game! Arcade - Armies of the Night. Who knows, one day maybe they'll make it. Heh, to come inside some bar in your town and see The Warriors arcade game it would be so awesome!

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Re: The Warriors VideoGame

Post by Akash »

This is exceptionally pleasant and not too bad shook posting it....thanks a great deal for posting it....!!

Awesome...!! :geek: :geek: :geek:

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Re: The Warriors VideoGame

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Thank god for spammers keeping this site alive!
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