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The Warriors Special Edition Soundtrack Review

If you are a big fan of The Warriors and have not checked out the special edition soundtrack you are in for a treat. Produced by La-La Land Records and released in 2013, the soundtrack features a remastered version of the original 10 tracks of the A&M soundtrack and an additional 11 tracks comprising the complete movie score by Barry DeVorzon.

The score includes the full and unedited versions of the tracks featured on the original soundtrack, additional pieces that did not make it on to the original soundtrack (such as the opening credits music before the main theme tune, the music featured in fight with The Punks and the music played when The Warriors arrive into Coney Island on the subway train).

What’s more, the album also includes additional tracks from the movie’s score that were cut from the movie including some interesting upbeat tracks and some more sombre reflective tunes featuring a saxophone. There are also a few alternate versions of the movie score which were also dropped from the movie. Walter Hill purportedly wanted a rock & roll soundtrack to this movie which explains the sound of some of these unused and alternate tracks. The tracks are presented on the CD in stereo and were sourced from a set of ½” reels containing the various guitar and synth tracks.

You can pick up a copy of the original soundtrack from Amazon here. The special edition soundtrack can be purchased here which features the original soundtrack and the additional movie score.