Last of an Ancient Breed Lyrics

I had never really appreciated the lyrics to Last of an Ancient Breed by Desmond Child – a track which appears on the movie soundtrack and is only briefly heard in the movie. I am sure a lot of people haven’t heard the track or appreciated how the track fits so well with the movie so here they are:

There is such little glory in a poor man’s life,
He works for his money, and it takes a while,
But a poor man’s son could be a hero in the night,
With a fistful of anger, and the will to fight.

Seize this moment in your hand,
Take it and run,
There’s a trigger in your mind,
And you’re loaded like a gun,
Warriors, makin’ life a fantasy,
All this time, we’ll ride the devils steed,
Gonna stand our ground on this part of town,
Like the last of an ancient breed,
Like the last of an ancient breed.

Teen angels leave the lamp post light,
In an alley by the river in the dead of night,
Shared their blood and swore their vows to keep,
While the citizens were in the throes of sleep.

(Chorus x3)

Given the lyrics and the reference to The Warriors, does anyone know if this song was written specifically for the movie?