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It’s Still On and I’m Going…to the Conclave!

I am packed and ready to head off to New York in the morning giving me several days to enjoy New York City ahead of the reunion on Sunday. For those of you who are interested I’ll be liveblogging as much as I can from the event so make sure you are following me on Twitter @warriorsmovie and I’ll be using hashtag #coneyislandreunion (feel free to also use this on your tweets!). You can also view the live Twitter feed below.

I’ll be posting photos and videos from around New York as I try to get out to some of the filming locations so keep an eye out for those on Twitter and I’ll also try to post as much as I can during the event itself for those who couldn’t attend. You still do have a couple of days left to buy a ticket!

I’ll also be on Instagram posting photos and comments from my holiday/vacation, so do feel free to follow me on there as well.

As for those of you who have been a part of this website, or the forum, and who are going… I’ll see you there! Can you dig it!!!???

Coney Island Conclave – Live Blog Below (September 8th to September 15th)

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