The Warriors Movie Site has interviewed several members of the cast and crew of The Warriors which provide some insight into the movie’s production. Choose one of The Warriors interviews from the list below.

David Patrick Kelly

The Warriors Movie Site - David Patrick Kelly

David Patrick Kelly has “come out to play” and has been kind enough to answer many interesting questions for The Warriors Movie Site about his role as Luther.

Roger Hill

The Warriors Movie Site - Roger Hill

Can you dig it? Roger Hill who played the leader of The Riffs – Cyrus, has given an exclusive interview with The Warriors Movie Site about his part in the movie.

Tom McKitterick

The Warriors Movie Site - Tom McKitterick

The legend that is Tom McKitterick – who played Cowboy in The Warriors, answers a few questions about the movie and what he is up to now.

Joel Weiss

The Warriors Movie Site - Joel Weiss

Joel Weiss was Luther’s right hand man in The Warriors. This fascinating interview with Joel reveals some interesting behind-the-scenes facts from the movie.

Irwin Keyes

The Warriors Movie Site - Irwin Keyes

Irwin Keyes played the cop who clubbed Ajax in the park right after he got handcuffed to the bench. This short interview offers a small glimpse into the making of the movie.

Steve Chambers and Leon Delaney

The Warriors Movie Site - Steve Chambers and Leon Delaney

Steve Chambers and Leon Delaney both played Baseball Furies and offer this extensive insight into how the infamous Baseball Furies scenes were made.

David Holden

The Warriors Movie Site - David Holden

David Holden edited The Warriors and tells us his stories about editing the movie and the cutting room floor in this exclusive interview with The Warriors Movie Site.

Other Interviews

Originally published in Issue 26 of FADER Magazine, The FADER have published their excellent article of The Warriors on the web here. The article features some great photos and interviews.

The Warriors Movie Site - LOOK Magazine
The Warriors Movie Site - Mass Appeal Magazine
The Warriors Movie Site - Uncut Magazine

The Spring 2005 edition of LOOK magazine published a great five page feature on The Warriors. There’s some great quotes and an interview with Sol Yurick (Author), Walter Hill (Director), Lawrence Gordon (Producer), Frank Marshall (Executive Producer), Michael Beck (Swan), Deborah Van Valkenburgh (Mercy), David Patrick Kelly (Luther) and Tony Scott (who at the time was Directing the reboot). In addition there are some great photos of Michael Beck, James Remar, David Patrick Kelly and Lynne Thigpen 26 years after The Warriors was released.

Interest in The Warriors was once again shown in March 2005. This time it came in the form of a three page article in Uncut Magazine. The main feature of the article was the “Where are they now” section.

Mid-2005 saw an article come from Mass Appeal Magazine which shared the views of different people on the movie. These ranged from a whole plethora of music artists, to the president of Mezco Toyz, and myself!