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The Warriors Fest 2 – Come Out To Play in September 2016

Following on from last year’s very successful Warriors Reunion, there will be an even bigger gathering of Warriors fans this year at Warriors Fest 2. Taking place between September 15-18 2016, The Warriors Festival will include a range of cast and crew members from the movie including:

  • Walter Hill (Director)
  • Lawrence Gordon (Producer)
  • Bobbie Mannix (Costume Designer) + Original Costume Display!
  • Michael Ginsburg (Photographer)
  • Michael Beck (Swan)
  • David Harris (Cochise)
  • Thomas G Waites (Fox)
  • Dorsey Wright (Cleon)
  • Tom McKitterick (Cowboy)
  • Brian Tyler (Snow)
  • Terry Michos (Vermin)
  • Deborah Van Valkenburgh (Mercy)
  • Jery Hewitt, Leon Delaney, Eddie Earl, Rob Ryder (Baseball Furies)
  • Apache Ramos (Orphan)
  • Konrad Sheehan (Punk)
  • Wanda Velez & Lisa Maurer (Lizzies)
  • Joel Weiss (Rogue)
  • Guy Stevens (Riff)
  • Ginny Ortiz (Candy Store Girl)

As you can see it’s a massive (and growing!) list although this is subject to their availability on the day. There’s even a petition for James Remar (Ajax) to come along. Now, if only David Patrick Kelly can make it along…

There’s a range of tickets available¬†from just $25 which I urge you to buy now if you want to come along. If it’s even half as good as last year you’ll be in for a treat.

There’s a smaller gathering next month between April 8-10 in Marlborough, MA for SUPERMEGASFEST.