New Book About The Warriors Coming Soon

Can You Dig It: The Phenomenon of The Warriors is the latest book, soon to be released, by Sean Egan. The book covers the making of The Warriors starting from its origins in the novel by Sol Yurick through to the making of the movie and its subsequent impact as a cult movie in pop culture.

The book provides plenty of first-hand insight from the cast and crew as to how the movie was conceived, filmed and received making it a must have for all fans of The Warriors.

Details on the release will be provided shortly. Stay tuned boppers!

Warriors actors star in new movie Real Outlaw MC Bikers

Indie film maker Eric Spade Rivas is presenting a showing at the Hells Kitchen NYC Festival of new film Real Outlaw MC Bikers on January 18th 2020 at 10PM.

The movie features Dorsey Wright, who played Cleon in The Warriors alongside fellow Warriors actor Apache Ramos and Brian Tyler who played Snow.

You can check out more in this article from Patch and you can also book tickets to attend the film festival showing here.

The Warriors turns 40!

Today The Warriors turns 40 as it was on this day back in 1979 that The Warriors was released in theatres in the United States. The fact that interest in the movie is as strong today as it was back then truly confirms that The Warriors is one of the greatest cult movies of all time.

The Warriors Movie Site - Production Photo

We all know the story but what is it specifically about The Warriors that makes it so enduring to viewers of all ages including many, like myself, who are under 40 and were not even born when the movie came out? I can recall the first time I watched the movie and found it an irresistible mix of colourful gangs, a gritty urban setting, an easy to follow and compelling plot and a desire to see The Warriors survive after being falsely accused of a crime they did not commit. That makes The Warriors a great film and an enjoyable watch but it doesn’t necessarily make it a cult movie warranting dozens of rewatches over many years so what is it exactly that gives this movie a bigger following than many others? I wanted to take this opportunity to share my thoughts.

40 years later The Warriors remains a truly unique and abstract movie that has been parodied in everything from music to The Simpsons. Think of Cyrus’ speech, the Baseball Furies and Luther clinking his bottles and you can see dozens of references to these three things alone which is testament to how visually striking and memorable the movie is. You could freeze pretty much any frame of the movie and know that you were watching The Warriors. The movie is as much iconic as it is cult.
The Warriors vs The Simpsons

The Warriors also holds a special place in the hearts and minds of many people for its portrayal of brotherhood, friendship and camaraderie. If you haven’t seen Director Walter Hill’s movie Southern Comfort, which was released 2 years after he released The Warriors, then I highly recommend it as it continues that theme of kinship and fraternity. I truly believe that one of the greatest draws to The Warriors is that sense of friendship and belonging which so many people desire. Perhaps in the greatest nod to this aspect of The Warriors which I don’t think gets the recognition it deserves are the countless encounters that I have seen online of how the fans themselves are a kind of global community of ‘Warriors’ who are there to support each other, and even raise financial support, at a time of need for other fans. For me this is perhaps the biggest, and most positive, impact of The Warriors and one I am truly grateful to have supported.

The Warriors Movie Site - Production Photo

May I take this opportunity to personally thank all the cast and crew and everyone who made The Warriors for without you many millions of people would have not found a movie that they have found entertainment and comfort in. May it continue to bring joy to people and inspire many a halloween costume for years to come!

Warriors fans going to the conclave in 2015.

UK Conclave: The Write-up

Last weekend something amazing happened – the first convention held in the UK dedicated to The Warriors. It was a long time coming but boy was it worth it. Over two days fans from across the UK came together to celebrate The Warriors. In fact, I met people from Australia, Colombia and Spain to name just a few places so people had travelled a long way to be there.

The Warriors Movie Site - UK Conclave

One of the highlights of the event was the opportunity to meet seven cast members. These were Michael Beck (Swan), David Harris (Cochise), Thomas G Waites (Fox), Terrence Michos (Vermin), Dorsey Wright (Cleon), Brian Tyler (Snow) and Konrad Sheehan (Punk’s Leader). The guys were fantastic and those that I spoke to really enjoyed being in the UK meeting fans. You really got to spend a lot of time with them including a chance to “meet & greet” the cast in the bar over a beer where they were more than happy to pose for photos, answer questions and sign autographs.

Another highlight of the event were the Q&A panel sessions. I went to all of these and whilst they did get a bit repetitive for those of us who were there all weekend with the same questions being asked, it was interesting to get confirmation from David that The Warriors did fight other gangs and that the footage never made it into the film (possibly the Savage Huns). Konrad also confirmed that his initial costume was leopard-print (which can be seen being worn by someone else in the conclave scene) and Brian talked about how they got paid extra to film the scene with the exploding car due to the extra danger – which turned out to be quite dangerous since too much explosive had been added with people apparently getting injured or knocked off their feet due to the blast. It’s these snippets of information that super fans like me love!

The Warriors Movie Site - UK Conclave

In the main hall there were a wide range of vendors selling photos, t-shirts, vests and amazing original artwork. One or two people even got Warriors tattoos which looked cool (even if tattoos are not for me personally!). Having the soundtrack on in the background would have been a nice touch to add to the atmosphere.

The Warriors Movie Site - UK Conclave

There were some brilliant arcade machines where people could play the video game and quite a few people came in costume. Whilst there were many in Warriors vests, I did see Furies, Punks, Hi-Hats, Electric Eliminators, Rogues, Boppers and Orphans. Sadly no Lizzies, but then they didn’t really have a costume.

The Warriors Movie Site - UK Conclave

One of the biggest highlights for me was the chance to finally meet some of the long-term followers of this website and forum as well as those I have more recently being speaking to on Facebook. A special nod goes out to Jonny McFly who let me gatecrash his photo stand all weekend and to Shaun Powers who I finally got to meet after about 15 years and who probably knows more about the movie than anyone on the planet! I’ll see you guys at the next one!

Upstairs there was a fantastic gallery of Warriors artwork and posters and perhaps the creme-de-la-creme – two original vests from the movie that belonged to Cochise and Rembrandt, along with Cochise’s necklace. A big thanks and a massive shout out to Craig and Jon for sharing those treasures. As you’ll see below, the patches are different. One supposedly has original patches whilst one features replica patches – can you tell which is which?

The Warriors Movie Site - UK Conclave

All in all it was fantastic to be in Birmingham mingling with the cast and fans of the movie. I’d like to extend a massive thanks to Vic for running UK Conclave and planning it to the smallest detail to ensure that everything ran broadly to time and making it a success for fans and the cast alike. The question is, will it run again? Well, I speak on behalf of many fans in that I hope it certainly does happen again. The 40th anniversary is just around the corner – just sayin’!

UK Conclave

It’s the eve of the UK Conclave that fans have been waiting for in the UK for years. It kicks off at 9am tomorrow in Birmingham. I’m here and like I did with the New York Conclave I’ll be posting updates on Twitter @warriorsmovie so do follow and join in the action! If you make it along tomorrow, and tickets are available on the door, do say hi!

For more info, visit

The Warriors Steelbook Available Now – Limited to 2000

Collector’s of Blu-ray steelbooks will be pleased to hear that Parmount have released a special edition Blu-ray steelbook of The Warriors. This is currently an exclusive with Zavvi in the UK, priced at £15.99.

A steelbook is essentially a tin case for a DVD or Blu-ray replacing the traditional plastic cases you would normally buy and often features new or detailed artwork on the cover.

The Warriors Movie Site - Steelbook

This Blu-ray features the Director’s Cut version of the movie with all the original special features and uses the original poster artwork on the cover of the tin.


The back cover features nice black and white art whilst the insider cover features one of the daytime shots of The Warriors outside the bath house in Coney Island.

You can pick up a copy of the Blu-ray here, though they may go quick as they are limited to just 2,000 copies. Christmas is just around the corner…

The Warriors UK Conclave 2017

I’ve been waiting for something like this to happen for many years but I am happy to announce that the cast of The Warriors will be making their way to the UK next year for a special UK Warriors Conclave!

Taking place on April 1st and 2nd 2017, the UK Conclave will be the first Warriors conclave event in the UK. The event will be held at Edgbaston Stadium in Birmingham so is a great central location for people who are looking to attend the event. The guest list so far includes:

  • Michael Beck (Swan)
  • David Harris (Cochise)
  • Terry Michos (Vermin)
  • Brian Tyler (Snow)
  • Deborah van Valkenburgh (Mercy)
  • Thomas Waites (Fox)
  • Dorsey Wright (Cleon)

The guest list is subject to change depending on the actor’s other work/filming commitments and there may be some exciting additions to this list, so stay tuned for updates!

Here’s a special video from Michael Beck:

Tickets start from £8 for a child ticket up to £99 for a VIP meet & greet ticket (very limited!) and you may bring along any items that you’d like the cast to autograph. There will also be trade stands for you to visit and buy Warriors merchandise.

I am super excited about this event and I am confident that it will be a success. The Warriors Movie Site is sponsoring/supporting this event but it is run by a professional events company who have a good track record of running events for cult movies in the UK.

UK Conclave Flier

Tickets are available now. Head over to the event website for more information and to buy your tickets.

The Warriors Turf Wars Game

A couple of months ago I posted about a Kickstarter project that Silly Kid Games had set up to fund their upcoming tabletop game: Warriors: Turf War. Unfortunately, that project was cancelled but the good news is that they are back, and are once again raising funds on Kickstarter. The great news is that, at the time of writing, they are less than $8k away from their target with 24 days to go.

By supporting their project and depending on what pledge you make, you can pick up a copy of the game and the Exclusive Mercy set. Bigger pledges are also eligible for any stretch goals achieved during the Kickstarter campaign.

If you like The Warriors, and want to find another way to get immersed in The Warriors universe, this game is for you!

The Warriors Fest 2 is Almost Here

Unless you have been living under a rock you will have seen that there was a big Warriors Reunion last year in Coney Island. It’s hard to believe that was nearly a year ago that fans from across the world descended on New York for a full day of Warriors-related fun.

The Warriors Movie Site - The Warriors Fest

If you missed it last year, then you still have time to buy tickets for this year’s festival which runs September 15th-18th in New York.

The Warriors Movie Site - The Warriors Fest

The Festival is your chance to meet other fans of the movie as well as the cast of the movie. That’s right, you can meet, have photos with, and get autographs from, The Warriors, Orphans, Punks, Lizzies, Furies…


The Warriors Movie Site - The Warriors Fest

This year there’ll also be a whole host of special guests, a preview of the new board game, and lots more…

The Warriors Movie Site - The Warriors Fest

Konrad Sheehan Has a New Book Out

Konrad Sheehan, leader of The Punks, has a new book out – “The Tao of Mindful Being…”.

The book is is for those who desire to, and strive to be, mindful within each moment upon this wonderful earth. The idea is that you open it up, flip to a page, read a sentence or two, and think and reflect and meditate upon it.Tao of Being Mindful