One of Walter Hill’s first breakthroughs with the movie was to speak to Bobbie Mannix (pictured below) and get the costume organised. Hill encouraged her to bring in designs that were strange and encouraged her to go further with them. This was difficult for Mannix as she had not lived in a neighbourhood with gangs. Hill had given her a list of all the names of the gangs he had created and asked her to produce designs. She did this by separating the designs by colour, and then creating ideas from there painting patches in different colours. The Warriors Costume department was headed up by Mannix but the embroidery itself was all done by hand by a famous embroiderer from England called Rose Clements.

The Warriors Movie Site - Bobbie Mannix

Mannix had to separate each Warrior, using their names to create their own personalities and individuality. Hill worked with her to create the look and feel of the movie. Here is a selection of some of their designs for the movie.

Savage Huns Costume

This Savage Hun costume was on display in a special exhibition in the New York subway which featured movies that were based around the subway. The plaque that accompanied the costume is shown below (complete with spelling and factual errors).

The Warriors Movie Site - Costume
The Warriors Movie Site - Costume