The Warriors Turf Wars – Mercy Exclusive Playable Character

If you hadn’t heard, there is an officially licensed board game based on The Warriors in the works. In fact, you can get involved and support the project now by making a contribution on Silly Kid Games’ Kickstarter page here.

The Warriors Turf Wars - The Warriors Movie Site

They have so far raised a third of the total $100,000 needed with another 21 days left to go. Over 400 people have so far pledged which is great. Silly Kid Games have recently announced that Mercy will be added to the game as an exclusive figure available only to backers through Kickstarter through the Warlord and Come Out to Play tiers. The figure will be available painted or unpainted and includes its own custom cards and die.

The only way to receive the complete game, including the Mercy bonus content, is by backing the project on Kickstarter.

This is an awesome project and I hope that all fans of the movie will consider backing the project, even if it is just for a dollar.

The Warriors Turf War Board Game Comes Out to Play

I am very excited to announce that a new board game, based on The Warriors movie, is now live on crowdfunding platform Kickstarter and Silly Kid Games, who developed the game, are hoping that fans will rally behind it to help make it become a reality. You can view the campaign and make a pledge here.

The multi-player game and planned expansions will transport players to the gritty streets of New York City to take control of their chosen gangs and battle for supremacy. The game will be a new immersive experience that fans of the movie will love and will feature gangs from the movie with their own unique character based on their appearances in the movie.

The Warriors Turf Wars - The Warriors Movie Site

“I’ve seen The Warriors countless times and am excited to collaborate with Paramount to create a game based on the movie,” said Silly Kid Games CCO Justin Powell. “If there’s any movie that lends itself to a tabletop game, it’s The Warriors! ”

The Warriors provides a deep universe that lends itself well to tabletop games and I’m thrilled to explore elements and areas not depicted in the movie,” said Daniel Lees, lead game designer with Silly Kid Games.

In new information released to The Warriors Movie Site, Julia Powell, Marketing Director at Silly Kid Games said “The Warriors Turf Wars will include 6 full color turf boards, 16 dice, 29 weapon tiles, 45 full-color character miniatures, and 30 Event cards [and] is an aggressive strategy game based on the cult classic film The Warriors. Assume control of one of the film’s iconic gangs and immerse yourself in the action as you fight to take control of the city’s boroughs and add them to your growing turf. Unpredictable events and a growing police presence complicate even the best-laid plans, compelling truces between bitter rivals or forcing gangs to flee in the face of insurmountable odds. Watch out—each choice you make will either reinforce your dominance … or bring you closer to defeat.”

The Warriors Turf Wars - The Warriors Movie Site

“Each game of The Warriors: Turf War consists of three rounds of skirmishes, with each skirmish taking place on a different Turf. When fighting for a Turf, each gang’s goal is simple: annihilate the other gangs’ units. If there is a police presence, all police units must also be dealt with before the Turf can be won. The gang that has won the most Turfs at the end of the third round wins the game.”

In an exclusive interview with The Warriors Movie Site, we get to talk to Daniel Lees, Lead Game Designer and Josh Hendricks, Game Co-Designer, at Silly Kid Games who offer up their thoughts on the new game.

Warriors Movie Site [WMS]: What is the biggest reason that fans of The Warriors movie will enjoy playing this game?

Daniel Lees, Lead Game Designer: Well, there are the more obvious points I can say. It’s going to have all of our favorite gangs. It’s going to have the locations, the characters, the weapons. Most importantly though, it’s going to have “the vibe.” That sense of urgency and importance found throughout the movie. Each unit is a character with their own name and their own model, and we want you to love those characters like you did when you watched the movie, so that when another player kills them or they get arrested, it hits you, and you feel it. When a unit is dead or gone, they’re dead or gone for the rest of the game, so every choice you make could take out one of your favorites or swing the tide wildly. Every move you make matters, and nobody is safe, and that’s how we want you to feel.

WMS: What was the most challenging part of creating The Warriors Turf Wars?

Josh Hendricks, Game Co-designer: This is our first experience working with an intellectual property that isn’t our own. We’ve intensely familiarized ourselves with the film, its characters, and its world, but we still have to have all portions the game (gameplay, artwork, press releases, etc.) approved by the property owner. It’s an entirely reasonable situation, and it further ensures that the game will be 100% representative of the franchise it’s based on, but the approval process basically adds one extra step to every phase of progress on the project.

WMS: Will the game offer a new and unique experience each time you play?

Daniel: Absolutely! There are a number of ways that the game will be different every time you play it. The most notable one is the “Tune In” deck, which causes interesting and unique events to take place during each skirmish. These events are flavored around the idea that the “DJ” is sending out notifications to the gangs, telling them if there are weapons at the location, or if police are present, or maybe it’s just a duel between Warlords. Sometimes when you play, the Police could be rampant and just absolutely wreck you, but there is also the chance for flat out gang warfare. Put all that together with different unit combinations in each skirmish and how each player will treat their “Upgrade Phase,” there’s quite a lot that will make the game play it’s own special way each time.

The Warriors Turf Wars - The Warriors Movie Site

WMS: What is your favorite element or part of the game or gameplay?

Daniel: My favorite part of the game, in terms of non-gameplay, was just some of the stuff we were able to do with the property. I am honored to be a part of this experience. There are things we got to do that still just baffle me. We were allowed to come up with names and create art for characters that lived in the background of the film and were given a chance to bring out their personality, and hopefully create some new fans for those characters. Which brings me to my favorite part of the gameplay. Remember that “the vibe” thing I was talking about? That’s my favorite part of the gameplay. There’s so many opportunities for heartbreak and excitement. One of your Soldiers you don’t care about may hit a few criticals on a Warlord and send the enemy team retreating from a fight, and suddenly that Soldier is a badass. You upgrade them to a Muscle and they’re swinging harder than ever, but one slip up and an Artist with a switchblade comes in and kills your big badass, or worse, they get hauled off to jail, and you’re left to ponder your course of action as to why things ended up that way. Each game will have it’s little elements that create a story like that. I love it.

Josh: Daniel and I have play-tested this game more times than I can count, and still every game of it that we play is hype as hell (I tried to think of a more eloquent description, but that’s the most correct way to put it). We designed all the components of this game, so we know every Tune In event that might come up and every weapon that might make an appearance, but it’s still a blast seeing exactly how things play out during our 112th play-through of the game. Victories are almost always edge-of-your-seat, down-to-the-wire. Will my Warlord get killed by an insanely lucky Artist in the second round? Are we going to be fighting for dear life against a full riot squad of police in the last skirmish? Like Daniel talked about earlier, we really have worked a ton of replay-ability into this game.

The Warriors: Turf War is currently in pre-production and slated to be released in 2016 with expansions to follow. It can be played by 2 to 4 players ages 15 and up. Additional details will be released on as well as on Facebook:

You can of course pre-order the game by supporting the Kickstarter campaign by clicking here.

The Warriors game bops its way on to PlayStation 4

The Warriors is not only a very popular movie, but also a very popular video game. The original game was released by Rockstar Games in 2005 for XBOX, PlayStation 2 & PSP. It was later made available for download on the PlayStation 3 and you can now grab it as a download for the PlayStation 4.

Experience The Warriors® for PS2™ with full 1080p up-rendering and enhanced features such as Trophies, Shareplay, Remote Play, Activity Feeds and Second Screen support for game manuals with ‘PS Vita’ or PS App.

It’s not a remastering of the original game unfortunately but it’s great to see this has been released on the PS4 (as one of the only reasons I had my PS3 was to play this). It’s available for $14.99 on the PlayStation Network here. Time to try and get the platinum trophy…

The Warriors TV Adaptation in the works by Marvel film Directors

There has been talk of a Warriors remake for years now but it looks like a remake, or adaptation, is now on the cards as a one hour pilot is being developed for Hulu as a Paramount Television Production. As reported by Deadline, the project will be helmed by Anthony and Joe Russo (who directed the last two Captain America movies) and penned by Frank Baldwin. Lawrence Gordon, who produced the original movie, will act as an Executive Producer. Score!

There are no details on what this adaptation will look like, who will star in it, when or where it will be set or when it will be released, though the Russo Brothers have said it will honour the original movie “while adding its own unique brand of grit, pulp, sex and violence” according to the article in Deadline.

Already I can see that fans of the original movie are split between those who are looking forward to seeing what the Russo Brothers can create and those who feel the original movie should be left alone. My personal opinion is that I can’t wait to see what the Russo Brothers have in store as I am always on the look out for new material related to The Warriors. The way I see it, no matter how it turns out, The Warriors will remain an iconic film and one which I will keep going back to… obviously! If anything, this will highlight the original movie to a new audience who will discover it for the first time which is great.

I would very much like to see the adaptation set in 70s/80s New York rather than the modern day as I think this is the only way in which you can get the maximum grit factor of the city. If the TV adaptation follows the novel more closely, as has been mooted, then I think that would be very interesting as I enjoyed reading it very much even if it is quite different from the movie. A huge part of the charm of The Warriors is that the gang members are very likeable and people can relate to them. However, the characters are actually quite nasty in the novel (I won’t spoil anything here in case you haven’t read the book), and it concerns me that if the new gang are made out like the gang from the novel, people might not like them, or the adaptation, so much. However it’s horses for courses and some may prefer to see a meaner gang of misfits!

What this news also shows me is that The Warriors is currently front of mind at Paramount and so I hope this might stimulate some interest and love for the movie from them in the form of a steelbook Blu-ray release, a possible 4K UHD release, and perhaps something special for the upcoming 40th anniversary in a few years time. I am still hopeful that Rockstar will also remaster the video game, as it has done with some of its other games, and release that soon as well.

There’ll be a lot of news to report for sure over the coming months so stay tuned Boppers!

The Warriors Deluxe Vinyl LP

Waxwork Records are releasing a very awesome vinyl LP for The Warriors this Friday 6th May. Aside from the fantastic cover art (by Dave Rapoza), the deluxe album will also feature a number of high quality “never-before-seen photos and negatives” that they found when they were able to raid the vaults of Paramount Pictures. These will be featured in the liner notes.

The Warriors Movie Site - Waxwork Records The Warriors Vinyl LP

This is surely going to be one of the best collectors items of recent times so if you are a fan of The Warriors, be sure to pick up a copy this Friday!

The Warriors Movie Site - Waxwork Records The Warriors Vinyl LP

Update – this is now available. There are 3 variants costing $40 each: graffiti, classic black, and oxblood vest and subway car silver swirl. The deluxe edition costs $120 (sold out). All editions are double LPs created from the original master tapes and include the soundtrack and film score. The deluxe edition has a 12 page booklet with behind-the-scenes photos and embroidered patches.

The Warriors Fest 2 – Come Out To Play in September 2016

Following on from last year’s very successful Warriors Reunion, there will be an even bigger gathering of Warriors fans this year at Warriors Fest 2. Taking place between September 15-18 2016, The Warriors Festival will include a range of cast and crew members from the movie including:

  • Walter Hill (Director)
  • Lawrence Gordon (Producer)
  • Bobbie Mannix (Costume Designer) + Original Costume Display!
  • Michael Ginsburg (Photographer)
  • Michael Beck (Swan)
  • David Harris (Cochise)
  • Thomas G Waites (Fox)
  • Dorsey Wright (Cleon)
  • Tom McKitterick (Cowboy)
  • Brian Tyler (Snow)
  • Terry Michos (Vermin)
  • Deborah Van Valkenburgh (Mercy)
  • Jery Hewitt, Leon Delaney, Eddie Earl, Rob Ryder (Baseball Furies)
  • Apache Ramos (Orphan)
  • Konrad Sheehan (Punk)
  • Wanda Velez & Lisa Maurer (Lizzies)
  • Joel Weiss (Rogue)
  • Guy Stevens (Riff)
  • Ginny Ortiz (Candy Store Girl)

As you can see it’s a massive (and growing!) list although this is subject to their availability on the day. There’s even a petition for James Remar (Ajax) to come along. Now, if only David Patrick Kelly can make it along…

There’s a range of tickets available from just $25 which I urge you to buy now if you want to come along. If it’s even half as good as last year you’ll be in for a treat.

There’s a smaller gathering next month between April 8-10 in Marlborough, MA for SUPERMEGASFEST.

Unseen Production Photos of The Punks

Konrad Sheehan has sent me a bunch of behind-the-scenes photos (taken by Michael Ginsburg) of The Punks, of which he was the leader in the movie. Some of these photos are not new to fans but many of them are. There are some great shots from the fight scene with The Warriors, along with a shot including Walter Hill, and some photos of the gang after the movie had wrapped. A selection of the shots can be found below, otherwise visit this page (new photos at the bottom) for all 16 new photos, including those I posted last week of The Orphans.

Unseen Orphans Scene Production Photos

Konrad Sheehan, who played the Leader of The Punks, in The Warriors has shared some behind-the-scenes photos with me which I am able to share with you. They are from the scene with The Orphans and as you can see there are a few around the explosion of the car and a couple of nice rare shots of the car after The Warriors firebombed it, and another of two Orphans looking at it whilst it is on fire… presumably before getting wasted! Thanks Konrad for sharing these with The Warriors Movie Site. Check out our Production Photos pages for more great shots. Hit ‘Read More’ to see the 6 new shots.

The Warriors Memorial Video

I produced a video for The Warriors Reunion at Coney Island on September 13th to remember people involved in the creation of the movie, including cast and crew, who are sadly no longer with us. I recorded the video and have published it on my Warriors channel on YouTube for you all to enjoy. I have published the original video and the video I took of people watching the memorial video in Coney Island which I recommend as it shows the fans appreciation of the various people honoured in the memorial and is a touching sentiment to those who we have lost.

Click here to watch the memorial video shot in Coney Island (recommended) and here to watch the original.